Monday, August 23, 2010

HOlA!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Week 3.... not a complete failure.. but not successful! We went to church with the promise of at least 4 coming! We went to get one, but she never came to the door.. we get to church, and no one! So we go and sit hoping that someone will come! We take the sacrament and still no one. We get up to leave and to our astonishment and delight Ramona was standing outside! YAY!!!!!!!! She only stayed for the rest of Sacrament meeting and had to go. Ramona has a date to be baptized.. but that doesnt mean a whole lot at this point. it just gives us something to work towards. She has good feelings when we come to visit her and such.. she is the one that feels that God sent us to her.. but she doesnt have a testimony of anything yet. She cant read so that makes things a little more difficult! We shall see what happens! I have faith!

This next week is a conference where two of the 70 will be here. That is super exciting! However, like church, we cant go unless we have investigaters! That is a hard rule for me because then I dont know if im sad for them that they arent getting the blessings of church, or sad for me because I cant go.. Well its definitely both.. but I need to get to the point where its not about me in any way, shape, or form.. darn, still not there! You´re right, dad! Forget myself and go to work! This work isnt about me! I have lots that I want to do.. and I have an idea of what I want it to be like when im done.. I just dont know how to get there! All of it is work.. we arent given anything! Where would the growth happen if we were just given everything¿

So today is Pday and we met as a zone for volleyball! I wish we would see Argentina if we are going to meet and do stuff! Maybe that can be arranged.. I dont know. Dad, I had a hamburger today! It wasnt as good as yours but still pretty good. It had an egg on it too! Yall are still keeping the tradition of fast sunday right? Right now I am in the mission of the waterfalls. If we meet our baptism goal as a zone we get to go! I think the number is 16?? (yay! I figured out how to do a question mark) Oh soo I get two pdays this week.. not really but Wednesday is the day that I go back into Resistencia! Its like a welcoming lunch thing with the new missionaries that are just coming in.. (I didnt have one because of when i got here) but I leave wednesday at 3=30 pm and then spin the night there and come back the next day. Mom, the President and his wife seem really nice. It was really comfortable talking to him the first day.. (ha i had a translator) .Im looking forward to this bus ride because I will get to sleep on the bus! YAY!!! A nap two days in a row! hahah I wish that it was easier to get up.. i mean I get 8 hours of sleep for crying out loud! But if Drew said that it was hard to get up you know that its definitely hard for me. I think it would be easier if there was sun.. but nope, still dark at 6=30!

So we have zone conference this coming monday.. I think we still get to write home that day.. not too certain. Im not really sure how everything works. We will see after monday =) this week is transfers. People get a call Tuesday night and then they leave wednesday if they are being moved.. I think quite a few will be leaving my area.. i think they have been here for a while. Maybe Elder Beckstead will be transfered here. He only has till December until he goes home! My comp had him as a zone leader for like 6 months. She said he is a great missionary.

Mom, more questions =)

Yes, internet is really close. My cave man spanish is still exactly that.. but still getting better everyday. I need to be better at speaking with my comp in more spanish.. she understands a lot in english. And I cant believe the laundry situation either.. lucky us. im jsut being spoiled now.. it wont happen again! My feet are fine! IM excited B is getting to come stay with yall! Lucky! Give her hugs and kisses from me!

Okay well that is all for now! I love yall and miss ya! Yall are always in my prayers!

Love Hna Payne

Pat!! I love you and am praying for you to be and feel better =)

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