Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. Life is pretty good here in Formosa. We got a cool front yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful.

This week we had like an hour conversation with an inactive where she proceeded to insult everyone and everything about the church. She got baptized like 20 years ago and had a bad experience because the elders just baptized her and she didnt know anything. She knows members and calls them trucha because of their actions and lack of change in the gospel. Her daughter Lupi that is 15 has a baptism date for the 7th of may... but she isnt having it because she is super protective and doesnt let her daughter leave by herself very often. Well, the couple of times that she did was with member girls her age, but were wearing really short shorts and had on makeup....... these girls are recent converts! Our hearts just broke because she wouldnt listen to us. And she is going to play the selfish card and wont go to church for herself to see what is being taught.

The President of the branch dropped cain on the members (all 21 including him and his wife, and the missionaries) about why we come to church. It was a great talk but very bold... not sure if it had a lot of love in it... luckily we only had one investigator in church and she was fine with it. He used the 10 virgins parable and how we have to be prepared, and do things for the right reasons to get all of the blessings. He talked about Laman and Lemuel, and how they did everything that Nephi did... but with murmuring and everything else that they did.. but it wouldn't be fair that they received the same blessings as Nephi. I loved it! Why do we do the things we do in the church?? Are we a Nephi or his brothers? Always things to change! I dont know that there were enough people in sacrament to make a difference. Apparently he has given this talk before... Our poor little branch. If we would just do the things we know we should, instead of just thinking about it.. everything would be better.

Kind of a discouraging week.. Satan never gives up on us does he? He knows us well, that is for sure. But its through the our experiences that we know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Happy Easter! I know that Christ lives! Its through His atonement that all is possible! I love the talk by Elder Monson, He has risen! And Elder Hollands, None were with Him. There is soooo much to learn about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I wish that everyone could understand that it is only through our Savior that we can be saved, but ONLY after all we can do. It is such a different time period that we live in. It was Joseph Smith that was truly concerned for his welfare and salvation.. a time of religious excitement. Ha I woudnt put those two words together in a sentence to describe our culture.

Mom, can you please look for an i love you necklace (sign language) I think I saw one in one of the church bookstores.

What time do yall have church on mothers day? Its on the 8th right? Im sure we have rules on when we can call this day... it might be hard with yall not getting out of church until 5??? because we are 3 hours different? but someone said we can call at night??

Dust, did you send cd´s? Totallly okay if no. just wondering.

Okay well, i love yall! Have a great week and enjoy the spring weather. Until next week =)

Hna Payne

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! HOw is life on the home front? Today there is a hint of fall in the air! Its fabulous! But of course its kind of like Texas weather here... one day is quite hot and the other is rainy and cold! But its nice that its cooling off. Sounds like things are getting warm there. Congratulations... you made it!

So, am i allowed to quite writing? I just dont have anything to say. Im written out =) okay I know that isnt allowed.. but ehhh. I will let yall off the hook. I kno yall hate it more than I do!

Okay so this week.... I am soooo thankful for the mission. It has definitely opened my eyes up to the world a little bit. Im learning a lot about pride and selfishness in families. It is incredible the things that happen in families because of these two things. Of course I knew this.. (not from our family because we are perfect) but im seeing effects from it and how the family suffers. Pride and selfishness destroy families.

Miguel is received the priesthood yesterday. that is great. We had a fhe with his family where he gave the ´´class´´. Ha it was really funny. Really it was just a family council meeting with scriptures. It was cool though because Im sure they didnt have have communication like this before their family joined the church. It is just sooo amazing what the gospel does for families. I cant imagine raising a family with out the gospel.

So our little branch. Its soooo sad. We have classes first and there is no one there to teach the classes. Its kind of embarrassing to bring investigators and there be no one there on time. Its a good thing everyone can feel the Spirit. Well lucky me, I got to bear my testimony yesterday about the scriptures. Eh! I know im a missionary and all but I really dont like being in front of people. It frustrates me to no end that I get soo nervous and cant think on my feet and express myself. I coudnt do that in english.. much less spanish. Haha our family is not the best at expressing how we feel. I dont know if its in me. And then there are other missionaries that are soo good at teaching and expresssing themselves and good at everything else!!! Its hard not to compare myself to everyone else. I just want to be perfect. haha oh well. whats a girl to do. Keepin tryin i guesss =)

Michael Smith! Its about time =) I havent gotten a chance to read your letter yet tho.

Sarah! I cant email you back directly, but I got your address seconds ago!!!! Ha I love you!

Dust, happy first day of school tomorrow!

Life is great. I love this work. Im soooo thankful for the gospel. There are soooo many blessings that are ours if we live the gospel. We know the things that we need to change.. the hard part is just doing it. Conference is always a great motivation! But then it passes and we forget about that motivation. But we cant forget! We always have to strive to be better. Ehhh its soooooo hard. HA its easier to complain about it then just doing it. I wasnt complaining tho.. just stating the obvious =)

Okay well i love, love, love yall. Have a great week. Untill next week =)

Hna Payne

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hola Familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

First of all! I finally got my pics! Apparently you need to send it to this add to get things faster! THis is straight to the mission office. Now Im waiting for your other one.

Angie!!!! I got your package. THank you sooo much. It was soooo thoughtful. I was soo excited. Did you really remember that my favorite orbit gum was peppermint?? Good choice =)

Well we finally had our baptism. Everything went really well.. Ha well we didnt have one of the speakers show up.. but that is really normal. It was really funny when Miguel was baptized. He is a bigger guy, and the guy baptizing him is super little, so he had to do it twice. But his little 2 year old of course didnt understand what waas going on... just that his dad was being shoved underwater by another person. He started to cry for his dad. Haha it was really cute.

We had interviews with President this last week. I think that it might have been the last. Soo weird. Its sooo crazy the way time flys. I dont really like it. It makes me nervous how fast it all goes. Have yall seen anything about the new president?

Well this week was great. Im getting more comfortable with everything. Pretty sure my comp will be leaving this next transfer. Eh i really dont know the area that well. Oh well gotta learn. I could ask president for another transfer.. .but im pretty sure he would tell me that he is not going to give me Hna Da Silva as my crutch.. Sound familiar Lyle?? haha =) I love, love, love the gospel. Its absolutely amazing the things you learn when you apply yourself and just study. I remember what it was like to try and find time to read a chapter before the mish and now we have an hour and its soo sad when its over =) The gospel is soo true!

Mom my companion wants a recipe that is very american.. I have no idea what to tell her. Ideas and recipes please =) Hey I cooked goolosh the other day.. you would have been soo proud =)

Sarah!!! I started a letter for you.. but didnt finish =( but either way I need your add so i can send it to you... Lucky for you, I know how to send international letters =)

Hna Borchert! Got your email.. havent read yet =( but i love you

Sorry fam.. my emails have been super lame these last few weeks.. i will try and do better next week. But I love yall sooo much. Have a great week =)

Mission add:

Entre Rios 465

Resistencia, Argentina

CP 3500


Monday, April 4, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne.

This week flew by! I cant believe conference is over. Its like Christmas.. you cant help but be a little sad its all over and have to wait. But it was great. I absolutely love, love, love General Conference. Ha I have changed there. I thought of yall and which talks you were probably sleeping in =) Well we didnt have a baptism Saturday like we planned. President said to wait one more week to make sure Miguel really is good to go. He is doing great. He attended both sessions yesterday and is super excited for his baptism this coming Saturday.

We have lots of baptism dates (which we are to always have. we have to put them in the first lesson, pretty much no matter what) that we will be working hard for. We talk to soo many people that are happy and content, which I understand. I have no doubt that they feel the spirit in their church and feel goood. BUT there is such a difference in the things that are GOOD and then the things that are RIGHT. If only we could all understand that better in our lives.

Im loving the area. My companion is great. Im learning how to be a better teacher. eh i feel like the english missionaries can focus in that a lot.. but i feel like my language is just so bad that i cant be a good teacher. BUt hey that is what the spirit is for. and yes my spanish is improving =)

Uh... im sorry, but i really dont have a lot to say this week. But I am loving Formosa and the mission. I hope that life is good for yall.

Sarah- my bestest, stupid, friend! I got your email but havent gotten a minute to read it. I will send you a little note next week.

Hna Borchert.. or I mean Lindsey. Weird. Im sorry. I forgot to tell you i got your email last week. Sounds like life is crazy. How are things this week. I love you and miss you.

MOm if oyu could please send an ensign in spanish and english, as soon as they come out.

Okay well im really sorry this was a really lame letter. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE yall. Have a great week.

Hna Payne