Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes good ol Memorial Day?? Ha I had NO idea. Its very strange not to know anything. sometimes we hear something about world disasters.. but then nothing.. almost like it didnt happen. Then again its nice not to worry about the things that are happening all over the world. I like my bubble!

Well this week was a great week! Noelia got baptized!!! I thought we lost her! But we had a lesson with her and a member and she decided to move forward. She knew it was true, but was letting her fear override what she knew to be true. I know, its soooo easy to talk but when it comes to the having courage thing and walkin the walk, well, its hard. How many times do we allow fear make our decisions??? Heavenly Father never answers prayers with fear! That would be another source... Him who can not be named! Anyways, it all went well after that. She went to institute 2 times before her baptism which is great because she needs friends in the gospel.

This week we found a family!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Well really we found the wife and daughter 2 weeks ago and they came to church. Well of course we wanted to talk to the "husband". She said he wouldnt be interested. We showed up one night and he was there. He turned off the tv (good sign) and didnt leave (better sign). The mom and daughter have a baptism date for the 25th of June, and well so we tried to put one with him too and he accepted, and committed to come to church on Sunday. He came!!!!!!! She came!!!! The daughter no.. but she still has her date. Yesterday was the 5th sunday so everyone was together. We talked about financial planning, the program that the church has. There were only a couple pamphlets, and the wife, Magarita wanted one of them. Next we taught the gospel principles class because the teacher in inactive, lame. And then the sacrament where the 16 year old kid proceeded to bless the "wine" instead of the water! HAHA pretty funny. After we asked how he liked it! He said he loved it! And he has plans to play soccer with the men this Thursday and is really excited about it. We wanted to pass be yesterday, but Magarita had plans to go to the relief society get together. Yay! So we will pass be tonight. The problem with them is that they arent married. So you are thinking soo what?? Get married!!!!! I know right! But I dont think its going to be that easy because he is from Uruguay and doesnt have any kind of identification. We will be talkin marriage tonight! HAHA yay! I cant say that ive ever been soo excited to "talk marriage" And i thought I hated commitment! =)

Hilly! I sent you a letter to your old add. in orem last week. But im guessing you arent there now???

Okay well i love, love, love yall! Have a great memorial day and week!!

Hna Payne

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne! What is new to tell you this week???
Well, for starters... we didnt have a baptism this last week =( Noelia
said that she wanted to wait until this week because her mom and
friend were going to be in town??? Okay.. understandable. Well, from
her point at least. All the people on our side are always saying to
just baptize them. We asked a family if they could go by and get
Noelia on Sunday. They went by but she said something about having a
headache and something about her boyfriend being there?? What is up
with that? We went ahead and announced her baptism in church. We went
by later that night and she wasnt there. We found her this morning,
which is a good thing because she wasnt going to be at her house today
at night. She was super shocked that we announced her baptism. We
asked her what changed because we saw her everyday this last week,
minus Saturday (because she wasnt there) night. She is feeling lots of
pressure from her cousin that lives under her, and friends. At this
point she really isnt sure about anything. We talked to her for a long
time. She doenst feel that she has really gotten a direct answer
saying this is wha tshe is supposed to do. Hopefully now that her
baptism has been announced she is willing to really find out if this
is what she wants. But she knows!!!!!!! Its just the pressure of
everyone. And of course its hard! The changes required to be members
of the true church of Jesus Christ isnt easy. And then there is the
whole having courage thing to stand up for what you know to be right.
(I think that is part of why its soo hard to come home after the
mission... being so used to living a higher standard and then coming
home to people that havent, and then having to have the courage to do
what you know is the higher standard) Anyways, we have another
appointment with her tomorrow morning. Needless to say, we will be
praying hard for her.

Zone conference was great! I love zone conferences! Always sooo much
to learn. I wish we had them every month or transfer instead of every
3 months.

So this last week i got my scriptures cases that i bought in
resistencia, with pictures of Christ.... Well that was a sad day. I no
longer have scriptures to put in them. I think im going to break down
and buy them. I think they are a little cheaper here then home. I
think i will have to wait a while until someone goes to the temple.

Mom, you can send me a mask for my face =)
Dad, im still waiting on my dried bananas....
Raelene! I got your letter! you said in your letter that Jordan had a
month before he left.. and now his farewell is this Sunday! CRAZY!
Pat! Hey i had been waitin on your letter! About time =) I cant
believe Linds is graduating... then again, i cant believe that im 22.
Again, CRAZY!!!
ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a letter in the mail for you
today... right before i read your exciting news! You could very easily
have your baby before i get home!!! Im starting to feel old now that
all of my friends are married... and having babies! HAHA thanks! But

Okay well im out of time and things to say... Thanks for all that yall
do. I love, love, love yall. Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! How goes it in good old Utah??

Well, Maira got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyy! I really dont remember what I told yall about her but she is 19 and suuuper shy. She was nervous about her baptism before but excited. We were waiting for her close to her house to go to the church and i didnt recognize her from a distance because she was in a skirt. She bought a skirt for her baptism and for church. Cute!

We have another baptism for this Saturday. Her name is Noelia. She was one of our miralce finds the day of conference. We told her there was a baptism planned in the next hour (intermission of conference) and that she should come with us to see how it is. Especially because she accepted a date to be baptized. She, her mom, and cousin came with us, and they stayed for the 2nd session of conference. We continued to teach her but then lost her date. We put another one but she wasnt really progressing. She didnt see a difference in her life, and didnt see the need for the gospel. We asked her if she felt like she had really given her part to find out if it were true. She said no. Oh, I forgot, she was worried about the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity AFTER baptism. But really she was worried about these things because she didnt have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. Well at this point, we hadnt taught her the law of chastity so we took that opportunity right then to do so. I guess it gave her a reason to find out if it were true. This was Friday, with her baptism in a week. We really didnt think it was going to happen. But then on Sunday at church we were waiting for the bus and she asked Hna Quezada who was going to be baptized the following week. My comp thought about the dates that we have and realized that it was Noelia and then asked how she felt in respect to her baptism. She said she wants to get baptized! We were shocked, ha but of course soooo excited. She said she prayed and just started to cry. And now she wants to get baptized. Yes! How dare my faith waver. The Lord works miracles. This week we will be with her everyday! Because she isnt quite prepared. Tears doesnt mean its true, but at least now she is recognizing the Spirit. Aw i love the gospel. Its amazing to see little changes in peoples life for the gospel. Our Heavenly Father really is soo mindful of all of his children. eh i wish i could express or explain myself or the situation better.. sorry yall will just have to live with it.

Mom, you asked what we did for pday. Well, we have this new rule that we cant leave our area... This rule is from the area presidency, so all of south america has this rule??? I dont know but its super lame. Our area is tiny and has NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No where to eat, no ice cream.. we of course cant get together with other missionaries. I think we have permission to go and send cards or something... but other than that nothing. So today we deep cleaned the apt. Ya, our life is really exciting, I know =)

We have zone conference this week. It will be our last with President. Sooo weird to think we will have someone else the next time. Man, time flies.

Hna Jones! I always mean to send you a little note in my emails, but ALWAYS forget. Hey, I got your letter! THank you for the talks, they are great. And i really liked your lamina that you sent. Happy belated birthday, and one year mark. Wow, where has the time gone??? I love you! Keep up the good work!

Hna Borchert! I keep meaning to write you back! I will try next week!

Hilly Billy! Im waiting on that other letter... the one after Mexico =)

Sadie!!!! I got your letter! I was soo surprised. Thank you! I will be gettin a letter in the mail for you in the next week! FYI plan on the mission =)

Grandma thanks for the letter! Its nice to know whats goin on in good ol Texas!

No letters of packages from yall. I will be sure to let you know when i get anything.

I cant think of anything that i need right now.. but i will let you know for sure next monday. And I didnt know that elder.. that is his last or first name??

Okay well, i love, love, love yall. I hope yalll have a great week.

Hna Payne

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes life on the home
front??? Well this week was quite an adventure. You name it and it
probably happened. It started with not having any water for a couple
of days in the apt. That was fun. I forget how grateful I am for
something as simple as water. Our numbers were horrible, (yesterdsay
we redeemed ourselves and it wasnt too bad) but friday night beats
all. We had just left a lesson that went terrible. It was one of those
nights that you think it couldnt get much worse... ha and of course it
was raining. Well, my comp wanted a jacket so we swung by the apt to
grab one. Well I had the umbrella in my hand and she was in front of
me opening our gate, when I felt something pull me to one side. I
figured it was someone that i knew, just sayin hi or something....
wrong. I turned around and it was someone trying to take my bag. I was
soooooo confused. I started to scream at him, ´´NOOO!´´ I started to
fight with him for my posessions as I countinued to scream and hoped
that someone would come to my rescue. As all of this was happening,
the mission handbook kept running through my head... ´´if asulted,
just give up your stuff´´ is basically what it says. Not only was i
figting with him, i was having an internal struggle with myself...
´´what do i have in my bag?´´ Eh I had a watch, (with absolutely no
value) my dictionary, 2 freaking pesos, my bag that cost like $100 and
of course my scriptures. Ehhhhh my scriptures. One year of notes, and
markings and, ehhhhh my life! But yes in the end I just let him have
my stuff. I had no choice in the matter... dang white handbook. I
didnt feel like he was really threat.. Well, i think i thought that.
It all happened soooo fast. But yea, im heartbroaken about my
scriptures. But on the brightside, or the downside... im choosing to
be positive about this, he knows where we live! Okay, I know what you
are thinking.. but no its good cause he is going to throw my
scriptures over the gate because.... well because Heavenly Father cam
work miracles (according to our faith, so family, have faith for me).
So please pray that this kid willl have a change of heart and throw my
scriptures over my gate. I go out in the mornings to look if they are
there. So far nothing... =) But Im safe. so please dont worry =)

Other news in the neighborhood is that Maira is getting baptized!!!!
She was really cute about it. We invited her to a baptism that was on
saturday at like 5 so she could see how it was. Ha she asked at what
time the baptisms usually are because she had class or something in
the morning on the 14th. Music to our ears when people actually think
things out and they say something in reference to their baptism date.

Okay well this is a short one... but I will be talkin to you this
Sunday. I havent heard back from yall... but I think that yall are 3
hours different (not 4 mom) and you said church in the morning.. so im
guessing 9to 12?? in provo??? so i will call at 4 my time which i
think is one yall time??? but i feel bad.. yall will be starving and
wanting to eat. but yall havent written me back again... so im just
assuming yall have church at nine now.

Okay I love, love, love yall!

Hna Payne