Monday, December 20, 2010

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne!

Sorry this wont be very long. You can almost be disappointed.. but Im calling home this week! Thats even better! YAY! Im going to call a little before two (my time) Are we four hours different? Anyways, im going to use the at&t calling card this time. Maybe next time I will use the other. Can tall do a conference call on our phone? or Could kels and levi be on skype? I only have 40 minutes and dont really want to split it with anyone. If I were to do that 40 minutes wouldnt be much at all. See if yall can play with that this week.

I cant believe another week has come and gone, again. Where does the time go? It just seems to go faster and faster. Well as of right now I still have a white christmas coming my way. Gladis is getting baptized on the 24th! YAY!!!!!!! I cant wait to talk to yall on the phone and tell yall a lot more. I really am not very good at the whole writing thing. im not very patient and im all over the place and i probably leave a lot out.

Mom you need to Jan that she needs to ask Zach to ask if they can see me, even if its only for like 5 minutes!!! I will be soooo close! But I can see it not happening. Oh well, its worth a try. I think there is a better chance of it happening if Zach asks President.

I still havent gotten my pics yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Okay well this letter was just VERY lame. Sorry.

Thanks everyone for the Christmas wishes!

Angel, my pday is Mondays! I cant write you back on here, but I can send letters!

Ang, did you not get my letter a while back? Its your turn! =)

Hna Payne

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

I´m dreaming of a white Christmas... In baptisms, that is! We have a baptism for Gladis (the lady in the wheelchair) Christmas!!!!!! Yay!!!! We still dont have all the details for her. We need to talk to President. We are still really worried about how she is going to get to church every week after her baptism. She is waiting to receive money from the government. Who knows how long that could take. We fasted for her this last week. We dont want her to make this covenant without a way to keep it, but at the same time we cant keep her from making either. No one really has a vehicle, so taking her the sacrament is out of the question.. We will see what President says. We were going to have another baptism. A 16 year old that has a mormon friend. He told his friend a while back that he didnt want him to tell the missionaries, that one day they would go by his house and he would talk to them. Well last week the elders walked by his house and he ran out and talk to them. He was in our area so they passed him to us. We started to talk about the 2nd lesson and he taught us. We got a date for xmas! But then his mom said he couldnt. His parents are divorced and she said this was a way that his dad could take the kids. We didnt understand how.. but maybe one day. We are now working with a girl that comes to the ward with her boyfriend. They have been dating for like 8 years, two of those for his mission. He got back like 4 months ago. He now doenst come to church every Sunday. He is just sooo in love with her and wants her to join teh church sooo bad. But the thing is, she is starting to drag him down a little bit. She is reading the Book of Mormon, but doesnt really want to pray about it because she is scared of the answer. She lives the standards of the church, but Im pretty sure she is scared of the whole forever thing. It takes sacrifices to go to church every Sunday when you grew up with out that. I think our lesson went really well last time. We hope to get a date with her next week.

Hey, yesterday we had a cool front. Oh, it was heaven! It actually felt a little like xmas! I was actually cold! Ha too bad it cant stay like this. We fasted like two weeks ago and it was soooooooo hot. That night neither of us could sleep. We think our bodies just didnt know what to do with themselves. Im pretty sure it took about a week for our bodies to feel normal again. I dont know how we are going to do it in January and February when it is like 50c here. That is like 115 or more isnt it? I thought I didnt like fasting before, well now the thought it just torture. Okay, usually im just stating the obvious, i might be complaining a little bit =) Well, all I have to say is that I will NEVER complain again about fasting in the states! But the good news is that our schedule changed and we now have 2 hours of our studying during the siesta (im pretty sure there would be about 50% more baptisms without these) that helps a little, and then we sit in church for 3 hours. After our one night of not sleeping we decided to start our fasts on Saturday nights after we get in the apt, instead of after lunch. That will help a lot!

Last week we had trainigs. Usually its just zone and district leaders, and trainers.. but for some reason we were invited. It was only two days, usually its four. On Monday we only had like an hour and a half of pday so we didnt have much time. So I just printed my mail and told you I was alive and great. Dad, as far as President goes.. he runs a tight ship, but thats the way that it goes. Dad, I value your opinion but cant have you say those things or I dwell on it more. You and he both have my best intentions at heart.

Today was my best pday thus far. We went to Corrientes! I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE Walmart! And McDonald's! Who would have known that both were soo cool. Ha McDonald's here is where the rich kids eat. I felt a little stuck up, ha but just a little. bit. We then went bowling. Oh, and I bought a cd player as part of my xmas! I debated a long time about it, then bought it, then had a little bit of buyers remorse. Oh well its only like $5 a month. Totally worth that for the rest of the mish.

About Xmas. I think I will be calling in between 2-4 our time. What are yalls plans for this Xmas. So much depends on what goes on here. We have NO idea. Someone said that we have dinner... but then again we have a baptism. I dont know what is going on. Will yall be with the Davis´? Tell Dusty he is invited!

Dusty! This is your personal invitation! You are invited! Talk with my parents if you are around or want to be around.

Mom, I will let you know about my pics. At one point I asked for peanut butter. I take taht back. I can buy it in this area. But can you send my big curling iron? Oh and an conference ensign in english. We still havent gotten them here. Mascara, not waterproof. And some hair rubbber bands, my usual black ones?

Okay well that is all i have time for! I love and miss yall. I cant wait to talk to yall. And I really have no clue about calling Kelsie =( Have a great week. Wish Leigh good luck!

Hna Payne

P.s. our pday is now till 6:30 because our schedule changed. we wake up at 7 now. 7 is soo much better!