Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HOLA! It's me again! Or I guess it's really the first time! Man, there is already a lot of pressure for this letter to be good.. no promises :) We have a half hour to read emails and then reply.. after 30 minutes the comp shuts off. So it is required to fix any spelling or grammer problems... I HATE proof reading and I dont have time.

So the MTC is great, I am absolutely LOVING it.. well depending on the day.. or even more like the hour. But hey, life is great! Things have been kind of crazy here, definitely having to get used to things. SOOOOO much to do in a day, and not enough time to do them. We go to bed tired but still wanting more time in a day to do more. Waking up in the morning I HATE but let's be honest, you already knew it would be hard considering that I never went to bed, or at least got up at a decent time. It's getting better tho. Everyone says they still fight sleep all day long tho... BOO! Oh well. My teachers are Hermana Gigena, and Hermano Allred, which we call Todorojo which means all red in spanish... and he has RED hair.. haha. Both are great. I like Hermano Todorojo's teaching style better tho. Did I mention that I HATE spanish? haha yes i wanted it really bad, and of course still do. I just want to know it and speak it NOW. But we still cant help and have a little bit of envy for the Elders and Sisters leaving in 3 weeks and that they dont worry about speaking another language. But hey, all will come in good time :) i just have to remember that!

I saw the girl in your ward that teachers here at the MTC.. I told her to tell yall hi! I have also seen Kevin a few times, and one of my boys from EFY, and Mitchell.. i went to prom with him my senior year! HAHAHA! Well I am still looking for a couple of teachers that I know here, but still no luck. speaking of mitchell we got a picture.. but we all have to have our comps in the picture.. some of the rules here are funny, and over the top.... Not complaining, just stating the obvious!

Eh.. this keyboard is sooo messed up and sooo hard to type on.. anyways.. my comps are great. I am in a three-some. Hermana Jones, and Hermana Wheeler. I LOVE Hermana Jones, we get along really well... Hermana Wheeler i'm workin on.. it doesnt come as easily. it is so weird being with not only one person all the time, but 2!!! I mean you can't go to the bathroom without someone else knowing about it! It is weird getting used to being with someone ALL the time! There will be lots that I need to learn from both though :)

Yes, i got the skirt! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. so did all my roommates and comps! was it from mr mack? they wanted to kno. i will let you know about the shoes. and drew i got your letter, THANK YOU!!! I will write you back today! Kels, i will write you back today.. i dont have yuor home add tho.. send it to me in dear i can only write on pdays tho. uh all i have to say is DEARELDER.COM!!! i get the letter the same day! I LOVE mail! Drew, i know i dont deserve any from you, but thanks anyways for the letter :) you know what its like!

ahhh four minutes left! So not enough time! But I love you and miss you and think abtout you! You are in my prayers! know that life is good and that i am loving how to become a good missionary! there is SOOO much to learn! Heavenly Father is making me into who He wants me to be! The gospel is true, and i LOVE it. i cant believe the opportunity i have to be here!

Hermana Payne

I also got a package from Dusty, Drew tell him THANKS and that he has a letter coming as well!!

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