Monday, October 31, 2011

Hola familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this last week was back to normal. We are just two again, which is nice. That week was a little long, but this last week flew by soooo fast. I know that this week will go even faster with our conference with Elder Christofferson. We are sooooooo excited for that. We will be leaving here Friday evening in our own rented bus. Then we will be sleeping on the floor in Resistencia so that there wont be problems with getting everyone there on Saturday morning. It will be a once in a life time opportunity.

So we had 8 in church this last Sunday. And they were all good investigators too. What miracles! We are really trying to focus in the people that can be baptized... we have some great people that we are working with. Mable and her daughter listened to the missionaries not tooo long ago. They quit going about a year ago when she had some health problems going on. She knows that its true... she just has big doubts that she can endure to the end. I can only imagine. She also has to get married. That means that her husband has to go to Paraguay to get his documents so they can get married. That will cost them a few hundred pesos... and they are a very humble family.

Then we have Ramona, her daughter Lorena, and their neighbor girl Natalia. Loreana has a date to be baptized. We taught Lorena and Natalia the law of chastity (for the first time, and Ramona for the 2nd). The girls are 14 and 16. They said they really liked the lesson. Im pretty sure they thought it was kind of weird because they said that no one lives this in todays time..... (and especially here). President said that when he served here in argentina that it was very rare to find someone that wasnt married... and if you did it was because they were married to someone else and couldnt divorce... Wow, have times changed. Now its so rare to find someone actually married. The girls said they really liked the lesson. We dont have a date with Natalia because her dad wont allow her mom to come... so lame. but she is sooo great. She likes to read and ALWAYS reads what we leave her. I think she would like Personal Progress.

Then there is Miguel. He is married (but not really) to a member, and we eat with her mom on Fridays. I just love this family. They are all so great. He is just now warming up to the church. He knows a lot about the church because all the missionaries have passed by.. but i think he is being prepared. His brother in law is about to receive the Priesthood here in November and he said that its his goal to baptize him.. so naturally, we want to help him meet his goal =) we have a family home evening with them tonight. We will be eating bbq... ehh we ate soo much for pday...

Then there was a girl that Hna Juarez told me about that was about to be baptized but then didnt.... she was at church too! She is dating a less active yea we have some good people that we are working with. We told Ramona to pray about her decision. We taught the plan of salvation and told her there was no getting to the Celestial Kingdom with out this baptism. Maybe she will get the courage to leave her bum of a marido.

okay well, that is about all. thank you for alll you do!!! I love yall soo much!

Hna Payne

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