Monday, December 20, 2010

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne!

Sorry this wont be very long. You can almost be disappointed.. but Im calling home this week! Thats even better! YAY! Im going to call a little before two (my time) Are we four hours different? Anyways, im going to use the at&t calling card this time. Maybe next time I will use the other. Can tall do a conference call on our phone? or Could kels and levi be on skype? I only have 40 minutes and dont really want to split it with anyone. If I were to do that 40 minutes wouldnt be much at all. See if yall can play with that this week.

I cant believe another week has come and gone, again. Where does the time go? It just seems to go faster and faster. Well as of right now I still have a white christmas coming my way. Gladis is getting baptized on the 24th! YAY!!!!!!! I cant wait to talk to yall on the phone and tell yall a lot more. I really am not very good at the whole writing thing. im not very patient and im all over the place and i probably leave a lot out.

Mom you need to Jan that she needs to ask Zach to ask if they can see me, even if its only for like 5 minutes!!! I will be soooo close! But I can see it not happening. Oh well, its worth a try. I think there is a better chance of it happening if Zach asks President.

I still havent gotten my pics yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Okay well this letter was just VERY lame. Sorry.

Thanks everyone for the Christmas wishes!

Angel, my pday is Mondays! I cant write you back on here, but I can send letters!

Ang, did you not get my letter a while back? Its your turn! =)

Hna Payne

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