Monday, June 27, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, hna Payne!

Ah, It turned cold this last week and Im freezing! Its probably not even that cold.. but it is when you dont have a fireplace and heater =) The weather is definitely bipolar. One week is very warm and then bam! We have a little space heather thing but half of it went out today so im guessing its not going to last. And i definitely hate showering because the water isnt very hot and there is a partially opened window. Im not complaining, just stating the obvious and giving details =)

We were supposed to have had the baptism of Juan Carlos this last week but fell through because his family here isnt supportive. but he has a brother in Buenos Aires and his wife is a member that are coming here in a month for vacation. So he now has date right before transfers. Juan Carlos is soo great. He is 62 and is just sooo sweet and happy. He really doesnt understand a lot, but has desires to be baptized. He is the neighbor of Margarita and Abel. They are still around.. but not really progressing. We had a recent convert come with us the other day and it helped a lot. Abel had plans to sell food on Sunday and wasnt going to come. He then made plans to have someone else sell the food. But at the last minute his plan fell through.

I read Our Legacy the other day! Its soo good. I loved it. It shows all the sacrifices of all early pioneers of the church. This work is soooo much bigger than you and me. I love the pioneer stories, they are sooo humbling. And sometimes i dare to think that my work is hard. Shame on me! Why does it have to be soo hard to be perfect. Or at least feel satisfied with the work that we have done?

I still havent gotten my hose or debit card. Im thinking that I will get it next tuesday. But who knows. Dad, I got my other debit card last tuesday. Im really not sure what happened to it I think it went through water and fire to get here. I know you think im exaggerating, but im really not. It was It had gotten wet and it was partially opened with brown rusty looking spots. Oh and by the way you had part of the address wrong. One of the numbers was off. maybe that is why it took so long to get here. Or maybe it didnt really matter, i dont know... but its a good thing you sent another one just to be on the safe side.

Hna Jones. I got your letter! WHAT!?!?!?! You ended your experience so suddenly like it was noooo big deal!?!?

Well, that is all i have got for now. Sorry my letters just keeping getting more lame. Have a great week!!!

Hna Payne

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