Monday, September 26, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!

Dad, COOL SIGN!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that your dream is coming true! Its going to be soo cool.

im sorry this letter is already going to be lame. its going to be more like yours... rules are rules... you will get a letter =)

We have 7 in church on sunday. We had a mom and her four kids come. We taught her twice, and her husband once. He was sleeping the second time we went by. Hopefully we can work with all of the family. The mom didnt want to commit to a baptism date. But I think that she liked church. Relief society was all about the family. I just think 3 hours was a little long for her kids. They were a little loud in sacrament, which it our last meeting.

Matias still didnt come to church. We called him and he said he was about to leave, and then never came. We havent seen him since saturday. All of these things are sooo new to him.... things that arent hard... but sure arent easy to do on a continual basis. I dont know what we are going to do for this family. Sometimes the things we do just arent enough.

Well im super duper excited for conference this week. Yes, I will get to be at all the sessions, and yes, we will have investigators. They will have four chances to go and hear servants of the Lord. What a great opportunity!

Okay well i wrote a few people on here today and looked up some stuff for a family home evening tonight.. so ya im done and out of time. sorry. But life is great, and we are working hard. I love the mish and the opportunity to share something that I LOVE and that i has changed my life! If only everyone would accept to have a better life.

Okay well have a great week!
Hna Payne

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