Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HOLA, HOLA, HOLA! It´s finally me again, hna Payne!

I know yall have been anxious to hear from me! Dad, I can hear the aggitation in your voice as you talk about the mission not sending you a letter the second i landed. did you finally get one?

Oh man, I have no idea where to even start this letter! I guess first of all, Im here!!!!! Wow, i never would have thought i would actually get here. Now that im here... ahh totally overwhelming! It took me 3 days to actually get here. i left provo tuesdsay, got to argentina wednesdsay, went to my first area on thursdsay, and started my official first full day of being a missionary on friday. im not too sure what to think! ha! well my comp is from chile and speanks quite a bit of english, thank goodness! she is really nice and really patient! Again, thank goodness! Oh, her name is Hna Marilaf.

So the language ?? HA soooooo hard! I feel like an idiot all the time. And pretty much dont understand anything. im way more of a tag along than help! Boo! I know, to be expected but frustrating! I need the language NOW. I think im understanding a little more everyday.. which is not a lot, but still..

Im in a little place, when i say little i really have no idea how little it is. but im in Posadas. i think there are like 3 areas with missionaries here. so i guess it would be my area that is small, not Posadas. I dont really know how to explain it here except that everything is sooooooooooo dirty. Ha go ahead and laugh, yes, im being humbled, and fast! I LOVE America! It is soo clean! My residence is small.. and gross. Apparently it was WAY worse before my comp was there.. she cleaned it a lot. it still needs some work though.

The mornings and nights here are pretty chilly. It reminds me a lot of Texas Yamboree time. Which is kind of annoying because i need a jacket to start and end with but then have to carry it around the rest of the day. I need to buy some gloves! Im still not sure how the whole money thing works with my card.. Eh, I hate not speaking spanish!! I feel for the people that come to America and dont speak english! So the whole cold shower thing.. I took one and it was the worst thing of my life! I take back the whole i can handle it thing. I dont want to experience that again =) i was about to swear off showers all together! But then my comp said that we did have hot water. i think she took it all... that or im too retarded to make the hot water work... either is likely. The shower is quite gross! I will try and send pics of my humble abode in the next week or two.

Okay, so the food! We have eaten lunch with members everyday that i have been here. Noodles, noodles, and more noodels. There has been hair in my food like every meal, and yes i still had to eat it. Dad and Kelsie, you would have died. I about did, but after gagging a couple of times I continued to eat! Eh soooooo gross! But hey, i think that the Lord is preparing me for worse food. My comp said some of the gross things that missionaries have to eat. Im sure at some point i will be begging for the noodles with hair, just so i dont have to eat cow eyeballs! Let the fun begin =) We dont really have dinner. And for breakfast I have had cereal. The milk is weird.. it comes in a box and doesnt have to be in the fridge.

Hna Jones!! I totally understand your last experience for church!! So I thought that church was going to be a breath of fresh air! HA I was wrong. It would have possibly have been if I got to actually attend... President recently made 2 new commandments in the mission. 1. Missionaries cannot attend church if they dont have any investigators. 2. No missionary is allowed to quit going to church. Ya, first Sunday, and im a failure. We had like 10 people that said they would come.... but they lie! Not a one came! So we went to this lady´s house.. if you call it that.. and clapped, instead of knocking.. its what you do here. No one would come to the door! So then we went to another house to get a married couple. The wife wanted to come but the husband didnt.. so neither of them came. Then we had a phone call of a family of 5. All were ready but then the dad didnt want to come. so we then went on the bus to the church to see if anyone else might have showed up. we missed the sacrament! We were there long enough for me to bear my testimony in my broken spanish.. im pretty sure i bring a whole new meaning to caveman spanish... and then left to go find someone to go to church with us. we ran around going from house to house. and not one of our investigators wanted to come. Eh why do they hate me? Everyone is sooo flaky here.. they always say they will do something like they will come to church, or that we can come back and teach them but they dont really mean it! I just wish they would be honest and not waste our time. So then where is the line of being bold? Not that I have the language to be bold.. but there is such a fine line! Im pretty sure we need to be talkin to more people... but again, i dont have words to do that! eh.. failure! I know, to be expected =) Oh and then we went back to the church to take the sacrament of the next ward.. or branch??? and missed that too. We WILL have investigators next week! We will have to be like Hna Jones and leave the house at 6-30 to get them there.. but we WILL get them there. It is kind of a weird rule to not be able to go to church.. but i guess is makes sense. if the investigators arent at church they cant get baptized. and its not about me here, its about the people!

Lori Darlin!!!thanks for your email!! It soudns like you are doing well. Thank you soo much for that scripture. I liked your insite about becoming one of the people. Im definitely not there yet. But I hope to get there!! P.s. you will be in my prayers! Ha I can just hear you telling me that you are becoming more bitter by the day! =)

Kelsie! Im sorry but I cant look at your blog )= Will you please forward this email to that one add that i sent you

Mom! Thank you sooo much for standing in line at Chelsees wedding. i can just imagine you crying as you talked to her wishing that i were there =) I loved the pics. Is Dust going to send me some? Thats cool that you got to meet his fam!

Well that is about all that I can think of for now! I love and miss you all! Untill next week =) hopefully i will have better news to tell you about our investigators!!

Love Hna Payne

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