Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Today is our pday because yesterday was a holiday. Thats sooo sad
because im sure everything was open yesterday. We never have time to
do anything because of the siesta. Oh well, what can you do. Today we
went and got our hair cut. I know, we are sooo exciting. She did a
cleansing thing that took out all the dirt, grease, and shampoo. My
hair feels soooooo clean! I think the shampoo and conditioner that i
use are really cheap so it doesnt do a lot for my hair. I dont know what my problem is.

I heard about Chile and the problems it was causing for people. I also
heard about the family of this kid. That is really sad. As far as I
know the andrews got here. I havent seen them. I dont know that I will
either. Im sure they just left my package in the office. Speaking of
the office. I had to go into Resistencia on Thursday to do something
for my visa. Well, with the luck that I have it just happend to be the
day that all the missionaries that were about to leave were in the
office as well. So I got to see the hna Runyan!!!! It was sooooooo
good to see her! She told me about all that had gone on in her area
since I left. They had 2 little girls get baptized of an inactive
member that is going again. The ward has really helped her come back.

Margarita.... well she defininetly wont be getting married. Her
husband is a snake. And he wont leave. He difinitely puts on a show
for us. She still doesnt have a testimony.. but likes going to church.
She wants to pay tithing and everything. She said that she is waiting
for God to remember her. Hearing her stories just makes me sooooooo
thankful for the gospel. I know with out a doubt the protection that
it has for us if we will just live it. I always knew the gospel was
true and loved it. But now it just has a new meaning in my life. If
only i could explain to yall in words... even then i think my words
would sound a bit hallow. But I love, love , love the gospel and this
work. Im sooo grateful the Lord has given me this oportunity to really
learn about others, myself, the gospel, and a million other things.

Well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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