Monday, November 14, 2011

Hola familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

How goes life on the home front?? Im sure its getting quite cold there. Well we had a great baptism on Saturday. She bought a really cute, white, shirt and skirt for her baptism. Her dad even got off of work to come. We werent sure that he was coming, but he showed up just in time. We have actually had a couple of lessons with him which is a miracle. We tried putting a date but he didnt accept. We just need him to accept getting married so that Ramona can get married. We are going to try and talk marriage with him this week. It will be a miracle if it happens.

We are working with 2 couples that are trying to get their document so they can get married. One of these guys has to quite smoking too. We will be needing divine help if they are to go through. But this isnt my work... so all we can do is our part. I will have lots to tell you if they actually go though =) but im done with writing... so sorrry.
Why I love Argentina story: So we got home the other night and we sitting there plannnig when all of a sudden a RAT came under our door. We both screamed. It crawled under our oven and was inside it..... YUK! Hna Hunt was in charge of shutting the doors and standing watch so that it would just run back outside and not in our room.....I sat there hitting the oven with a broom and it finally ran out..... into our room... yea, she didnt shut the door good. We were then looking in there forever and coudlnt find it. we moved luggage out and everything... Finally Hna Hunt starts hitting about the window where there is space for a rat to hide... and it ran out at us. It was terrible. We might have screamed a few times. But luckily the owner didnt hear us. Haha he would have thought we were dying. Well we freaked out.. but its not uncommon to have rats in your house here.... Eh!

Dad, is that guy a member? What are the chances of him moving here? That is way cool.

Okay, well im out of time! I love, love love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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