Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And that's all she wrote :)

2 John 1:12

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

Well we are working hard for some baptisms this week! Miracles are going to have to happen for them to go through(well, more miracles because we have already seen a lot!) But its going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is still time for miracles to happen!

We spoke on Sunday. I spoke on the ´´why´´ of the gospel. We had 8 people in church. Hopefully the Hna Hunt will see some progress with them. We had one lady walk to church with her 5 kids. We called her on Saturday night to remind her. She told us that she was planning at leaving at 6:30/7 to make it in time to start at 8. We didnt have anyone else to go get so we went out there. We got there at like 7 and she had already left. We finally caught up to them. She was carrying her little baby. We wanted to help her.. but of course we cant hold
them. Well she left way too early, and we got there at 730. The church isnt really that far, but with little kids it is. Well the little kids didnt eat breakfast because the OTHER church always gives them milk and doughnuts. And then the classes (which are first) started late and the mom just kept saying how the OTHER church always started on time... Well, I guess we introduced her to Mormon standard time =) And then the primary president which is my age, maybe... got there with her little toddler and freaked out because the little kids had the marks of chicken pocks... haha oops! They have had them for like 2 weeks now so i didnt (and still dont) think they were still contagious. I felt bad, but it was still funny. It just started our week of great! There must be baptisms this week =)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We truely have SOOOO much to be thankful for. What will yall do????? Fried turkey? YUM!

Yes, I have my debit card!

I dont really know my travel plans. Usually the people leave their area REALLY early on Thursday morning... have an interview with President and then have dinner with them, and then leave that night to BA which is like 10 hours bus ride. And then people get home on Saturdays.

Okay, well I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hola familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

How goes life on the home front?? Im sure its getting quite cold there. Well we had a great baptism on Saturday. She bought a really cute, white, shirt and skirt for her baptism. Her dad even got off of work to come. We werent sure that he was coming, but he showed up just in time. We have actually had a couple of lessons with him which is a miracle. We tried putting a date but he didnt accept. We just need him to accept getting married so that Ramona can get married. We are going to try and talk marriage with him this week. It will be a miracle if it happens.

We are working with 2 couples that are trying to get their document so they can get married. One of these guys has to quite smoking too. We will be needing divine help if they are to go through. But this isnt my work... so all we can do is our part. I will have lots to tell you if they actually go though =) but im done with writing... so sorrry.
Why I love Argentina story: So we got home the other night and we sitting there plannnig when all of a sudden a RAT came under our door. We both screamed. It crawled under our oven and was inside it..... YUK! Hna Hunt was in charge of shutting the doors and standing watch so that it would just run back outside and not in our room.....I sat there hitting the oven with a broom and it finally ran out..... into our room... yea, she didnt shut the door good. We were then looking in there forever and coudlnt find it. we moved luggage out and everything... Finally Hna Hunt starts hitting about the window where there is space for a rat to hide... and it ran out at us. It was terrible. We might have screamed a few times. But luckily the owner didnt hear us. Haha he would have thought we were dying. Well we freaked out.. but its not uncommon to have rats in your house here.... Eh!

Dad, is that guy a member? What are the chances of him moving here? That is way cool.

Okay, well im out of time! I love, love love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

Well these last two weeks have been such a blur! I feel like we are just running from one area to the next. We are working with some great people that can be baptized. We are really focusing in them, and so our other numbers are pretty low... but we are going to have baptisms. We just keep seeing miracles, and i know that more are going to come.
We have a baptism this saturday. Lorena, the daughter of Ramona that needs to get married first. She is doing great. She is always seminary and the activities. She is really progressing.

The conference was soo great. I just keep thinking how close they are to perfection... They live in the public eye... but there is never anything in there conduct that you can interpret as something different. They truely are representatives of Jesus Christ. People always say there is black and white... but they definitely choose the celestial white. That requires thinking ahead of actions and looking at how others could see you. It could be something soo innocent, but there are always others trying to find fault. They are examples to me in the way that they dedicate their life to the Lord.

I found out that my family in Formosa, Flia Ortiz, that there two last kids got baptized. The dad got baptized when i got there, his daughters had gotten baptized in December, and his wife was inactive but was baptized when she had 14. But there were two that were not interested in hearing the Gospel. Well, they just showed up to church one day and my comp asked if they could teach them and they said yes because they wanted to have an eternal family. They both want to go on missions. Miracles. This really is the Lord´s work. I LOVE hearing the those stories about the people that have NO interest, and then BAM, something changes. The mom is young womens president, and the dad is young mens president.

Dad, i finally met Elder Wasden. He seemed very outgoing and nice.

Okay, well i love, love, love yall!

Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hola familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this last week was back to normal. We are just two again, which is nice. That week was a little long, but this last week flew by soooo fast. I know that this week will go even faster with our conference with Elder Christofferson. We are sooooooo excited for that. We will be leaving here Friday evening in our own rented bus. Then we will be sleeping on the floor in Resistencia so that there wont be problems with getting everyone there on Saturday morning. It will be a once in a life time opportunity.

So we had 8 in church this last Sunday. And they were all good investigators too. What miracles! We are really trying to focus in the people that can be baptized... we have some great people that we are working with. Mable and her daughter listened to the missionaries not tooo long ago. They quit going about a year ago when she had some health problems going on. She knows that its true... she just has big doubts that she can endure to the end. I can only imagine. She also has to get married. That means that her husband has to go to Paraguay to get his documents so they can get married. That will cost them a few hundred pesos... and they are a very humble family.

Then we have Ramona, her daughter Lorena, and their neighbor girl Natalia. Loreana has a date to be baptized. We taught Lorena and Natalia the law of chastity (for the first time, and Ramona for the 2nd). The girls are 14 and 16. They said they really liked the lesson. Im pretty sure they thought it was kind of weird because they said that no one lives this in todays time..... (and especially here). President said that when he served here in argentina that it was very rare to find someone that wasnt married... and if you did it was because they were married to someone else and couldnt divorce... Wow, have times changed. Now its so rare to find someone actually married. The girls said they really liked the lesson. We dont have a date with Natalia because her dad wont allow her mom to come... so lame. but she is sooo great. She likes to read and ALWAYS reads what we leave her. I think she would like Personal Progress.

Then there is Miguel. He is married (but not really) to a member, and we eat with her mom on Fridays. I just love this family. They are all so great. He is just now warming up to the church. He knows a lot about the church because all the missionaries have passed by.. but i think he is being prepared. His brother in law is about to receive the Priesthood here in November and he said that its his goal to baptize him.. so naturally, we want to help him meet his goal =) we have a family home evening with them tonight. We will be eating bbq... ehh we ate soo much for pday...

Then there was a girl that Hna Juarez told me about that was about to be baptized but then didnt.... she was at church too! She is dating a less active guy...so yea we have some good people that we are working with. We told Ramona to pray about her decision. We taught the plan of salvation and told her there was no getting to the Celestial Kingdom with out this baptism. Maybe she will get the courage to leave her bum of a marido.

okay well, that is about all. thank you for alll you do!!! I love yall soo much!

Hna Payne

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!

This week has been such a crazy blur. It was transfers and I got transferred, AGAIN!!!!! Okay, jk. Im still here in Lavalle with the Hna Hunt...... and Hna Juarez (my last compa). We thought we were going to get away with out any drama this transfer... but that was sure wrong. The ZLs called us to come get a missionary that was waiting for a mini. While she was with us we had about three floods in our apt. Okay, im being a little dramatic, but our toilet kept leaking, our dueƱo kept fixing it, and then something would happen and it would start running again. The water kept running into our room. What a mess. During all of that there were other missionaries calling us to go to the place where people get their birth certificates so they can get married. The missionaries are more than an hour away, but they had an investigator that is from here, that wanted to get married this last friday , and baptized saturday.... and then the people coudlnt find her history. Well then that missionary left at like 530 the next morning and then the ZLs called us to go get Hna Juarez that night in the terminal and that we were going to be a trio for like a week. Well, im super excited that its the Hna Juarez, but three-somes are just a pain. I think everyone thinks we are J-Dubs because we are a small group now. The assistants now told us we have to be in here area every other day. Ehhhh PAIN!!!!! We wont get anything done. But luckily we found a member that is somewhat willing to do splits with her for like a week. So we will have studies until 12 and then she will go with this girl and come back at night. im sure we will still lose time in all of this. Booooo! Hopefully they will find a mini ASAP! Im not complaining... just stating the obvious =)

Well, we thought we had a miracle this last week. We went to teach the law of chastity to Ramona this week. We explained everything and asked her if she and her bf had thought about getting married. She just casually explained that she couldnt sleep the night before and turned to him and asked him if he wanted to marry her, and he said yes. Haha i think our mouths dropped. We asked if he was really awake when she asked him.. She said yes, and that he wasnt drunk either. We had been worried about her husband not wanting to get married, and then she told us about the night before. We were pretty sure that that had never happened before... so then we were like well we need to get started on pre reqs.. and asked if her bf was really meaning it like NOW, and not in like 10 years. She said she was going to ask him again. That is where the sad news comes in. He said NO. We were all so sad. We went by on Saturday and her daughter said she wasnt able to have the lesson because she was arguing with her bf. She came to church on Sunday really sad. They were arguing about his drinking and drug habits. Sooo sad. She is just soooo great and he is a bum that tries to run from his problems. He has some hurt from a kid because his dad was never there... and well he is doing the same thing to his little 6 year old. He has got to break the cycle! Its soo sad. But we explained a little about priesthood blessings and asked if she would like one. She of course accepted. We have another lesson with her tomorrow.

We also found George, through the familia Rotela (matias, that cant be baptized, and his dad). George is an alcoholic. Im not really sure how to teach an alcoholic when they arent all there to understand and feel the spirit. He has ruined his life and his family. None of his kids want to be around him. He has tried killing himself before. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal any wound, but if he doesnt have a support system or the will to do it... well... I am just soo thankful for the gospel that we have and the commandments that we have been given. We have the word of wisdom to just completely avoid these kinds of problems. If you dont drink, its quite impossible to become an alcoholic. Our Heavenly Father has given us every commandment for our protection. Maybe we cant understand the pain that could come from these things, but he does. We have to trust in Him and the commandments that he has given us.

Okay well, sorry that was a really scattered letter... but I love, love, love yall! Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Daddy!!! You cant tell me how sick you are about this other guy.. it makes me sad. But you cant change that it is happening... so you cant stress out about it... and besides your bbq is WAY better!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!

So, mom i have to start of by wishing you a late happy mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was the dia de la madre. sorry i forgot to tell you before. It was such a beautiful day. It really did feel like mothers day in the states. It was a harder day to get people to church for this reason... but we did have 4. All of the women that we are working with ARE´NT married and their husbands are super machistas. I dont know what word to use in english... but they dont let women do anything and they are always in control... They just tell them they cant go to church.. and they do it. Who has that authority to tell someone that they cant go to church or grow closer to God? It makes me soooooo sad. But Mabel was at church. She has had the lessons before and assisted for months and then just didnt go one day. She isnt married, and doesnt really want to get married, her bf doesnt want to either.. They have 3 kids. But he at least doesnt care if goes to church. He just doesnt really want to go. I think we can get somewhere with their family. Ramona was going to go with us to the relief society conference. Her husband said it was fine.. and then right after he changed his mind. We got to her house and she told us she couldnt go... LAME. And then she said she would be going to church either way the next day. Well that didnt happen. Not sure why.... we wanted to watch together forever with her family but her husband didnt want to because he gets home at like 8 at night and is tired. Hopefully this week!

We had interviews this last week with President. The shortest interview ever.. he talked about the opportunity we have to be with of the 12 Apostles. He gave all the stats of the church in the whole world and that as the church continues to grow that the opportunities will become less and less. We are all very excited. My compa and I were the last interviews with another companionship of sisters. Just jokingly, but secretly wishing, i asked if we were all going to lunch after.... he said it might be a possibility but he wasnt promising anything.. but said that his wife was a real softy. Well, she of course loved the idea. We got pizza and eat down by the coast. I just love them, and that was before pizza. They are soooo great. They really are about trying to do what they can to help us. Its so weird to have interviews with both Presidents and feel that they really knew and know me. That cant be too easy with 200 missionaries.

Dad! YOU CANT GET ANYWHERE WITH OUT DREAMING!!!!!! I cant believe you open this week! Good luck, and break a leg... and dont stress out. Enjoy it. It will be a hit!

Okay well, I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

How goes life on the home front?? Starting to cool down, huh! Its starting to get toasty here... well just a few days and then a cool front comes in and it rains. Well, today is our pday because yesterdsay was a holiday. We had a family home evening last night with one of our investigators, Ramona, that is really progressing... minus that she isnt married. We watched the Testaments. Such a good movie! Its now like the 100th time that i have seen it now. But she really, really liked it. She said that she is going to keep coming to church. Her daughter came too. Now we are just missing the bf and the 14 year old boy. She is just soooooo great and so humble. She is soo prepared for the gospel. We had 7 in church on Sunday. Definitely a good day. We had a mom (not married) that walked to church with her three kids because she didnt have money for the bus. Such sacrifices! I just want a little bus or van to go around and get all the families that dont have a way to get to church with out walking really far.... even a horse and buggy would be fine (there are quite a lot here) :) We are working with a guy named Gaston... he is a little odd, but really great... we think. We arent exactly sure if he is interested in our message.... or us. We choosing to think positively and we really do think he is interested. He has never been baptized so he knows he needs to do it. He keeps telling us that he is going to get some big calling in the church and be in front of everyone. Haha we tried to explain how all of that works but im not sure it sunk in.

So we found out that we have a conference the 5th of November for ALL of our mission. Elder Christofferson is coming. What a treat. We are definitely excited for that.

Mom, how can you miss the younger years. It just gets better with every year! Always new experiences! And now we have Brecken, and soon to be Quinn! Life is good!

okay well i dont have anything else to write... im soooo sorrry. I love, love, love, yall! Have a great week, and good luck with training and the store!

Hna Payne

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hola familia is me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!

I just love, love, love conference. I hate waiting to get the magazine to read all the talks. I remember liking them but then to remember what they said is a different story. I really liked Elder Eyrings talk and the being living testimonies in all times and how he used examples from Book of Mormon heros. Why does it have to be so hard to change? But I was reading another confernece talk the other day that says it doesnt matter how hard we try to make the gospel complicated, its easy. We know exactly the things that we should be doing... its just overcoming our natural nature and really making Christ the center of our lives. When we do that the decisions become soo much easier and we remember exactly who we are and why we are here. We just need to make the decison to do it and move on, and stop thinking about it.

We found Ramona and her daughter this last week and Ramona, the mom, came! We found her on Wednesday and told her we were coming back either the next day or friday depending on when a member could go with us. She talked to her husband (but they arent married. Do we just call them boyfriend in english? We use another word here that usually differentiates the difference in spanish) about going to conference and he wasnt too thrilled about the idea, but then she just told him that she was going because she wanted move on and change her family. She really liked it! Well of course she did. How can you not listen to conference and know that these people are called of God? We have another lesson with her today.

During the break of sessions I saw Tyler in vocal point on tv. Does he ever stop by these days? I saw Mckay too, but i dont think yall know him?

I cant believe we are in october! (they dont celebrate Halloween here mom) I feel like we are in May. I always have to stop and think about what month we are currently in. We got a little cool front the other day so today is really nice. But it is definitely starting to warm up here. Its soo weird to be back in humidity and to be sticky. President Heyman approved all the apts to have air conditioning now... so that will be a blessing to everyone.

That is sooo great that your store is about to open. Im excited to hear the news. HOw are they advertising this??

Hna Jones! How is the new DRAFT program going for trainers and new missionaries?? are yall doing that too? Two hours everyday??

Okay well that is all i have for now. Thank you all for all you do for me. I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!

Dad, COOL SIGN!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that your dream is coming true! Its going to be soo cool.

im sorry this letter is already going to be lame. its going to be more like yours... rules are rules... you will get a letter =)

We have 7 in church on sunday. We had a mom and her four kids come. We taught her twice, and her husband once. He was sleeping the second time we went by. Hopefully we can work with all of the family. The mom didnt want to commit to a baptism date. But I think that she liked church. Relief society was all about the family. I just think 3 hours was a little long for her kids. They were a little loud in sacrament, which it our last meeting.

Matias still didnt come to church. We called him and he said he was about to leave, and then never came. We havent seen him since saturday. All of these things are sooo new to him.... things that arent hard... but sure arent easy to do on a continual basis. I dont know what we are going to do for this family. Sometimes the things we do just arent enough.

Well im super duper excited for conference this week. Yes, I will get to be at all the sessions, and yes, we will have investigators. They will have four chances to go and hear servants of the Lord. What a great opportunity!

Okay well i wrote a few people on here today and looked up some stuff for a family home evening tonight.. so ya im done and out of time. sorry. But life is great, and we are working hard. I love the mish and the opportunity to share something that I LOVE and that i has changed my life! If only everyone would accept to have a better life.

Okay well have a great week!
Hna Payne

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!!

We didnt have a baptism this week....................... =( We were soooo sad, well, still are. But maybe it was good because he didnt even come to church yesterday. We called them twice too! Well went by and told them how sad we were that they werent there. Its sooo hard to help people understand the importance of going to church EVERY week. This isnt just a commitment with God that you can just make and break when you want. This is a huge promise with eternal consequences!!!!! But then they are sooo new too that they DONT understand. I guess we will be working harder with them this week =)

We spoke in church yesterday. It was super weird, they gave us a few weeks notice. In my last area they gave us a couple minutes if we were lucky. Im actually kind of grateful for that too because now im a lot more comfortable of doing something in the moment. I talked about how we all just have to open our mouths and talk!!!!!! Maybe the people that we share the gospel with wont get baptized... but we still have to share it with people. The gospel is the biggest blessing i have in my life, and I LOVE sharing it. Its the little moments when you can see that someone really understands that makes it all worth it. Maybe they dont get baptized. But in that moment you KNOW that they felt something. The other day I was talkin to a man in the street that said he was atheist. He really wasnt, but when his dad died he turned his back on God because of betrayal he felt from God. I have always struggled with answering ´´why´´ or at least where they can have a little bit of understanding. I know that this is really random but do you remember the part in Steal Magnolias when Shelby is pregnant and she tells her mom? Well her mom is soooo mad because she knows the danger it would be. But I love Shelby´s response. She says that she would rather have 5 minutes of wonderful than a whole life time of nothing. She gets her five minutes of wonderful. She dies, but I know that she wouldn't have changed those five minutes that she had with her little boy. Death is a part of our lifes. We know the hard because we know the easy. We know happiness because we know sadness. We know the good because of the bad. But in the end I know we wouldn't change the outcome if it meant not having the people be a part of our lives. The other part of the story, that not many know is that families CAN be together forever. Im soo thankful for the Plan of Salvation and the assurance that if we do our part that we can see our family again. I gave him that example about 5 minutes of wonderful and testified that families can be together after this life. It is our Heavenly Father that has given us all that we have. We cant turn our backs when we have to experience sorrows. I think that was one of my most spiritual experiences. The spirit was soo strong, and I KNOW that he felt something.

We had another zone conference this last week, but with the Fosters (the area 70) That was really good. There is always soooo much to learn. I always get so overwhelmed after these with all the things that i should be doing better. Where do we start??? But thats life. Its a constant struggle to do our best everyday and become better!

Okay well thats all i have for this week!!!!!!!!

I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne!

So we had transfers last week........... I got a new companion. Ya, uh, im training. I think someone messed up. Im going to die with a gringa. Okay, now that i was just stating the obvious, and not complaining, her name is Hermana Hunt from Farmington. Luckily she understands a lot and we dont speak english. That is a blessing. My only complaint is we walk slow... but she will learn =) Oh and we have companionship study for 2 hours. Its sooooo long! There is a new program for ALL new missionaries that they have to do for 2 transfers with their trainers. My companion before was on her second transfer when i got here. But this program is an inspired one, so there is lots to learn. Its really weird to see where i used to be and where i am now.. with the language and teaching. Haha but i was tons worse than here when i got here. I now do not have any kind of crutch! Its me and another gringa! Its soo great.. i think! hah it has to be!

So our baptism is for this Saturday. It was never for last saturday. I was thinking that it was going to happen with out problems. Big mistake. The weeks of baptisms ALWAYS have something happen. Well we went to their house for a lesson yesterday and Matias and his dad told us that the mom isnt okay with it. She doesnt even want to talk to them about it. NOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!! They were going to try and talk to her last night again. We are all going to do a fast tomorrow. I didnt see this being a problem because well one, they dont have rules for their kids. and 2 the dad is always in the lessons. They (minus the mom) are coming to the church tonight to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Hopefully we will get some good news.

Well, sorry this is a lame letter.... but I love, love, love yall !!!!! Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a windy, cool day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold again. I hear that things have been really crazy with the weather the last couple of weeks in the states????? That or we are being punished?????

This week was good. We have five investigators in church. Matias and his dad. Matias has a baptism date for next saturday. He wants to be baptized but still doesnt know if its true. (He hasnt really been praying to know) We are trying to find a baptism to go to this week so he can see one. The dad still cant be baptized because he has to get married. We talked to the wife this week and she said that she didnt want to get married. We asked her why and she just said because I dont want to. Lame. Im not sure what we are goint to do. They are of course in our prayers and fasts. She still doent want to come to church either. BUT she is in all of the lessons now. Its definitely progress. The other 3 that came are a investigators that are married! But with out a baptism date because they didnt accept it. They are from another part in misiones and only have plans to be here until the end of the year. There isnt a church where they live either. We havent talked to them since yesterday so we will see what we can do.

This week we were told that we are going to hell. HAHAH It was a guy that looks just like Tall Evan! He even had the same tone of voice. Weird. This guy was a pass along from other Elders. They just told us that they had a lessson with him and that he had the Book of Mormon. He just gave us scriptures, scriptures, and more scriptures from the Bible. We just listened. We figured that he would give us time to talk. In the end it was evident that he wasnt. We finally cut him off and asked him if he had a question about the BOM. He brought polygamy. He tried giving us anti mormon literature from a guy that was high up in the church or something and of course now isnt. He wanted to read it with us and when we said no, he insisted that we at least read it when we get home. Its soo funny and irritating because he was sooooo nice. He had the best intentions in the whole world. He was just concerned for our souls and didnt want us to go do hell. There are many people that let intelligence rob them of faith. My comp about lost it and was about in tears. She told him she at least wanted to bear her testimony. He wanted to argue with our testimonies. I basically yelled at him, (not really, or at least not in the way that you are thinking) that he had been speaking the whole time and we hadnt said anything!!!! And all we wanted to do was bear him our testimonies. He was about ready to argue but thought it best other wise. A waste of a lesson. He wasnt there to listen.

Dad congrats on your store! So exciting!!!!

Okay well im out of time... i love, love, love yall! Have a great week. Until next time!

Hna Payne

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne. Its definitely not cold this week. Its 78 and beautiful. Life is good. Today we went to Villa Cabello to have lunch with Hna Maimo, my mom in my first area. It was soo weird. I wanted to go visit some of the families, but President didnt like that idea. He was fine for lunch, but not to be in the elders area running around. Boo. But it was sooooooooo good to be there. The hna is so sweet. She made us her homemade pasta. Yum! And while we were there another hna that we used to have lunch with (one that i wanted to visit) showed up. I will get to see them in next month at General Conference. WHAT!??!?!?!?!? Next month??? Where has time gone. Everday goes by that much faster. This week went by way fast because pday was on tuesday.

This last week we only had Fabian in church. Sad, but I was super content with life because he came all by himself. We talked to him early in the week and he said he wanted to come again.. but would have to see what happened. Well we had another lesson with them on Saturday, but only Matias, the son was there because the dad had to work. He said that he would be coming whether we went by for him or not. Sunday morning we were waiting for him to come and it was like 9:30 when we called him and the mom said they had left. It turns out that only the dad came because Matias was sleeping. BOO. Miracle! Another miracle is that when we were at their house on Saturday the mom told us that she was about to leave but that she wanted to start the lessons on saturdays. Its definitely progress! Matias and Fabian have dates for September 17th. Well Fabian isnt going to make that date because he has to get married... and im not sure where we are at on that. He said he was going to talk to his wife about church before the whole marriage thing. But Matias is going good for the 17th. He even goes to seminary. We have another family that we are working with that needs to get married to. The husband has been inactive for years. We are trying to get him a testimony. Getting people to church is soooo hard. They want to know the church is true before going.

Mom you asked about heat and transportation. No one has heat here. The people have little space heaters if they are lucky. We have one, but dont sleep with it. Its really ghetto and not super trustworthy. But luckily we dont need it this week. We use the bus more. Our area is really big so its nice to have something. We only used buses to go to church in Formosa. Formosa was TINY.

Mom! Thank you for gettin my license taken care of! Did you do it all by yourself? Or did you talk to Jess?

Dad, congrats on your coming soon store·!!!

Hilly! what are you having¿???

well that is all! Have a great week. I love, love, love yall!!!!!!!!!!

Hna Payne

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hola familia!!!!!!! Its me again, Hna PAYNE!!!!!!!!!!

Its sooooo cold here. Im ready for the heat! These last few days have been very cold. I sleep with five layers and 3 blankets! Heat is such a blessing!!!!!!!!Im sooo cold natured. Well, im sure it will be over in the next couple of days and be hot again. Thats the way it is here in Posadas.

Well we had part of the family Rotela in church. The dad, and the son.. The mom still isnt on board and one of the kids.. (everyone has free agency here and the kids do what they want) But we have another lesson with them tonight and will be talking a lot about the family. The kid told us they arent married so we will be talking about that too!

We have some good people! Its just getting them to want to change or feel the need to change. If they would just think a few things through...... We talked to a girl yesterday that didnt know very much at all about Christ. She told us she was interested in listening about Christ because her church focuses in Mary and saints, not our Heavenly Father and Christ. WHAT!?!? Its fun reading the Book of Mormon and seeing all of the effects of the apostasy. Its truly incredible. I love the Gospel and love getting to know different kinds of people. I mean who has the opportunity to just go up to any door, knock, and ask if we can come in? Getting to know someone else´s story of life is so fun, and lots of times very hard. We are trying to teach a lady with two kids and a boyfriend/husband. When they met she wasnt a church going girl but somewhere in the years she changed. they have gone through some really hard things, but instead of growing together through the trials, they grew in opposite directions. They dont talk. He just laughs at her when she talks about God. He doesnt want her to go to church so he doesnt go to work to try and get what he wants. The other day her kid was sick and she had to take him and her other kid on her bike to the doctors because the husband didnt have, or wouldn't give her money for the bus. She has no options. no money. and no family. She promised to go to church with us this sunday if she is still with her husband. You cant help but walk away from lessons with some of the weight of these people. And what can i do? I can only invite her to come unto Christ and be baptized in His church. I dont know how, but i know the Lord will provide for her. My eyes have been opened to the problems of the world. We are truly blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and family. Im definitely learning the importance of family, and the role the gospel has in our family. It would be soo much harder to live the commandments, and return to live with our Heavenly Father again, just by ourselves. Im thankful for the Plan of Salvation and that our families are vital to this plan. The best place to learn of Christ and his principles is in the family. Thank you mom and dad for giving that to me. I know that its through your sacrifices that I could grow up in gospel, and that its now easy for me. Now, to help other families so it can one day be easy for their kids!

Okay, well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

This last week was a great week. We have zone conference and I just love President and his wife. They are just soooo great.

I am always soo surprised to find new investigators and see the way they live their lives. It hurts my heart. We found a woman the other day with two little girls that lives with the mom/gma. She is living with her mom because she is waiting to get back with the dad of her little two year old. They arent together now because he went off with someone else and she may or may not be pregnant. He told her that he wants to get back with her if the other one isnt pregnant. This guy has beat her and her child, but she doesnt care. She only wants what is ´´rightfully hers´´. She made a promise with God that if she gets her man back that she would get baptized in the Evangelical church. The way she treated her child was terrible. I was just sooo sad for her and her kids. I just dont get it. These little girls are going to grow up thinking that the man is supposed to beat them. What!? Some people should not be allowed to have kids. But the gospel can change their lives! If only they would let it. There are soo many willing to do ANYTHING for their kids physically, but they dont find the spiritual part important. Or there are sooooo many catholics that dont agree with half of the things their church does, but go along with it because of the tradition of the family. Well, that is why we are here, no?? INVITE others to Christ and not force them. If only it were easier =) But where would the lessons learned be??

We had one 14 year old in church with a baptism date. All of his family have dates too, but didnt come because of work? But when we went by to take the kid home, the mom and dad were both there. We went to get another fam and they didnt come because the dad had to work, and one of the kids had a cold or something. This week for sure. We will be working with them a lot! They have interest though for their kids. They will have to get married. It just takes time to get the appointment to do it. We will be talkin marriage with them this week =)

So i was always kind of looking to see someone from my old area. I knew it wasnt likely, but i couldnt help but keep an eye out. We were walking to our last stop to invite someone to church for the next day. This road was dark, and very deserted. I commented to my comp how Sunday nights are very dead and that the guy a long ways in front of us was going to kill us and there would be no one around to witness it or hear us scream. We finally reached the person and we were on opposite side of the street. She asked us if we were the missionaries. I let out a squeal of delight as i realized who it was. It was Hna Maimo!!!! She was like our mom in my first area. She was in the area for a dinner appointment with a friend and decided to see if we were in the apt until she realized that it was too early. She just happened to walk the same road that we were, when our paths met. Tender mercy! She is one of the most loving people in the whole wide world. You know what else was great?? I understood and could talk to her. Well, that would be a given now but when i left the area, no! She invited us to lunch one pday. We were going to get permission to go today but we couldnt get a hold of her. Maybe next week.

Okay well that is about all.... Have a great week. I love, love, love yall!

Love, Hna Payne

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Monday was freezing and raining, and today is very warm. Crazy, crazy weather. I love being back in Posadas(the city) and Misiones (the state). Its so nice to have a big area that doesnt feel like everyone knows the missionaries already. This week turned out to be a great week... well, after church (we only had one person in church. we have 16 people with baptism dates but none are appearing very promising.). After church we took the bus out to the border of our area for a lesson that we had planned. We got there a little early so we started lookin for some new people. We found a girl named Jessica. We are really working hard to teach to the needs of the people.. which is sometimes really hard for me to relate everything back to them... but when we teach to their needs, walking away from the lesson is soo much easier. Maybe they wont get baptized.. but at least we did our part to declare. She accepted to come to church and be baptized... (like lots of other people, but the lesson just felt different.) We then took another bus to another area to find a guy that helped us find someones house a couple weeks back. We of course asked him if we could come by his house. He said he was never home except for lunch. We took the chance of a Sunday night. We didnt find him or the direction but we found another guy that accepted a date to be baptized. We were sitting outside of whats called a kiosko which is like a little concession stand with all the normal things that people buy. While we were teaching him a guy with his baby came by two different times to buy something. We were leaving and this guy was at another kiosko buying something. We passed by him. Then I turned around to go and talk to him. He was walking towards us. I told him who we were and he told us that he was listening but didnt say anything because he didnt want to interrupt. It turns out that he has listened to the missionaries before (i dont know how much). He wanted to know when we could go by his house. Yay!!!!! Then the Sunday before a drunk man found us and asked us when we were coming by his house. He said that there were kids and he wanted a change for them and his family or something like that (remember he was drunk). He said that it was Sunday so he was a little drunk but wouldnt be the following day. We went by several times that week but he wasnt there, but found him on Saturday. He was a completely different man. Its amazing what alcohol can do to you. He said he will be home today and that we can come by. Well we called him last night to make sure he was going to be home. He was soo drunk. He kept telling me to listen to him and kept asking the time that we were going to come by. He wanted to know how we planned on helping him and how he didnt want to waste his time. Haha and it was him that was asking for our help! Well if there is anything that can change this man it would definitely be the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. Im excited for our lesson whith him tonight... that is if he is sober =)

Sorry, that was a lot of details about a lot of nothing for yall.. but It should be a good week. We definitely have to work on getting people to church. But when i got here we didnt have anyone so i figure it takes a couple weeks to get some good people and get them to church. They usually never come the first sunday. Its sooo hard to get in, give them the lesson, commit them to read, pray, get baptized with a specific date, and get them to church. Lots of commitments! But if they arent keeping commitments then they arent repenting and coming unto Christ =)

This Friday we have zone conference. Im super excited. Its great because they are centered just for us. As of right now there arent any big new rules. The same ones are still here.

Samantha, I got your letter! Thank you sooo much. Please let me know where you are going. You can email me!

ANNNGGEEELL!!! Congrats on the BABY GIRL!!!!!!! What is hill having???

Okay fam that is about all from me. Thanks for all you do. I love yall!

Hna Payne

P.S. JUAN CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne, from Good ol´ Posadas, Misiones, Where the red ´´dirt´´ grows! Yes, I am back where I started! Well, not the same ward, but super close. I was super excited to get transfer calls to say that I was going home =) I HATE good byes, but LOVE changes. My companion is Hna Juarez from Guatemala. This is her second transfer and we are excited for this transfer. She is really nice, and a little shy, but all with a super willing spirit. I got here and they had two baptism dates because her trainer refused to put, or even try to put dates. Haha little does my comp know that putting baptismal dates is the easy part... its getting them to church thats the hard part. Our area is huge! Its going to be sooo fun to try and learn the area... not. Ha my comp doesnt really know either... I guess its time to learn how to read a map =) Im guessing there will be lots of room to laugh!

I have NO CLUE about Juan Carlos =( He went out of town Tuesday and got back Friday) He was to have his interview in the afternoon on Friday and his baptism Saturday??????

Okay, well Im sorry this is an extremely lame letter, not a lot to say! Next weeks will be bettter! Have a great week!!!!!

Hna Payne

Send my hellos to mike! Wish him luck for me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne! Im always in denial at how fast time passes. But then im here again writing. Boo.

I always love getting yalls emails that say how discouraged i was the week before. No. I just sometimes write very dry with out feeling. That doesnt make my week bad =) I dont mean to make it sound like im judging or that i dont love the people. I do! I think that is why it makes it harder.

As for baptisms... no. No one got baptized. Juan Carlos as of right now will be this Saturday. But transfers are tomorrow.... who knows what will happen. We went to a baptism on Saturday and Juan Carlos finally came which is great because he is afraid of water. Romina came too. (she still isnt comitted to anything)The church was quite a ways a way. We of course took the bus.. but I made a mistake and we got off to early. I was sure that we were at our stop. We ended up having to walk quite a ways after. I felt really bad. Juan Carlos is fine to walk but he is pretty old. Oops. It reminded me of hiking up corner canyon and there being a ´´short cut´´ but i was positive it didnt work. Well im done with directions and wont trust my good sense of direction the next time. Okay, i knew it was always bad... but im officially done trying. It was nice to walk in a different place tho. We could see the colors from the sunset. The sunsets are BEAUTIFUL here! But we made it in good timing for the baptism. My comp and I got asked to be the speakers about 5 seconds before. Gotta love being the replacement for a year and a half. (we speak a lot in our branch too)But i can say that im definitely more comfortable with speaking in front of people. I still dont like it, and i still get nervous... but not as much. Gotta love the mish =)

We had a talent show with all the missionaries in our zone this last weekend.... Haha i still havent found my talents.. im still lookin hard for them. So i did my next best thing.... I juggled! Haha ya i know, i was desperate. I dont really know the point of the show.. who wants to come and see missionaries sing (very poorly) and juggle? It would have been a lot better to invite the members to participate. We finally have a ward mission leader instead of the President. (Im pretty sure we got that because he is now our neighbor and didnt want to hear any complaints. They invited us to lunch this last week. The wife told us that she could wash our clothes. We understood that we could bring them to her Tuesday or Thursday, but she told us at lunch that she wants them both days, and she doesnt have a problem washing EVERYTHING. Wow! That is super nice and means we dont have to hand wash!) Its soo nice, and he is soo great. He helps us a lot. But we are now trying to plan activities in the ward. Hopefully that will help us have more unity. We have a movie and popcorn planned for the beginning of August.

Okay well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Love, Hna Payne

Dad.. no more trunky comments! =)
The photo of the lake is gorgeous!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. HOw goes life on the home front??

Well this week was..... kind of a downer week. Hey, but now its a whole new week... but really life is always great. We are supposed to have 2 baptisms this Saturday... but neither one of them were in church on Sunday. They both have 3 times in church so they havent lost their date yet. We tried going by both houses yesterday but neither one of them were home. Juan Carlos doesnt understand a whole lot.. but has desires to be baptized?? And then there is Romina that says she understands. We will be going by tonight to see how the end of the week will play out. Are they ready?? Or is it what we want? Eh sometimes I dont know if im helping my cause by being here in the mish or just condemning myself......(Jacob1:19)

We had a mini MTC here in Formosa with all the kids in the stake. Well there were lots of kids... but not a soul from Parque went. We called the president to ask what time they were going to meet up. He casually told us that the girls just didnt want to go.. and that the guys werent going because of soccer. WHAT!?!?!?!? Soccer wasnt until 6:30 at night. They expect all these kids to go on a mission but arent doing anything to help them. These kids live for soccer and play station. Nonthing else matters... and it doesnt seem that anyone else is trying to tell them otherwise. Well of course they arent... our branch really doesnt function. The young men and women dont have leaders. They had some.. but then the president took away the callings and put himself in charge..... Boo! We had 20 people in church on sunday. it rained. when it rains, no one does anything. Oh argentina.

The Zone leaders called us on thursday when we started our 3 hour planning session. They were outside of our apt. We were outside planning because our power was out. We had to move our table because of all the dog poop and the smell. There is a tiny area of dirt, and it just so happens to be right in front of our door and they never clean up right there. But the elders were great sports and volunteered to clean it up.

So i ordered scriptures the other day. I went to put them in my scripture cases that i ordered in Resistencia.... and they dont fit!!!!!!!!!!! Im sooo mad. I dont understand why. Hna Runyan has the same ones and hers fit! We cant call the office, so i cant ask aobut it. My zl said he is going to ask the elders in the office that are in charge of talkin to the man.. but i dont kno if i have a lot of hope in any of them.. and the elder that was in the office is now in the field. My whole scripture experience has been an expensive one. Hopefully i will eventually get my cases... They cost a lot... especially not to be able to use them.

Okay well im out of time. i love, love, love yall! Have a great time in CO.

Hna Payne

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Today is pday and we just got out of interviews with President. Oh, he
is soooooo great. And his wife too. She would say that she is learning
spanish, but really its great. She knows a lot. Our interview wasnt
very long, but he is just soo nice and complamentry, and he of course
had just met me. One of his themes and visions is the Spirit. Are we
doing all we can to live by the Spirit.

So what happened this week????? We now have new neighbors with 2 dogs.
We live in an apt in the back.. and The president of the branch and
his wife just moved in. You would think that would be a good thing. Im
not soo sure. Lots of people in the branch have problems with him. I
know there are always more than one story to every side.. but after a
while when you hear the same things, and see a little evidence of
things... well you start to understand. On a super bright note the
wife has a washer and a little machine that sucks all the extra water
out of your clothes that she offered to let us use. YAY! The weather
is crazy and sometimes it takes FOREVER to dry. But not with this
little machine.

We are teaching an 18 year old girl that now has assisted 3 times in
church. We have taught her the law of chastity 3 times now. The first
time, well we didnt teach it very well. The second time was great.
Very direct, very informative. You know in the Book of Mormon when
prophets are giving their dying testimonies saying that they have done
everything in their power to bring souls unto God and that the blood
of their sins will be upon the peoples own garments. And that they
will be waiting at the judgement bar of God?? We left feeling that we
would write our dying testimony. She absolutely understands the law of
chastity. And understands that she is still acountable even if she
doesnt get baptized. We taught the law of chastity yesterday too to
her boyfriendthat is visiting. He lives hours away, and they never see
each other. He flat out said he didnt agree and that he wasnt going to
live this commandment. Eh!!!!! I hope that she was strong enough in
her commitment. But she is 18 and totally in love with this 23 year
old (who she has been with for 4 years. and in this time he has been
with other girls) We have another lesson with her today. Her date to
be baptized is the 23rd. She said that if he wasnt going to be okay
with her decision that he could leave and do whatever. If only the
things that we say were as easy to do then say.

I just love, love, love this work and this gospel. I know that life
isnt easy.... but with the gospel it can be. Okay i know that im
saying this as a 22 year old girl that hasnt lived very much of life.
But i do KNOW that this gospel can change lives and that it can at
least be a lot easier. When we understand the Plan of Salvation and
what it has to offer then our priorities are different. We understand
that we really can live with our families forever. We have the power
to do this if we are willing to work for it, sacrifice who we are- to
become better, and live the council and commandments that God has
given to us through a prophet. I just wish that people could just
listen more with an open heart because they already KNOW this gospel.
Everyone was taught this and accepted this plan before we ever came
here. We chose the side of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And everyone CAN
know it again. Im soo thankful for the knowledge and understanding
that we have. We know why we are here, and what we have to do. Now,
its just the doing that is the hard part.

Mom, IM soo glad you could go to Hna Runyans homecoming. She is just
soooo great. I just love her. I couldnt have picked a better american
companion that i will be able to stay in close contact with. I like
your garden and door too!

DREW! We had someone give a talk on sunday about the importance of
Family home evening. I remember a certain letter that asked us the
last time that we had FHE. Ha how are yours going?

Hna Jones! I found hna wheelers add. You asked for it one time, but I
didnt think i had it...

Britnie Wheeler
Canada Toranto East Mission Office
24 Fernand Drive Suite 300
Don mills ON M3C 3V4

Okay well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its soo hot for yall and soo cold for me! Sometimes i forget what month im in because of the different seasons.

Well, we now have a new president. We have had no contact with him.. but he is indeed here. We have interviews with him this next monday.

So yesterday at church was one of those days that you just want to kill people for being who they are, and not thinking... and just being one of [those people] We were in relief society and the lady giving the lesson decided to give a whole class about the way we should dress for church. Well, EVERYONE in the class minus Noelia (recent convert) and her investigator friend and antoher investigator were in jeans. Its one thing to comment for a couple minutes.. but a whole class period when the ONLY people in jeans are investigators. Por Favor! If only people could think what its like for new people. And Noelia was already in a sad mood because her mom is visiting and isnt okay that she got baptized. She is thinking about not coming anymore. Why cant it be easy for new converts? Its one thing for us because we understand.. Its kind of like a baby thats sick and crying.. you just feel soo bad because you cant take away the pain, and they dont understand why they are hurting. But when its an adult they can at least understand and handle it in a different way. New converts are the baby that have to learn to deal with adversity in a different way than they have had to in the past... and a lot of times they dont understand why. I dont know if any of that made sense... She needs friends in the church. as of right now we are her only support. I wish she could find a boyfriend that would help her along. She is going to institute.. but its hard to be new.. and people forget that too and then dont grab them and bring them into their circle. She also doesnt have a phone. that makes things harder.

Well we have struggled finding people these last few weeks. It seems that we dont really have a pool of anyone. but we will continue forward putting our faith in the Lord that there are people waiting for the gospel. We are still working with Margarita, abel, and Juan Carlos. We havent had a lot of progress. Juan Carlos still has a baptism date, so we are working with him.

Well that is about all. im about out of time. I love, love, love yall!

Have a great week!

Hna payne!

I got my packages and card! thank you!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, hna Payne!

Ah, It turned cold this last week and Im freezing! Its probably not even that cold.. but it is when you dont have a fireplace and heater =) The weather is definitely bipolar. One week is very warm and then bam! We have a little space heather thing but half of it went out today so im guessing its not going to last. And i definitely hate showering because the water isnt very hot and there is a partially opened window. Im not complaining, just stating the obvious and giving details =)

We were supposed to have had the baptism of Juan Carlos this last week but fell through because his family here isnt supportive. but he has a brother in Buenos Aires and his wife is a member that are coming here in a month for vacation. So he now has date right before transfers. Juan Carlos is soo great. He is 62 and is just sooo sweet and happy. He really doesnt understand a lot, but has desires to be baptized. He is the neighbor of Margarita and Abel. They are still around.. but not really progressing. We had a recent convert come with us the other day and it helped a lot. Abel had plans to sell food on Sunday and wasnt going to come. He then made plans to have someone else sell the food. But at the last minute his plan fell through.

I read Our Legacy the other day! Its soo good. I loved it. It shows all the sacrifices of all early pioneers of the church. This work is soooo much bigger than you and me. I love the pioneer stories, they are sooo humbling. And sometimes i dare to think that my work is hard. Shame on me! Why does it have to be soo hard to be perfect. Or at least feel satisfied with the work that we have done?

I still havent gotten my hose or debit card. Im thinking that I will get it next tuesday. But who knows. Dad, I got my other debit card last tuesday. Im really not sure what happened to it I think it went through water and fire to get here. I know you think im exaggerating, but im really not. It was It had gotten wet and it was partially opened with brown rusty looking spots. Oh and by the way you had part of the address wrong. One of the numbers was off. maybe that is why it took so long to get here. Or maybe it didnt really matter, i dont know... but its a good thing you sent another one just to be on the safe side.

Hna Jones. I got your letter! WHAT!?!?!?! You ended your experience so suddenly like it was noooo big deal!?!?

Well, that is all i have got for now. Sorry my letters just keeping getting more lame. Have a great week!!!

Hna Payne

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Today is our pday because yesterday was a holiday. Thats sooo sad
because im sure everything was open yesterday. We never have time to
do anything because of the siesta. Oh well, what can you do. Today we
went and got our hair cut. I know, we are sooo exciting. She did a
cleansing thing that took out all the dirt, grease, and shampoo. My
hair feels soooooo clean! I think the shampoo and conditioner that i
use are really cheap so it doesnt do a lot for my hair. I dont know what my problem is.

I heard about Chile and the problems it was causing for people. I also
heard about the family of this kid. That is really sad. As far as I
know the andrews got here. I havent seen them. I dont know that I will
either. Im sure they just left my package in the office. Speaking of
the office. I had to go into Resistencia on Thursday to do something
for my visa. Well, with the luck that I have it just happend to be the
day that all the missionaries that were about to leave were in the
office as well. So I got to see the hna Runyan!!!! It was sooooooo
good to see her! She told me about all that had gone on in her area
since I left. They had 2 little girls get baptized of an inactive
member that is going again. The ward has really helped her come back.

Margarita.... well she defininetly wont be getting married. Her
husband is a snake. And he wont leave. He difinitely puts on a show
for us. She still doesnt have a testimony.. but likes going to church.
She wants to pay tithing and everything. She said that she is waiting
for God to remember her. Hearing her stories just makes me sooooooo
thankful for the gospel. I know with out a doubt the protection that
it has for us if we will just live it. I always knew the gospel was
true and loved it. But now it just has a new meaning in my life. If
only i could explain to yall in words... even then i think my words
would sound a bit hallow. But I love, love , love the gospel and this
work. Im sooo grateful the Lord has given me this oportunity to really
learn about others, myself, the gospel, and a million other things.

Well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hola familia its me again, hna Payne! Another week has come and gone..
time just goes faster and faster and that just means its time to write
again. Eh.. im about done with writing. i know yall are too. I told
you all i give full permission not to write. I will of course send in
my few lines because it is required =)

This week.... well we had stake conference yesterday. It was
broadcasted in Buenos Aires with Elder Packer in charge. Well it was
all great and dandy until the power went out. Lame! It was out for
about 30 minutes and then came back on. Magarita and her neighbor were
there. The husband was selling food. The daughter isnt interested, and
the son we have never really talked too. I wouldnt really call them
progressing in this moment. Hopefully something will change this week.

Transfers are tomorrow. Who knows what will happen. There are a few
hermanas leaving but no new ones come, and we already have hnas with
out companions. Today is Hna Runyans last pday. Weird. It doesnt feel
like other people exist if im not there with them.. so it feels like
she will stay in resistencia. Ignorance is bliss =)

Today for pday we called president for permission to leave our area to
go and take pictures. Its kind of a rainy and yucky day but who knows
what will happen next week so we are going anyways.

Kelsie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry i forgot to tell you last monday!

Dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY yesterday! Again, sorry i forget last monday!


Okay well im out of time!!!!! I love, love, love yall!

Love, hna Payne

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes good ol Memorial Day?? Ha I had NO idea. Its very strange not to know anything. sometimes we hear something about world disasters.. but then nothing.. almost like it didnt happen. Then again its nice not to worry about the things that are happening all over the world. I like my bubble!

Well this week was a great week! Noelia got baptized!!! I thought we lost her! But we had a lesson with her and a member and she decided to move forward. She knew it was true, but was letting her fear override what she knew to be true. I know, its soooo easy to talk but when it comes to the having courage thing and walkin the walk, well, its hard. How many times do we allow fear make our decisions??? Heavenly Father never answers prayers with fear! That would be another source... Him who can not be named! Anyways, it all went well after that. She went to institute 2 times before her baptism which is great because she needs friends in the gospel.

This week we found a family!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Well really we found the wife and daughter 2 weeks ago and they came to church. Well of course we wanted to talk to the "husband". She said he wouldnt be interested. We showed up one night and he was there. He turned off the tv (good sign) and didnt leave (better sign). The mom and daughter have a baptism date for the 25th of June, and well so we tried to put one with him too and he accepted, and committed to come to church on Sunday. He came!!!!!!! She came!!!! The daughter no.. but she still has her date. Yesterday was the 5th sunday so everyone was together. We talked about financial planning, the program that the church has. There were only a couple pamphlets, and the wife, Magarita wanted one of them. Next we taught the gospel principles class because the teacher in inactive, lame. And then the sacrament where the 16 year old kid proceeded to bless the "wine" instead of the water! HAHA pretty funny. After we asked how he liked it! He said he loved it! And he has plans to play soccer with the men this Thursday and is really excited about it. We wanted to pass be yesterday, but Magarita had plans to go to the relief society get together. Yay! So we will pass be tonight. The problem with them is that they arent married. So you are thinking soo what?? Get married!!!!! I know right! But I dont think its going to be that easy because he is from Uruguay and doesnt have any kind of identification. We will be talkin marriage tonight! HAHA yay! I cant say that ive ever been soo excited to "talk marriage" And i thought I hated commitment! =)

Hilly! I sent you a letter to your old add. in orem last week. But im guessing you arent there now???

Okay well i love, love, love yall! Have a great memorial day and week!!

Hna Payne

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne! What is new to tell you this week???
Well, for starters... we didnt have a baptism this last week =( Noelia
said that she wanted to wait until this week because her mom and
friend were going to be in town??? Okay.. understandable. Well, from
her point at least. All the people on our side are always saying to
just baptize them. We asked a family if they could go by and get
Noelia on Sunday. They went by but she said something about having a
headache and something about her boyfriend being there?? What is up
with that? We went ahead and announced her baptism in church. We went
by later that night and she wasnt there. We found her this morning,
which is a good thing because she wasnt going to be at her house today
at night. She was super shocked that we announced her baptism. We
asked her what changed because we saw her everyday this last week,
minus Saturday (because she wasnt there) night. She is feeling lots of
pressure from her cousin that lives under her, and friends. At this
point she really isnt sure about anything. We talked to her for a long
time. She doenst feel that she has really gotten a direct answer
saying this is wha tshe is supposed to do. Hopefully now that her
baptism has been announced she is willing to really find out if this
is what she wants. But she knows!!!!!!! Its just the pressure of
everyone. And of course its hard! The changes required to be members
of the true church of Jesus Christ isnt easy. And then there is the
whole having courage thing to stand up for what you know to be right.
(I think that is part of why its soo hard to come home after the
mission... being so used to living a higher standard and then coming
home to people that havent, and then having to have the courage to do
what you know is the higher standard) Anyways, we have another
appointment with her tomorrow morning. Needless to say, we will be
praying hard for her.

Zone conference was great! I love zone conferences! Always sooo much
to learn. I wish we had them every month or transfer instead of every
3 months.

So this last week i got my scriptures cases that i bought in
resistencia, with pictures of Christ.... Well that was a sad day. I no
longer have scriptures to put in them. I think im going to break down
and buy them. I think they are a little cheaper here then home. I
think i will have to wait a while until someone goes to the temple.

Mom, you can send me a mask for my face =)
Dad, im still waiting on my dried bananas....
Raelene! I got your letter! you said in your letter that Jordan had a
month before he left.. and now his farewell is this Sunday! CRAZY!
Pat! Hey i had been waitin on your letter! About time =) I cant
believe Linds is graduating... then again, i cant believe that im 22.
Again, CRAZY!!!
ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a letter in the mail for you
today... right before i read your exciting news! You could very easily
have your baby before i get home!!! Im starting to feel old now that
all of my friends are married... and having babies! HAHA thanks! But

Okay well im out of time and things to say... Thanks for all that yall
do. I love, love, love yall. Have a great week!

Hna Payne

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! How goes it in good old Utah??

Well, Maira got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyy! I really dont remember what I told yall about her but she is 19 and suuuper shy. She was nervous about her baptism before but excited. We were waiting for her close to her house to go to the church and i didnt recognize her from a distance because she was in a skirt. She bought a skirt for her baptism and for church. Cute!

We have another baptism for this Saturday. Her name is Noelia. She was one of our miralce finds the day of conference. We told her there was a baptism planned in the next hour (intermission of conference) and that she should come with us to see how it is. Especially because she accepted a date to be baptized. She, her mom, and cousin came with us, and they stayed for the 2nd session of conference. We continued to teach her but then lost her date. We put another one but she wasnt really progressing. She didnt see a difference in her life, and didnt see the need for the gospel. We asked her if she felt like she had really given her part to find out if it were true. She said no. Oh, I forgot, she was worried about the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity AFTER baptism. But really she was worried about these things because she didnt have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. Well at this point, we hadnt taught her the law of chastity so we took that opportunity right then to do so. I guess it gave her a reason to find out if it were true. This was Friday, with her baptism in a week. We really didnt think it was going to happen. But then on Sunday at church we were waiting for the bus and she asked Hna Quezada who was going to be baptized the following week. My comp thought about the dates that we have and realized that it was Noelia and then asked how she felt in respect to her baptism. She said she wants to get baptized! We were shocked, ha but of course soooo excited. She said she prayed and just started to cry. And now she wants to get baptized. Yes! How dare my faith waver. The Lord works miracles. This week we will be with her everyday! Because she isnt quite prepared. Tears doesnt mean its true, but at least now she is recognizing the Spirit. Aw i love the gospel. Its amazing to see little changes in peoples life for the gospel. Our Heavenly Father really is soo mindful of all of his children. eh i wish i could express or explain myself or the situation better.. sorry yall will just have to live with it.

Mom, you asked what we did for pday. Well, we have this new rule that we cant leave our area... This rule is from the area presidency, so all of south america has this rule??? I dont know but its super lame. Our area is tiny and has NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No where to eat, no ice cream.. we of course cant get together with other missionaries. I think we have permission to go and send cards or something... but other than that nothing. So today we deep cleaned the apt. Ya, our life is really exciting, I know =)

We have zone conference this week. It will be our last with President. Sooo weird to think we will have someone else the next time. Man, time flies.

Hna Jones! I always mean to send you a little note in my emails, but ALWAYS forget. Hey, I got your letter! THank you for the talks, they are great. And i really liked your lamina that you sent. Happy belated birthday, and one year mark. Wow, where has the time gone??? I love you! Keep up the good work!

Hna Borchert! I keep meaning to write you back! I will try next week!

Hilly Billy! Im waiting on that other letter... the one after Mexico =)

Sadie!!!! I got your letter! I was soo surprised. Thank you! I will be gettin a letter in the mail for you in the next week! FYI plan on the mission =)

Grandma thanks for the letter! Its nice to know whats goin on in good ol Texas!

No letters of packages from yall. I will be sure to let you know when i get anything.

I cant think of anything that i need right now.. but i will let you know for sure next monday. And I didnt know that elder.. that is his last or first name??

Okay well, i love, love, love yall. I hope yalll have a great week.

Hna Payne

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes life on the home
front??? Well this week was quite an adventure. You name it and it
probably happened. It started with not having any water for a couple
of days in the apt. That was fun. I forget how grateful I am for
something as simple as water. Our numbers were horrible, (yesterdsay
we redeemed ourselves and it wasnt too bad) but friday night beats
all. We had just left a lesson that went terrible. It was one of those
nights that you think it couldnt get much worse... ha and of course it
was raining. Well, my comp wanted a jacket so we swung by the apt to
grab one. Well I had the umbrella in my hand and she was in front of
me opening our gate, when I felt something pull me to one side. I
figured it was someone that i knew, just sayin hi or something....
wrong. I turned around and it was someone trying to take my bag. I was
soooooo confused. I started to scream at him, ´´NOOO!´´ I started to
fight with him for my posessions as I countinued to scream and hoped
that someone would come to my rescue. As all of this was happening,
the mission handbook kept running through my head... ´´if asulted,
just give up your stuff´´ is basically what it says. Not only was i
figting with him, i was having an internal struggle with myself...
´´what do i have in my bag?´´ Eh I had a watch, (with absolutely no
value) my dictionary, 2 freaking pesos, my bag that cost like $100 and
of course my scriptures. Ehhhhh my scriptures. One year of notes, and
markings and, ehhhhh my life! But yes in the end I just let him have
my stuff. I had no choice in the matter... dang white handbook. I
didnt feel like he was really threat.. Well, i think i thought that.
It all happened soooo fast. But yea, im heartbroaken about my
scriptures. But on the brightside, or the downside... im choosing to
be positive about this, he knows where we live! Okay, I know what you
are thinking.. but no its good cause he is going to throw my
scriptures over the gate because.... well because Heavenly Father cam
work miracles (according to our faith, so family, have faith for me).
So please pray that this kid willl have a change of heart and throw my
scriptures over my gate. I go out in the mornings to look if they are
there. So far nothing... =) But Im safe. so please dont worry =)

Other news in the neighborhood is that Maira is getting baptized!!!!
She was really cute about it. We invited her to a baptism that was on
saturday at like 5 so she could see how it was. Ha she asked at what
time the baptisms usually are because she had class or something in
the morning on the 14th. Music to our ears when people actually think
things out and they say something in reference to their baptism date.

Okay well this is a short one... but I will be talkin to you this
Sunday. I havent heard back from yall... but I think that yall are 3
hours different (not 4 mom) and you said church in the morning.. so im
guessing 9to 12?? in provo??? so i will call at 4 my time which i
think is one yall time??? but i feel bad.. yall will be starving and
wanting to eat. but yall havent written me back again... so im just
assuming yall have church at nine now.

Okay I love, love, love yall!

Hna Payne

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. Life is pretty good here in Formosa. We got a cool front yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful.

This week we had like an hour conversation with an inactive where she proceeded to insult everyone and everything about the church. She got baptized like 20 years ago and had a bad experience because the elders just baptized her and she didnt know anything. She knows members and calls them trucha because of their actions and lack of change in the gospel. Her daughter Lupi that is 15 has a baptism date for the 7th of may... but she isnt having it because she is super protective and doesnt let her daughter leave by herself very often. Well, the couple of times that she did was with member girls her age, but were wearing really short shorts and had on makeup....... these girls are recent converts! Our hearts just broke because she wouldnt listen to us. And she is going to play the selfish card and wont go to church for herself to see what is being taught.

The President of the branch dropped cain on the members (all 21 including him and his wife, and the missionaries) about why we come to church. It was a great talk but very bold... not sure if it had a lot of love in it... luckily we only had one investigator in church and she was fine with it. He used the 10 virgins parable and how we have to be prepared, and do things for the right reasons to get all of the blessings. He talked about Laman and Lemuel, and how they did everything that Nephi did... but with murmuring and everything else that they did.. but it wouldn't be fair that they received the same blessings as Nephi. I loved it! Why do we do the things we do in the church?? Are we a Nephi or his brothers? Always things to change! I dont know that there were enough people in sacrament to make a difference. Apparently he has given this talk before... Our poor little branch. If we would just do the things we know we should, instead of just thinking about it.. everything would be better.

Kind of a discouraging week.. Satan never gives up on us does he? He knows us well, that is for sure. But its through the our experiences that we know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Happy Easter! I know that Christ lives! Its through His atonement that all is possible! I love the talk by Elder Monson, He has risen! And Elder Hollands, None were with Him. There is soooo much to learn about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I wish that everyone could understand that it is only through our Savior that we can be saved, but ONLY after all we can do. It is such a different time period that we live in. It was Joseph Smith that was truly concerned for his welfare and salvation.. a time of religious excitement. Ha I woudnt put those two words together in a sentence to describe our culture.

Mom, can you please look for an i love you necklace (sign language) I think I saw one in one of the church bookstores.

What time do yall have church on mothers day? Its on the 8th right? Im sure we have rules on when we can call this day... it might be hard with yall not getting out of church until 5??? because we are 3 hours different? but someone said we can call at night??

Dust, did you send cd´s? Totallly okay if no. just wondering.

Okay well, i love yall! Have a great week and enjoy the spring weather. Until next week =)

Hna Payne

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! HOw is life on the home front? Today there is a hint of fall in the air! Its fabulous! But of course its kind of like Texas weather here... one day is quite hot and the other is rainy and cold! But its nice that its cooling off. Sounds like things are getting warm there. Congratulations... you made it!

So, am i allowed to quite writing? I just dont have anything to say. Im written out =) okay I know that isnt allowed.. but ehhh. I will let yall off the hook. I kno yall hate it more than I do!

Okay so this week.... I am soooo thankful for the mission. It has definitely opened my eyes up to the world a little bit. Im learning a lot about pride and selfishness in families. It is incredible the things that happen in families because of these two things. Of course I knew this.. (not from our family because we are perfect) but im seeing effects from it and how the family suffers. Pride and selfishness destroy families.

Miguel is received the priesthood yesterday. that is great. We had a fhe with his family where he gave the ´´class´´. Ha it was really funny. Really it was just a family council meeting with scriptures. It was cool though because Im sure they didnt have have communication like this before their family joined the church. It is just sooo amazing what the gospel does for families. I cant imagine raising a family with out the gospel.

So our little branch. Its soooo sad. We have classes first and there is no one there to teach the classes. Its kind of embarrassing to bring investigators and there be no one there on time. Its a good thing everyone can feel the Spirit. Well lucky me, I got to bear my testimony yesterday about the scriptures. Eh! I know im a missionary and all but I really dont like being in front of people. It frustrates me to no end that I get soo nervous and cant think on my feet and express myself. I coudnt do that in english.. much less spanish. Haha our family is not the best at expressing how we feel. I dont know if its in me. And then there are other missionaries that are soo good at teaching and expresssing themselves and good at everything else!!! Its hard not to compare myself to everyone else. I just want to be perfect. haha oh well. whats a girl to do. Keepin tryin i guesss =)

Michael Smith! Its about time =) I havent gotten a chance to read your letter yet tho.

Sarah! I cant email you back directly, but I got your address seconds ago!!!! Ha I love you!

Dust, happy first day of school tomorrow!

Life is great. I love this work. Im soooo thankful for the gospel. There are soooo many blessings that are ours if we live the gospel. We know the things that we need to change.. the hard part is just doing it. Conference is always a great motivation! But then it passes and we forget about that motivation. But we cant forget! We always have to strive to be better. Ehhh its soooooo hard. HA its easier to complain about it then just doing it. I wasnt complaining tho.. just stating the obvious =)

Okay well i love, love, love yall. Have a great week. Untill next week =)

Hna Payne

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hola Familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

First of all! I finally got my pics! Apparently you need to send it to this add to get things faster! THis is straight to the mission office. Now Im waiting for your other one.

Angie!!!! I got your package. THank you sooo much. It was soooo thoughtful. I was soo excited. Did you really remember that my favorite orbit gum was peppermint?? Good choice =)

Well we finally had our baptism. Everything went really well.. Ha well we didnt have one of the speakers show up.. but that is really normal. It was really funny when Miguel was baptized. He is a bigger guy, and the guy baptizing him is super little, so he had to do it twice. But his little 2 year old of course didnt understand what waas going on... just that his dad was being shoved underwater by another person. He started to cry for his dad. Haha it was really cute.

We had interviews with President this last week. I think that it might have been the last. Soo weird. Its sooo crazy the way time flys. I dont really like it. It makes me nervous how fast it all goes. Have yall seen anything about the new president?

Well this week was great. Im getting more comfortable with everything. Pretty sure my comp will be leaving this next transfer. Eh i really dont know the area that well. Oh well gotta learn. I could ask president for another transfer.. .but im pretty sure he would tell me that he is not going to give me Hna Da Silva as my crutch.. Sound familiar Lyle?? haha =) I love, love, love the gospel. Its absolutely amazing the things you learn when you apply yourself and just study. I remember what it was like to try and find time to read a chapter before the mish and now we have an hour and its soo sad when its over =) The gospel is soo true!

Mom my companion wants a recipe that is very american.. I have no idea what to tell her. Ideas and recipes please =) Hey I cooked goolosh the other day.. you would have been soo proud =)

Sarah!!! I started a letter for you.. but didnt finish =( but either way I need your add so i can send it to you... Lucky for you, I know how to send international letters =)

Hna Borchert! Got your email.. havent read yet =( but i love you

Sorry fam.. my emails have been super lame these last few weeks.. i will try and do better next week. But I love yall sooo much. Have a great week =)

Mission add:

Entre Rios 465

Resistencia, Argentina

CP 3500


Monday, April 4, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne.

This week flew by! I cant believe conference is over. Its like Christmas.. you cant help but be a little sad its all over and have to wait. But it was great. I absolutely love, love, love General Conference. Ha I have changed there. I thought of yall and which talks you were probably sleeping in =) Well we didnt have a baptism Saturday like we planned. President said to wait one more week to make sure Miguel really is good to go. He is doing great. He attended both sessions yesterday and is super excited for his baptism this coming Saturday.

We have lots of baptism dates (which we are to always have. we have to put them in the first lesson, pretty much no matter what) that we will be working hard for. We talk to soo many people that are happy and content, which I understand. I have no doubt that they feel the spirit in their church and feel goood. BUT there is such a difference in the things that are GOOD and then the things that are RIGHT. If only we could all understand that better in our lives.

Im loving the area. My companion is great. Im learning how to be a better teacher. eh i feel like the english missionaries can focus in that a lot.. but i feel like my language is just so bad that i cant be a good teacher. BUt hey that is what the spirit is for. and yes my spanish is improving =)

Uh... im sorry, but i really dont have a lot to say this week. But I am loving Formosa and the mission. I hope that life is good for yall.

Sarah- my bestest, stupid, friend! I got your email but havent gotten a minute to read it. I will send you a little note next week.

Hna Borchert.. or I mean Lindsey. Weird. Im sorry. I forgot to tell you i got your email last week. Sounds like life is crazy. How are things this week. I love you and miss you.

MOm if oyu could please send an ensign in spanish and english, as soon as they come out.

Okay well im really sorry this was a really lame letter. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE yall. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hola familia!!!! Its me again, hna payne. (my keyboard is a little ghetto, fyi) This letter is coming from good Ol´ Formosa and not Resistencia. Yes i have been transferred. I am now with hna Da Silva. She is from Uruguay. i have a latina! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im am sooooo excited abuot that. She is wonderful. i definitely have a lot to learn from here, and not just in spanish either. she is helpin g me a ton. she thinks that we will be together for one transfer because she has been here for a long time. well i hope we have two =) but yay im just soo excited to be with a latina.

Okay, Formosa!!!! Well, it is the poorest part in the mission. lots get sick here. hopefully i wont have that problem. the medical here is horrible. The ward isnt a ward. we are a tiny branch of about 25 people. Needless to say that we have TONS to do. Sacrament is the last meeting for us. This is a first for me. I dont like it either. NO ONE is on time for their callings so we are running around trying to find who can teach primary because we cant be alone with kids.... or who is going to teach young womens... the list goes on and on. So needless to say we are busy Sundays. We had 6 in church tho. We have a baptism this Saturday in between conference sessions. His wife was baptized when she was like 14. She is inactive. But her kids were baptized a few weeeks ago (i think) but he finally got his answer and wants to be baptized. He was supposed to have bee baptized like 2 weeks ago but there were holidays and the civil marriage place was closed the day before. But he said the decision has been made. my comp said the change in him has been incredible. that this is the person that she has REALLy seen the conversion process. We had a little scare on saturday night. we went by the family and the dad was sleeping. somehow we found out that he had been drinking. we werent for sure if he was going to be able to be baptized. Someone is going to talk to president today but we are pretty sure that we are still okay. We talked to him yesterday about how he has to live the commandments now and not just after his baptism.

our apt is smaller than our other one. ha that wouldnt be hard tho. the one is resistencia is really nice. This one is really safe though. there is a big gate and we are behind another house or something. i am soo glad im here this transfer and not before. I have heard all the missionaries talk about Formosa summers. It is soooooooooo hot here in the summers and everyone dies. it is still pretty hot here. well not today, it rained. tthe roads are all mud now. my best purchase here would have to be my rain boots. best 50 pesos i have ever spent.

I am writing back earlier now. So i havent had time to read my letters. in the future if you have something that you want an answer to or that you need in that moment... send it separate =)

Mom if you are up at the outlet stores. could you buy hose? normal and black. Or would it just be better to buy here? there is no bulk here... i think they are about 10 pesos or less... but i havent looked at all here. but i dot know how long it will take to get. i still havent gotten my pics or your little package.

Okay well that is all for now! I LOVE you all. thanks for all that you do for me. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hola Familia, Its me again, Hna Payne!

This last week was great! We had four in church this week and the week before. What a relief!!! Right now we are working with three potential, future priesthood holders. One of them is Gustovo. He has now come to church twice. We found his mom in the ward directory that goes back for like 40 years. She said she was baptized like 20 years ago, but doesnt remember anything, not even the baptism. Kind of weird. I think she quit going after her mom and son died. We went in and asked them to come to church. Gustavo, that has 21 years said they were going to start the very next day. He said no to a baptism date though. But he did read, and now has to pray. After the first lesson we knelt to pray, and he said it. The spirit was really strong. We asked him how he felt and he said that he felt distinct! Well, of course he did... what else would he feel when he has NEVER prayed before. Hopefully we can get a date for him this next week.

Bonifacio. Haha ohh how I wish you could know him. There are absolutely NO words to describe this man and his personality. I love him. He is one of the most child-like people in the world. The Argentine people talk- a lot. We would go and then woudlnt get to talk. So we told him that we had a little piece of paper for him to write all of his questions down, and we were going to talk for 10 minutes without interruption. Ha he was soo confused and didnt understand what we wanted him to do. He finally got it.. and his first question was who baptized Jesus Christ. We finally got through the first lesson and he still didnt understand why he needed to be baptized. We went through the apostasy again and he finally got it! Miracles I tell ya! As of right now he has a fecha for the 9th of april. We are going to have to work with him a ton if he is going to get baptized. He wasnt at church yesterday =( but we have a charla with him tonight. We will see what happened.

Luis. Oh I love him. He is like a grandpa. He is kind of a cowboy and he is always gone with his grandkids on the weekend. But we FINALLY got him to come to church last week (he wasnt there yesterday). He is very smart, and understands the doctrine and what we are saying... He just doesnt have a testimony of it. He is in 2nd Nephi.. if he will just pray. He says he prays.. just in his own way... Im not sure what that means..other than its not the right way. He was baptized in the Catholic church so possible to Mary or something. We will see if he progresses. We dont want to leave him tho. He is soo great.

Mirta was actually at church yesterday. We went this last week to drop cane. We didnt, a member was there as well as her daughters boyfriend. But we went and talked a little bit about sacrifices. She said she was going to go (which she said the last two) so we were just going to be done. But then she came. We arent really sure how we can help her right now. She is soooo busy. President is always talking about how Satan tempts us with people that arent going to progress. Im just not sure if now is her time. I sure hope so tho.

Well, we get transfer calls tomorrow. I will not be surprised if we have another transfer together. There is always kind of a trend.. and the trend lately has been 6 months for quite a few people. Ha I have never heard of this before.. but Hna Runyan only has 2 transfers left.. what if i killed her?? Ha she wants a latin too though... hopefully the Lord wont do that to us.. but hey, he definitely knows better than I do. My trainer goes home this week. Soooo weird. I dont like it... cold prickly.

Well, Im really excited for Holly. Tell her congrats. He will probably be one of the first babies I get to hold. It kills me that I cant hold any here =( what a lame rule.

Karan, I got your card this last tuesday. Thank you sooo much. I was reading it and thinking that it sounded a whole lot like what you always tell me. Then I read that you put that too. Good choice.

Mom, still havent gotten my pics and bobby pins... so definitely not my package.

Congrats on finally makin it to spring. I know yall were getting antsy. Its so weird that its almost conference. If I stay here I will get to watch all the sessions. If we are more than an hour away from the stake center we only get to watch one on Sunday.

Dad, that is such a tough job that you have to go to Kelsie´s and take care of Brecken. Tell her I love her!

Im so glad that the Griffith´s got to come. It sounds like yall had tons of fun. And I have no doubt that Ben is an exceptional kid. I got the pics. Im quite impressed yall can do pics now.

Yes, I am soo happy and loving life. No need to worry =)

Well, that is about all I have for now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE yall.

Hna Payne