Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HOLA!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

I know yall have been checking to see if I have written! Sorry, yesterday was a holiday and so we had pday today! I really have no idea what yesterday was.. Anyways, we usally print off our mail in the morning and then write back in the evening. Man, there are not enough hours in the day.. any day, but especially pday. Mom, you asked if we got together as a zone, and the answer is yes. Today we had lunch as our activity. The activities are a time sucker! NO TIME!!!! But I guess that is the way that it is. I would rather just do stuff on our own. Even then I dont think there would be enough time in the day!

Okay so you asked like a million questions! I will try to answer them..

This week is tons better! Everyday gets better and better... everything about it! The language is of course still difficult. But I feel that I understand more everyday. I just want to understand whAT is going on so that I can CaveMan spanish my way through. Oh well, with time it will come!

We walk everywhere except church. Our area is really small and we can get everywhere pretty fast.

We flew to Resistencia! Then took a bus into my area. It was a 5 hours bus ride. On the bus was a missionary from this mish that got home like 2 months ago. That was cool because we got to ask him all sorts of questions!

I have hot water!! Yay! Life is good.!

I HATE dogs! Eh they are everywhere and some of them want to eat me! But I carry my pepper spray around all the time and dare them to try and bite me.. which some do. i havent used it yet thougho... i really hope I dont have to. im too chicken. Dad, I know that you are sitting there laughing and saying Great, now its just even more pissed off! Ha anyways, it makes me feel better =)

About church! I am in a branch. I haave no idea how many people that consists of.. There is also another branch that meets after us.

Food! There is a supermarket super close, which is nice. Today we went to a different one so that I could buy a pillow. I havent had one. I also bought another towel, and sheets. We have a lady in our ward that washes our clothes (minus our underwear). I think everywhere else is fend for yourselves, which means hand washing. I havent actually washed anything yet. This last week was really weird. Hna Marilaf had trainings monday through thursday. We had to travel for like 30 minutes one way. We would get there about 9 and then I went on splits with an hna also from chile that has only been here for about a month. Then we would walk back to the church and get our comps back at like 4ish. So the days were really short. Week number 2 at church.... fail! Ahhh! But this is actually my first normal week!!!!! This is the week, I can feel it. We are going to have people at church!!

We are supposed to have 6 people at church every week. That sounds really hard, especially since we havent had one in two weeks! But my comp brought up a good point.She was reading in Nephi and it was talking about how Nephi could do anthying... if the Lord commanded! I dont remember what scripture.. but 1 Nephi 3´+7 (i dont know how to use this key board) says the same thing! Well the Lord has commanded that we have 6 people in church.. so that means it is definitely possible! We just have to be creative and find ways to get people there. I know we can do it, but Im definitely working on having more faith ¨=)

Dad, you always tell me to look for the miracles. Ahh, there are miracles everyday! Maybe not huge, but someone reading the Book of Mormon, or getting an answer to their prayers.. that in itself is a miracle. We had a referance from the elders and went to try to find his house. We were having difficulities but had been asking people if they knew how to get there (which is a good way to then talk to the about the gospel) Well we got to a house that had the same number, but wrong letter.. but at the way we had been talkin to people I suggested we go ahead and ask.. that maybe she needed the gospel in her life. We clapped at her gate, and she finally came up to the gate and talked to her. We asked if she knew where we could find this particular house. We then introduced ourselves as missionaries, and she let us come in and talk with her. We sang her a hymn and then pretty much just listened. (everyone here is soooooooo long winded. they can talk for hours without us gettting in 3 words) But in all of that she started to cry and say that she felt like God sent us to her!!! At first she wondered what we were doing, and then saw that I looked different so she decided to come up and talk to us. But yes!!!! God did send us to her! It´s miracles like that that happen everyday! I see the hand of the Lord in His work. I cant believe that he allows me to be a part of all of these little miracles! One of these days I will actually get to help in them.. and not just be a tag along! But that will come! =)

I cant remember what else you asked... but this week really is much better! Everything about it is better! The members are great! We are trying to get them more involved in the work. That is a great way that we will get people to church! We get lunch with a member like everyday.. apparently it is the same families every week. Now I am just praying that the hair isnt in my serving of food... and that I will be able to stomach the food! Ha apparently this is a really rich area compared to the other areas. That means i havent seen anything yet =) I will try and send pics next week, especially for you mom.. ha i can just see you at the computer researching Posadas!

So 2 more weeks and you will have brecken_ ( i dont know how to put a question mark...) That will be fun! Thanks for the pics kels, dad, and dusty!

Okay well that is all I have time for today! I love and miss you all! Thanks for all the letters =)

Love Hna Payne

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