Monday, October 25, 2010

Hola familia! It´s me again, Hna Payne.

I know I say this every week, but I still cant believe that another week has come and gone, AGAIN! This week I realized that I practically have 6 months in the mission.... WOW!!!!!! That means I will get my trunky papers in like 6 more... (my comp just got hers today). I feel done before I even get started. I dont know if any of this makes sense? I can only imagine how fast one year will go by. I need that extra 6 months that the elders get. Well, I guess its good to know that it will one day come to an end.. that just means that I have to give my best everyday now, so that there wont be any regrets when I get back. That being said, I have a new goal! I have said goodbye to english, yup, thats right, no more english... (writing doesnt count) But I only have a year and I cant talk to these people, like I need and want! That just means I just have to work really hard now, and that means no more english with my compa. My spanish continues to get better everyday! It still isnt good, but its amazing what I know for only being here 2 months... (ah, basically 3!) I am loving the work more and more everyday. I am loving Argentina and the people more and more everyday too. I feel like this last week was a turning point. Not really sure why, it just feels that way.

This week we have an inactive family come back to church! We visited them last week and promised them that the Lord would help them receive enough money in 6 days where they woudnt need to work on Sunday if they committed to coming. (They said that before they couldnt come because the dad had to work.) When we went back on Saturday to make sure they were coming. He told us how the Lord really does love and help his children when they put Him first. He told us about how he received a couple of things from people in the week that are a big bonus to his work, things that will make work easier, and where he can sell more. Wow! How cool is that! All I can say is that the Lord´s promises are sure when we put him first and do our part. Sometimes, okay, most of the time that takes great faith! But if we have that relationship with the Lord before the trials come, we have no reason to doubt.

This Wednesday is the census. No one can do ANYTHING!!! Everything is closed and no one can leave their apts. I think that we can because we arent from here... Our zone leader says we can leave.. but our bishop says that we cant, and that the police will be out and about to direct people back in their houses. Im not really sure whats going to happen though because we cant tract, and we dont have any appointments at this point.

Mom, you have asked if we workout in the mornings. I convinced my compa to go outside with me (we have to wake up like 15 minutes early so we can get out and have 30 minutes.. At first she said no because she would be losing like 2 hours of sleep every week. Then we talked about how we are basically married and we need to compromise. We compromised to 3 days in the apt and 3 days out. I cant do cardio inside because the apt under us beats on our floor. I cant say I blame them.. 6:30 is quite early! Will you send me a workout with the jump rope? I dont really know what to do with it for 30 minutes. I miss running! Maybe I will get a comp one day that likes to run. There arent many people that run here, or work out. They have a few gyms though.. they are quite small.

Sherri, I know you already know this, but your Drew boy comes home soooooo soon! Yay! I know you are soo excited! P.s can you please come to Argentina, my face needs you! =)

Sorry, not much time today... I cant really think of anything else that happened anyways. I dont have my list again, I grabbed the wrong paper =( Anyways, thanks for all that you do! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

I stress out every week wondering what I should write. My time at the computer goes sooooo fast, ha kind of like my week. In between writing yall and President (in spanish) my times flies. Too bad I cant just copy and paste this email to him. Then again he understands quite a lot of english... maybe I will give it a try one week and see what he says! Ha! My interview with him was fine. I understood most of what he said. When I didnt he would explain it another way or resorted to charades. Ha it came to him making actions when he asked me if I had an eating disorder. I didnt understand the terms when he asked so then he showed me by sticking his fingers in his mouth. Haha! Apparently one of the sisters in the mish had a problem and when my companion told him that I wasnt feeling that well and that I had thrown up. He had to ask. I guess it was the fatherly role coming out in him, kind of like you dad, ´´i just have to ask´´ about me taking your drugs. Haha. About my health. This last week I was a little sick again, but no blood at all. Im totally fine, please dont worry. And dad how dare you accuse me of ´´thinking´´ I would never think that you worry too much =) You just love me a lot!

So this week I got my first taste of what it was like to drop people. Sure, we have stopped going to people´s houses before. But this week was different. I really and truly loved these people. My heart! One family refuses to get married. Im absolutely love their 6 year old Mili. I just want to hold her and hug away her hurt.. Sometimes when I looked at her I would see an adult. Im not sure what goes on when we arent there... but I know that her dad if verbally abusive! I of course didnt understand the words, but my compa said that he was calling her words equal to retarded. What parent can call their child retarded? And then the way that he picks up his 2 year old, im always afraid he is going to rip her arm out of the socket.. I dont understand, he is soooo nice to us. He loves the missionaries! And then the second family is two cousins 13 and 17. They both got an answer that this gospel is true, but neither want to change their religion!!!!! Boooo! I also got my first little taste of what its like to be a parent. Here you know better, have learned by experience, or just flat out know better because you have seen otherwise, try to tell and protect your kids... but yet they still have their own agency and can choose what they want. Remind me to never be a parent.. it will hurt too much! That being said, we talked about eternal marriages in church yesterday and had a grand understanding! A lot of people would tell me that I dont know anything about life, and that I havent really lived life. And in a lot of ways, in which they mean them, they would be absolutely correct. Hum.. how to explain? I didnt have to live my life in a worldly way... Because I have parents that made the decision to marry in the temple, and to always put the Lord first. I look back to some of my friends that were raised in the church that dont live the standards today. In almost all cases it was because their parents werent ALWAYS very consistent with the standards of the church. I realize that everyone has their free agency, but for the most part I know that if parents were more consistent then their kids would be also. There is a scripture in Proverbs thats talks about raising your kids in the truth and they wont depart from it. (I know Im an awful paraphraser) And I am a product of that. Temple marriages and always putting the Lord fist is a protection for all families. How could I not want that for my future family. If you didnt understand that, I guess what I am trying to say, is Mom and Dad thank you for being the loving, and consistent parents that you are. Yall are truly a great example.

Yesterday was Mother´s day here in Argentina. Too bad I couldnt call you mom and wish you a happy mothers day. Only two more months tho! The ward had a fiesta where they had a mariachi band (i dont know how to say that.. they arent really a band) come and play for all the mothers. We didnt get to go of course, but we saw a video of everyone dancing..... haha sooo funny.

We had a really bad storm the other night! Oh how I love the rain, thunder, and lightning. Haha but this time we had a little white water flood in our room. Yes we live on the 2nd floor. Somehow with all the wind it came in our window... a fun little adventure. I can only imagine how all the little houses faired... the ones that have nothing. Im very grateful for our apt!

We have a baptism that is really going to happen! Its for the end of this month. Her name is Lurdes and her dad and sister are already members! She has had the lessons before according to our area book (she says she hasnt) but is finally ready for baptism. Yay!!!!! Hopefully we will have someone else! Everyone´s goal is at least two!

Drew! Im putting a letter in the mail this week! I wrote it today! Sorry im still awful at writing! Hey and you didnt answer my question. Who did Rachel marry?

Hillary!!! What about Michael?? The only reason I could see him being home is if something happened to his mom.. I know she has cancer really bad... Please write back asap even if its just to answer this question =)

Kels congrats on nursery. I cant believe I heard the words come out of your mouth that you are glad to be called into nursery.
Well, I guess I didnt hear them.. you get the point. I loved the pics. B isnt my baby anymore.. I dont know who this girl is that you keep sending my pictures of. Im glad that mom could come and play! She told me all about our Miss B that is VERY independent! P.s you are still in my prayers for Levi to find a job. I cant help but think that when it finally comes around its going to be a good one!

Okay well, again....... my time is up. I love and miss you all. Have a great week! Ya´ll are always in my prayers.

Hna Payne

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne.

Life here is a good as it can be. Ha, I know how you read into all my words. All I have to do is change the good as it can be to pretty good and you know that it was a harder week. At least I think that is how we read into Drews letters. But really, life is great. So last week I told you that I didnt feel to great. Well after pday right as we were about to go out for work, I got a little sick. I knew that if I threw up I would feel a lot better. Well turns out that I was throwing up blood. Crazy, I know. I felt fine! We called Hna Del Castillo and she of course told us to go to the hospital (which is like the doctors). We went and they tried making me pay money (remember that it is free here) because Im white, and im from the United States, oh, and I cant speak spanish. But Hna Marilaf wasnt going to have that. Because she had been there, more than once, she knew that I didnt have to. Ha that started my experience at the hospital.... It started monday night and want over until the next night at like 7! So I finally get in to see a doctor and he just asks me some questions, then sent me in for a shot to help with the nausia (which I didnt have) and to protect my stomach. He wanted me to come back the next day and have a sonogram. All this time I felt fine. I didnt feel like I needed to go back the next day but Hna del Castillo thought differently (to your relief, I know). So we went back the next day getting there a little after 9. There we proceeded to get a number to wait in line for like 2 hours. Finally it was my turn! But then we found out we waited just for them to tell me that it was impossible for an exam for one week. Are you kidding me? I could have died in that time. She finally said that we could talk to the doctor that came in a 2. He wrote urgent on my paper so they would let me go that day. Then the person just sent us to another person who proceeded to tell me that I needed to be fasting. None of this was mentioned to me before. So then we went back to talk to the doctor and he said it wasnt necissary.So we went back to the lady that told me that they couldnt do it that day. She finally said okay and told us we needed to wait a little while longer so that my food could digest more. We waited like 2 hours before we asked her how much longer... she said she forgot about us. LIE! Im pretty sure she saw us and really didnt forget. Ha. Thats what I get for being American I guess :) FINALLY I got the sonogram where everything was great and perfect. All that for nothing. Okay, not for nothing, it was good to know that there really wasnt a problem. Im surprised, the hospital was really nice. Ha Hopefully that was my LAST experience in the hospital because I hear the other hospitals are just awful.

So I have the same comp. We have interviews with President this week. Ha it will be interesting to see how it goes, I dont exactly speak a spanish. Today we have been cleaning like crazy. We have been taking on little projects that turned into big ones. By the way I started this before I knew president was coming. And as a side note, that you wont ever believe. I got the cleanest american award from my companion. Yes you read that correctly. She said that I was like the first comp to clean the bathroom. Really¿ That is pretty pathetic!

Mom, I also love Alma 26:27. The scriptures are filled with so many beautiful promises! All we have to do it go forward with faith. Speaking of faith, Im still working on it. I fell like so much of faith goes along with following the spirit. And I feel that I struggle with knowing that its the Spirit. Man, this work is really easy in a sense of its all about talking to people, and serving people, and such. But it is soooo hard because there are soooo many variables that go into teaching, living worthely, following the Spirit, the list could go on and on. The list is never ending... always so much to work on and become better at. I have to take a deep breath and tell myself its all a process, otherwise i get overwhelmed with myself.

Drew!!!! Who did Rachel get married to? Chris or the other guy? If its Chris, how in the world do people get married without money¿ That is my question?

Hillary!!!! I need an answer this week because I am dying. OUR Michael doesnt get home until 2 months after im supposed to get home... or something like that. but i cant think of another michael.... write back asap on this one.

Sarah, I got your letter Thanks sooo much.

Okay well im out of time. i love yall and miss yall. have a great week.

Hna Payne

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hola Familia! It´s me again, Hna Payne!

Life here is as good as it can be! Okay, well we have´nt had any baptisms, so it can always be beeettter.. but you understand =) I cant believe that another week has come and gone again, and that I am sitting here writing yall again! Like ya´ll I stress about what to write every week! Sorry, I dont feel like I have much to say this week....

So I think that this was the first conference that I didnt fall asleep in, unlike all of you =) I love conference! I was sad to leave when it was all over. I think my favorites were Elder Eyring, Scott, and Uchtdorf... and others that I have forgotten! I always love Elder Eyrings! He set a great example for us when he gave the story about President Hinckley asking all to get out of debt if possilbe.. well that was his story, but the example was that when the Prophet speaks it is as if God is speaking and giving us council. Not even the apostles of the church are exempt.. (not that I ever thought they were) I need to pay more attention to the council given by God! The ¨´fences´´ are there to keep us to safe. This gospel isnt a gospel of ´´cants´´ but a gospel of all that we can do. All the council and commandments are to help us to be happy in this life, and return with our Heavenly Father again! Elder Eyring also talked about how we can have faith in the Lord because we know him. I loved that! We have no reason to doubt or fear when we really KNOW the Lord. He is always there and looking out for us. How easy it is to forget when things get a little rocky in life.
Drew, I also really liked Elder Scotts talk on faith and it being a principle of power. Faith is my Chirstlike attribute this week that im working on. The whole faith thing is really difficult for me. Kels I thought of you when he talked about patience and struggle... but then that is when the growth comes. I know that you are hating life with work, and you want to stay home with B. But I also know that the hand of the Lord is in all things! Maybe the Lord hasnt given you what you wanted yet because something even better is coming. And in the meanwhile you are being forced to turn more to the Lord and trust in him. Have faith, you know the Lord. Yall are in my prayers!

These last couple of days I have been a little sick. Im not really sure why. Something I ate? My stomach has been a little upset. Hopefully it will pass quickly. It hasnt been too bad, but enough that I dont feel the greatest. As a side note I think Im a little lactose intolerant? I know you are laughing. Im for real though. Ah I love milk and yogurt though! I have yogurt just about every morning for breakfast! Im not sure that I can live without it. Mom you asked a long time ago what we eat. ·Empanadas are really popular. They eat them like we eat pizza. Its like meat, or cheese, in a flaky tortilla or something... google it =) They also eat a lot of noodles and rice. I ate this soup the other day and found out from my comp after that it may or may not have had cow feet and other scary stuff in it. I thought it was good. Im glad that she told me after... gross! But its some soup that is pretty typical for Argentina. Locro is what its called. I have seen a few cauldrons (big enough for child to be cooked in) on the side of the road and im pretty sure that is what they are cooking. One day I hope to get a picture of it! Other than that I dont think I have had anything crazy... I cant really think what else to tell you about the food. We have lots of Sprite and Orange soda here. Oh, did I tell you I found a new love? Of course it has to do with Oreos! Its an Oreo alfajor!!!! The best thing in the whole wide world since Godiva cheesecake.They are even better in the freezer. Yuuummm I wish I could send you one.

Speaking of food. We went to an investigators house to get them for conference and they had made this pastry cake thing. They gave us piece while we were there and then proceeded to give us a whole other cake. This family told us before how they are struggliing with money every month, but especially this month because someone stole their money... something to do with someone taking advantage of the dad because he cant read. When he was younger he was shot in the head or something horrific involving his head and gun.. We dont really understand the whole story of what happened. But they have 3 little kids that are just darling. Mili is the oldest and is such a sweetheart! The youngest is 6 months old and they dont have enough money for diapers! And then they are giving us this whole cake and wouldnt take no for an answer. I know it had to have been their lunch for the next couple of days. And if thats not enough, they want us to have lunch with them this week. My comp said that they dont really have friends and that we are their family! What love to literally share ALL that you have. I just think of the story in the bible where a family was told to give the rest of their flour stuff for a servant of the Lord. It was all they had but they did it because they knew the Lord and trusted in him. In the end they had just enough for that day, and then the next day the same miracle, and so on. Okay, so that was awful paraphrasing and I obviously need to go back and read the story, but you get the idea. I know that the Lord will bless them because of their love and wanting to share with us. What a lesson that was for me.

Transfers are tomorrow. It is highly likely that Hna Marilaf will be leaving. I dont think it is usual to have more than two transfers with your trainer... then again I only have 1.5 We shall see what happens.

Drew, I got your letters. I had wondered what happened to you. Im glad that school is going well for you. I will try and get you a better letter this next week.

Grandma, I finally got your letter too! Thank you. Its good to hear what is going on in your life!

Dusty, Angel, Angie, and Chelsee, I have you a letter sitting in my apt.... the post office is still closed... I dont know why. I will try and get someone else to send them for me.

Mom, I got the pictures! Thank you sooo much. My favorite one is of you and dad with the hats on... sooo you! And Drew is way skinny! What ya doing man?

Okay, well Im out of time...... again! I hope yall have a great week. I love and miss yall.

Love Hna Payne