Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

Well these last two weeks have been such a blur! I feel like we are just running from one area to the next. We are working with some great people that can be baptized. We are really focusing in them, and so our other numbers are pretty low... but we are going to have baptisms. We just keep seeing miracles, and i know that more are going to come.
We have a baptism this saturday. Lorena, the daughter of Ramona that needs to get married first. She is doing great. She is always seminary and the activities. She is really progressing.

The conference was soo great. I just keep thinking how close they are to perfection... They live in the public eye... but there is never anything in there conduct that you can interpret as something different. They truely are representatives of Jesus Christ. People always say there is black and white... but they definitely choose the celestial white. That requires thinking ahead of actions and looking at how others could see you. It could be something soo innocent, but there are always others trying to find fault. They are examples to me in the way that they dedicate their life to the Lord.

I found out that my family in Formosa, Flia Ortiz, that there two last kids got baptized. The dad got baptized when i got there, his daughters had gotten baptized in December, and his wife was inactive but was baptized when she had 14. But there were two that were not interested in hearing the Gospel. Well, they just showed up to church one day and my comp asked if they could teach them and they said yes because they wanted to have an eternal family. They both want to go on missions. Miracles. This really is the Lord´s work. I LOVE hearing the those stories about the people that have NO interest, and then BAM, something changes. The mom is young womens president, and the dad is young mens president.

Dad, i finally met Elder Wasden. He seemed very outgoing and nice.

Okay, well i love, love, love yall!

Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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