Monday, August 2, 2010

***Sent Wednesday July 28th***

Hermana Payne leaves the MTC tomorrow, August 3rd for Argentina!

HOLA!!! It's me again, Hna Payne!

Yes, I'm still sitting here in the good ol' MTC. Time continues to tick by..... but guess what?!?!?!? I GOT MY VISA TODAY!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! I'm the happiest person ever! Except now that I have it, I dont want to go! Im cofortable in the MTC. I dont know that I can really become the missionary that I expect, or even more, what the Lord expects! Ah!!! So much to do, so much to learn! I know that I can do anything with the Lord's help, I know that! Anyways, I dont have travel plans yet, but they think that it will be next weeek that I leave. Argentina, here I come!

So as of late... ya, I still dont really have a lot so say... sorry. But hey look at the bright side, the next time I email home will have all sorts of adventure... well at least more so then here.

I looked for ALI today, when I say looked, I should use the word stalked her.. but to no avail. I still havent seen her, but I have been lookin hard for her. We will for sure and get a pic this week.

So Lake Powell tomorrow? That is soooo cool. So yall werent supposed to go yet? And yall were going to go with Skip? That is really cool that Kels is coming. Take lots of pics! And give my baby hugs and kisses!
Mom, does that mean that you will get to go to Denver for B's bday?

Derek leaves this monday. Maybe we will be on the same flight! That would be way cool!

We had an amazing devo last night! It was someone from the seventy. He talked about the converts and what needed to happen for them... and since it was needed for them, we as well had to incorporate it into our lives. Ya, I know you got nothing from that... I just wish you could be here to hear and feel all the same things!

We went to the temple last week for service! We put together chandeliers! They are sooo beautiful! Anything beats cleaning lockers with toothpicks and qtips! The Lord blessedd me there. Fun fact: The Prove Temple has more then 3000 lockers. Wow! Who knew?

Well, sorry that my letter is all over the place... more so than usual! But have sooooooooo much fun with my baby at Lake Powell! Please be safe! Im saying this right now! I will have NO calls from any of you while i am gone!!! UNDERSTAND? Levi? That goes for you too, especially you! I love yalll all soo much! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do!

Love Hna Payne

Peace out P-town! Argentina, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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