Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Sorry that this time isnt as good as on Saturday. It was sooo good to talk to yall. And yes, the time went sooooo fast. I really dont have much to say. im trying really hard to send pictures right now. Maybe it will work.

Im trying really hard to see Jan. Im so scared im going to get in trouble though and that it is going to cause a problem. Pretty sure the assistants and President are going to be there. But it just so happens that we are having a meeting that night. Usually our meetings on Tuesday but our mission leader of the ward asked if we could do it wednesday at 6. I quickly asked if we could at 830. THis time really does work better for us. Im praying it will all be fine. Im not in a hurry for anything, but i will need more contact solution , crystal light raspberry ice, Gatorade packets, sun screen spray. Just an fyi.

Okay well I love yall have a great week.

Hna Payne

Dad, write me more details about the store
Dusty and Britt Im putting letters in the mail today

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