Monday, June 13, 2011

Hola familia its me again, hna Payne! Another week has come and gone..
time just goes faster and faster and that just means its time to write
again. Eh.. im about done with writing. i know yall are too. I told
you all i give full permission not to write. I will of course send in
my few lines because it is required =)

This week.... well we had stake conference yesterday. It was
broadcasted in Buenos Aires with Elder Packer in charge. Well it was
all great and dandy until the power went out. Lame! It was out for
about 30 minutes and then came back on. Magarita and her neighbor were
there. The husband was selling food. The daughter isnt interested, and
the son we have never really talked too. I wouldnt really call them
progressing in this moment. Hopefully something will change this week.

Transfers are tomorrow. Who knows what will happen. There are a few
hermanas leaving but no new ones come, and we already have hnas with
out companions. Today is Hna Runyans last pday. Weird. It doesnt feel
like other people exist if im not there with them.. so it feels like
she will stay in resistencia. Ignorance is bliss =)

Today for pday we called president for permission to leave our area to
go and take pictures. Its kind of a rainy and yucky day but who knows
what will happen next week so we are going anyways.

Kelsie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry i forgot to tell you last monday!

Dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY yesterday! Again, sorry i forget last monday!


Okay well im out of time!!!!! I love, love, love yall!

Love, hna Payne

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