Monday, September 26, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!

Dad, COOL SIGN!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that your dream is coming true! Its going to be soo cool.

im sorry this letter is already going to be lame. its going to be more like yours... rules are rules... you will get a letter =)

We have 7 in church on sunday. We had a mom and her four kids come. We taught her twice, and her husband once. He was sleeping the second time we went by. Hopefully we can work with all of the family. The mom didnt want to commit to a baptism date. But I think that she liked church. Relief society was all about the family. I just think 3 hours was a little long for her kids. They were a little loud in sacrament, which it our last meeting.

Matias still didnt come to church. We called him and he said he was about to leave, and then never came. We havent seen him since saturday. All of these things are sooo new to him.... things that arent hard... but sure arent easy to do on a continual basis. I dont know what we are going to do for this family. Sometimes the things we do just arent enough.

Well im super duper excited for conference this week. Yes, I will get to be at all the sessions, and yes, we will have investigators. They will have four chances to go and hear servants of the Lord. What a great opportunity!

Okay well i wrote a few people on here today and looked up some stuff for a family home evening tonight.. so ya im done and out of time. sorry. But life is great, and we are working hard. I love the mish and the opportunity to share something that I LOVE and that i has changed my life! If only everyone would accept to have a better life.

Okay well have a great week!
Hna Payne

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!!

We didnt have a baptism this week....................... =( We were soooo sad, well, still are. But maybe it was good because he didnt even come to church yesterday. We called them twice too! Well went by and told them how sad we were that they werent there. Its sooo hard to help people understand the importance of going to church EVERY week. This isnt just a commitment with God that you can just make and break when you want. This is a huge promise with eternal consequences!!!!! But then they are sooo new too that they DONT understand. I guess we will be working harder with them this week =)

We spoke in church yesterday. It was super weird, they gave us a few weeks notice. In my last area they gave us a couple minutes if we were lucky. Im actually kind of grateful for that too because now im a lot more comfortable of doing something in the moment. I talked about how we all just have to open our mouths and talk!!!!!! Maybe the people that we share the gospel with wont get baptized... but we still have to share it with people. The gospel is the biggest blessing i have in my life, and I LOVE sharing it. Its the little moments when you can see that someone really understands that makes it all worth it. Maybe they dont get baptized. But in that moment you KNOW that they felt something. The other day I was talkin to a man in the street that said he was atheist. He really wasnt, but when his dad died he turned his back on God because of betrayal he felt from God. I have always struggled with answering ´´why´´ or at least where they can have a little bit of understanding. I know that this is really random but do you remember the part in Steal Magnolias when Shelby is pregnant and she tells her mom? Well her mom is soooo mad because she knows the danger it would be. But I love Shelby´s response. She says that she would rather have 5 minutes of wonderful than a whole life time of nothing. She gets her five minutes of wonderful. She dies, but I know that she wouldn't have changed those five minutes that she had with her little boy. Death is a part of our lifes. We know the hard because we know the easy. We know happiness because we know sadness. We know the good because of the bad. But in the end I know we wouldn't change the outcome if it meant not having the people be a part of our lives. The other part of the story, that not many know is that families CAN be together forever. Im soo thankful for the Plan of Salvation and the assurance that if we do our part that we can see our family again. I gave him that example about 5 minutes of wonderful and testified that families can be together after this life. It is our Heavenly Father that has given us all that we have. We cant turn our backs when we have to experience sorrows. I think that was one of my most spiritual experiences. The spirit was soo strong, and I KNOW that he felt something.

We had another zone conference this last week, but with the Fosters (the area 70) That was really good. There is always soooo much to learn. I always get so overwhelmed after these with all the things that i should be doing better. Where do we start??? But thats life. Its a constant struggle to do our best everyday and become better!

Okay well thats all i have for this week!!!!!!!!

I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne!

So we had transfers last week........... I got a new companion. Ya, uh, im training. I think someone messed up. Im going to die with a gringa. Okay, now that i was just stating the obvious, and not complaining, her name is Hermana Hunt from Farmington. Luckily she understands a lot and we dont speak english. That is a blessing. My only complaint is we walk slow... but she will learn =) Oh and we have companionship study for 2 hours. Its sooooo long! There is a new program for ALL new missionaries that they have to do for 2 transfers with their trainers. My companion before was on her second transfer when i got here. But this program is an inspired one, so there is lots to learn. Its really weird to see where i used to be and where i am now.. with the language and teaching. Haha but i was tons worse than here when i got here. I now do not have any kind of crutch! Its me and another gringa! Its soo great.. i think! hah it has to be!

So our baptism is for this Saturday. It was never for last saturday. I was thinking that it was going to happen with out problems. Big mistake. The weeks of baptisms ALWAYS have something happen. Well we went to their house for a lesson yesterday and Matias and his dad told us that the mom isnt okay with it. She doesnt even want to talk to them about it. NOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!! They were going to try and talk to her last night again. We are all going to do a fast tomorrow. I didnt see this being a problem because well one, they dont have rules for their kids. and 2 the dad is always in the lessons. They (minus the mom) are coming to the church tonight to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Hopefully we will get some good news.

Well, sorry this is a lame letter.... but I love, love, love yall !!!!! Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a windy, cool day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold again. I hear that things have been really crazy with the weather the last couple of weeks in the states????? That or we are being punished?????

This week was good. We have five investigators in church. Matias and his dad. Matias has a baptism date for next saturday. He wants to be baptized but still doesnt know if its true. (He hasnt really been praying to know) We are trying to find a baptism to go to this week so he can see one. The dad still cant be baptized because he has to get married. We talked to the wife this week and she said that she didnt want to get married. We asked her why and she just said because I dont want to. Lame. Im not sure what we are goint to do. They are of course in our prayers and fasts. She still doent want to come to church either. BUT she is in all of the lessons now. Its definitely progress. The other 3 that came are a investigators that are married! But with out a baptism date because they didnt accept it. They are from another part in misiones and only have plans to be here until the end of the year. There isnt a church where they live either. We havent talked to them since yesterday so we will see what we can do.

This week we were told that we are going to hell. HAHAH It was a guy that looks just like Tall Evan! He even had the same tone of voice. Weird. This guy was a pass along from other Elders. They just told us that they had a lessson with him and that he had the Book of Mormon. He just gave us scriptures, scriptures, and more scriptures from the Bible. We just listened. We figured that he would give us time to talk. In the end it was evident that he wasnt. We finally cut him off and asked him if he had a question about the BOM. He brought polygamy. He tried giving us anti mormon literature from a guy that was high up in the church or something and of course now isnt. He wanted to read it with us and when we said no, he insisted that we at least read it when we get home. Its soo funny and irritating because he was sooooo nice. He had the best intentions in the whole world. He was just concerned for our souls and didnt want us to go do hell. There are many people that let intelligence rob them of faith. My comp about lost it and was about in tears. She told him she at least wanted to bear her testimony. He wanted to argue with our testimonies. I basically yelled at him, (not really, or at least not in the way that you are thinking) that he had been speaking the whole time and we hadnt said anything!!!! And all we wanted to do was bear him our testimonies. He was about ready to argue but thought it best other wise. A waste of a lesson. He wasnt there to listen.

Dad congrats on your store! So exciting!!!!

Okay well im out of time... i love, love, love yall! Have a great week. Until next time!

Hna Payne