Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hola! Its me again! Hermana Payne!

So life started quite early today... what am I talkin about??? It starts early everyday! But today we started laundry as soon as we got up, along with emails in the laundry room. We (my new district) are cleaning the temple today. Yay, again. Okay its not my most favorite job in the whole wide world. The last time I was there we were cleaning lockers with tooth picks and qtips. Hopefully it will be a different job this time :) But that takes quiet a long time so no one will probably be getting a letter from me... sorry :(

So Im getting to the point where I dont really like writing emails anymore.. I have always hated writing letters... too much to write and not enough time to do it. But the whole email thing.. well, I dont feel like I have anything new to say. So sorry when this is again a really lame email. I cant wait to get into the field and have tons of new things to say. Speaking of the field, the Elder that got delayed with me went and asked how much longer. They say its still processing, that it is somewhere and needs to be signed or something. The guy said they think that it shouldnt be more than a week at most. Who knows what that really means tho... leave in a week or maybe have the visa in a week?? Well Im ready to get out of here. Im getting sooooo tired of it here. Im still happy and positive, but I just really want to get to Argentina! I got an email from Hna Jones. She is is Buenos Aries, she said it is pretty chilly and she has been in a tropical strom minus the warmness. Her least favorite time is shower time.. no heat in the bathroom and not even close to luke warm water. Ehhhhh! And she is in the city.... That means I definitely wont have warm water. Okay, well I kind of expected that, but I was wishing for a little bit of a different outcome! But hey, lets be honest, this is the ONLY time in my life where I will get to experice all of these things. I want to see it all and do it all. I want all the experiences of living in Argentina. I say that now where I have nice showers, good food, laundry, spiders not the size of my face, electricity, no rodent problmes... ya, at this point, one of my themes is to find joy in the journey!!! Yay! However, I'm pretty sure that ya'll may have to remind me that first week that Im there, and all the other times that I sleep with creatures, or there are mice in our kitchen.. or whatever else is in store for me :)

My new companions are great. Hna Jardine and Hna Werner. Both of them are from Utah. One is going to the new mission in New Mexico, and the other to California. They have two weeks left. All I can say is that I better not have new companions here because that will mean that I will be here more than two weeks! Im pretty sure I will cut someone if that is the case. Just kidding! But that is a long time! However, I do know that no matter what, the Lord's hand is in all things. I know that he is preparing me more, possibly my comp, and of course the people of Argentina. I will get there exactly when He wants me to get there. (I just hope that is sooner rather than later)! My comps are glad I'm in their trio though.. which I guesss they kind of have to say that. but hey im taking that compliment and running with it. Both Hnas are very different and they have both said at different times that I balance them out well, and that it has been nice! Its been kind of weird though because I dont really feel a part of their companionshiop.. Not because of anything that they are doing, I just feel like a temp waiting for my visa! :) It will come!

Mom, do you know where my scripture case is? The polka dot one? Please send that if you know where its at. Once upon a time it was under my window. Why were you doing my tech stuff already?

Kels, I got the pictures of my baby! Thank you! She is absolutely a doll! I miss her lots! And everyone else of course!
Karan, I got your letter, THANK YOU!!! I will get a letter out as soon as possible!
I got Chelsee's wedding announcement too! I love it! Im way excited for her. Mom, you said you may be in Denver for her day, well I hope to be in Argentina for her day! :)

Well I cant really think of anything else. Time is about up for me. Hopefully I will have more to say soon :) I hope everything is going well for yall! I love yall and miss yall lots!

Quote of the week: What is BOLD today will not be BOLD tomorrow. The Lord tells us to be BOLD but not overbearing. Overbearance is BOLDNESS without love. When people know and feel your love, you can NEVER be too BOLD!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Yes, I am sitting here in the MTC... still! I thought I would be in Argentina right now :( Oh well, life is of course still good :) I got a forward from Hna Jones saying she got to Argentina. I can't wait until yall get that email.. besides I will hopefully have more to tell yall. I dont have much to say at all this week. Sorry. Well, my district, and my companions are gone. So now I'm in a new district, and yup, another trio! I loved my old comps, and I love my news ones, but I cant wait to be in a normal companionship! I guess I should be careful what I wish for.. I will get to Argentina and get one, ya, one that is native and cant speak english :) Sink or swim! I choose to swim! I still dont know anything about when I will be leaving. They called me to the travel office 2 days ago just to sign a paper. I asked the lady what it meant and all she had to say was "I dont know." Are you serious??? So not helpful an any way. I realize that they probably deal with 2000 missionaries a week.. but come on have some compassion. I mean my district left me that day, and I was supposed to have left that day! But no.. they treat all 2000 missionaries as ONE and not as individuals. Not complaing, just stating the obvious :)

So Elder Oaks was here again! He walked into our Sunday devo and sat on the front row in the crowd. We thought that was kind of weird. His daughter was the one that was speaking to us, or should I say playing. Jenny Oaks Baker, she is like a world known violynist. She talked about some experiences that she had and then played a song relating to them. Holy cow, she was soooo good! It is amazing the Spirit that comes from music. You could see in her face that all of these songs really were her testimony. Mom, I thought of you. You would have loved all the songs! We also watched Music and the Spoken word on Sunday, always causing me to think of you! Oh, and when we eat sausage gravy. It's gross here fyi. I hope you are continuing the tradition of Fast Sunday Breakfast where you think of me :)

I got a wedding announcement from Dani! I was so surprised to get one. Honestly I thought it was Chelsee's. It made my day to see it. Dani, if you read this, thank you! You look absolutely beautiful, and yall look soo happy. I'm soo excited for you both! Love ya!

Hillary! You will be getting a letter shortly! I laughed so hard when I saw that your fist letter dated back to May! When I asked Dusty to send you a shout out, I told him to tell you to actually send the letter that I knew you had already written!!! Sad taht I called that one! HA I still love you though. Im callin you to repentance tho! Be a better friend and actually send them!! :)

Well it sounds like yall had fun at Lake Powell! Did kels and Levi go? I thought they had. But I didnt really hear anything from them about it. Please tell me we are invited in 2 years :)

Mom, thanks for the travel package! I was thinking that I wanted that pillow. Im glad to have it. Thanks for everything else, its perfect. Oh by the way I have stuff to come home eventually. My president lives in Highland. I asked his wife about it and she said that yall could come and get it from their house or somthing. I will talk to you more about it.

Mom, if you havent sent me the bag, DONT! The girl left for Hong Kong.. But if you did Im sure i can find somenoe that wants it, or just send it back to you.

Well thats all i have time for today. I love yall and miss yall. Thanks for all yall do for me. I hope to be talkin to you soon :)

Love Hna Payne

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hola! It's me again, Hermana Payne!

So, guess what!? I'm sitting here in good ol' Resistencia Argentina! WEIRD!!
Can you believe it??? Okay so Im totally just kidding. I thought I told you
that I was leaving on the 12th?? Well it doest matter.. its not even the
12th anymore. I have been delayed :( Two of the elders got their visas.. and
not me! I will be traveling all the way to Argentia by myself. Scary. I hope
I make it to the mission home by myself. You know how well I am with
directions.. and thats in english. Okay, just kidding again. not about being
delayed, but about being by myself. There was an elder in my district that
didnt get his as well. 2 did, 2 didnt. Kind of sad that my whole district is
leaving me. But hey I guess the Lord just knew that I needed some serious
spanish help. Not to mention that I prayed for this. The license people told
me it would be 3-4 weeks before I got my license. Well, at that point I
didnt have that long.. moral of the story, be careful what you pray for :) I
will let Meagan know when I know anything. As of right now they are guessing
two weeks. They put my name in for a temp reassignment, but then got word
that it is processing. Since Argentina lost in the world cup, hopefully they
will get going on my visa! Although it would be cool to go state side for a
coupld of weeks so I could get the best of both worlds! I found out after I
packed most of my stuff. haha lame!

Speaking of Meagan, I taught her a lesson in spanish yesterday. She was a
pretend investigator to the guy that we have always taught. Oh man my
spanish is horrible! Uh, I have stuff to send home... but I'm REALLY hoping
that Meagan can take it for me. There are strict rules about bringing stuff
in.. not sure about taking stuff out I think she was going to ask for me. It
would me much easier! Mom, Im really trying to get rid of stuff
because its $150 on international flights. Are you sure that I need the bug
net, taco packets, and rain coat? It would be cheaper to buy that stuff
there than pay the $150... oh, and my boots... I was just thinking about
that. They are heavy, and i dont know if I could do without them? Another
girl would like a backpack if you would please stop by sister missionary
mall again, please? If not its fine, I just need to know. So i think i could
possibly do with some more tights? I dont kno if i can buy them there? Will
you please look and see what the weather has been like in Resistencia.

Dad, Chelsee Voorhees emailed me and said she was getting married. She wants
your address for an invite.. but i cant email her back. Her email is

One of my camera cards should still be at the house.. I left it in the
computer the day I left. Please, please send a pic with the whole fam in it.

Well, sorry this letter has been about all the things I need. This last week
has been great. I dont know what else to say than that. The spirit is just
so strong! I love it! We watched the Legacy on Sunday. I hadnt seen that
movie for forever! It's so unreal to try and understand what the pioneers
did for us. I wonder if they realized what they would be doing for future
generations.. or if they were really just thinking about their family.
Either way, wow! Thanks mom and dad for making the decisions you did so that
we could be where we are. Im so thankful that I was raised in this church! I
dont know where I would be without the knowledge I do have. I am so thankful
to be able to share my testimony with others, and invite them unto Chirst.

How was Lake Powell?? I hope that yall were all nice so that we can be
invited back in about 2 years :)

Grandma and Grandpa Thank you soo much for your letters. I really appreciate
them! Sounds like you have a big job as the temp relief society president.
You will be great :)

Rachel, I sent your letter a few weeks ago. I sent it to the address where
the cookies came from. I hope you got it by now??

Okkay fam, thats all I have time for. Im really sorry this letter was so
Love yall lots!

Love Hna Payne