Monday, September 19, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!!!

We didnt have a baptism this week....................... =( We were soooo sad, well, still are. But maybe it was good because he didnt even come to church yesterday. We called them twice too! Well went by and told them how sad we were that they werent there. Its sooo hard to help people understand the importance of going to church EVERY week. This isnt just a commitment with God that you can just make and break when you want. This is a huge promise with eternal consequences!!!!! But then they are sooo new too that they DONT understand. I guess we will be working harder with them this week =)

We spoke in church yesterday. It was super weird, they gave us a few weeks notice. In my last area they gave us a couple minutes if we were lucky. Im actually kind of grateful for that too because now im a lot more comfortable of doing something in the moment. I talked about how we all just have to open our mouths and talk!!!!!! Maybe the people that we share the gospel with wont get baptized... but we still have to share it with people. The gospel is the biggest blessing i have in my life, and I LOVE sharing it. Its the little moments when you can see that someone really understands that makes it all worth it. Maybe they dont get baptized. But in that moment you KNOW that they felt something. The other day I was talkin to a man in the street that said he was atheist. He really wasnt, but when his dad died he turned his back on God because of betrayal he felt from God. I have always struggled with answering ´´why´´ or at least where they can have a little bit of understanding. I know that this is really random but do you remember the part in Steal Magnolias when Shelby is pregnant and she tells her mom? Well her mom is soooo mad because she knows the danger it would be. But I love Shelby´s response. She says that she would rather have 5 minutes of wonderful than a whole life time of nothing. She gets her five minutes of wonderful. She dies, but I know that she wouldn't have changed those five minutes that she had with her little boy. Death is a part of our lifes. We know the hard because we know the easy. We know happiness because we know sadness. We know the good because of the bad. But in the end I know we wouldn't change the outcome if it meant not having the people be a part of our lives. The other part of the story, that not many know is that families CAN be together forever. Im soo thankful for the Plan of Salvation and the assurance that if we do our part that we can see our family again. I gave him that example about 5 minutes of wonderful and testified that families can be together after this life. It is our Heavenly Father that has given us all that we have. We cant turn our backs when we have to experience sorrows. I think that was one of my most spiritual experiences. The spirit was soo strong, and I KNOW that he felt something.

We had another zone conference this last week, but with the Fosters (the area 70) That was really good. There is always soooo much to learn. I always get so overwhelmed after these with all the things that i should be doing better. Where do we start??? But thats life. Its a constant struggle to do our best everyday and become better!

Okay well thats all i have for this week!!!!!!!!

I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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