Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hola, its me again, Hna Payne.

Life here is a good as it can be. Ha, I know how you read into all my words. All I have to do is change the good as it can be to pretty good and you know that it was a harder week. At least I think that is how we read into Drews letters. But really, life is great. So last week I told you that I didnt feel to great. Well after pday right as we were about to go out for work, I got a little sick. I knew that if I threw up I would feel a lot better. Well turns out that I was throwing up blood. Crazy, I know. I felt fine! We called Hna Del Castillo and she of course told us to go to the hospital (which is like the doctors). We went and they tried making me pay money (remember that it is free here) because Im white, and im from the United States, oh, and I cant speak spanish. But Hna Marilaf wasnt going to have that. Because she had been there, more than once, she knew that I didnt have to. Ha that started my experience at the hospital.... It started monday night and want over until the next night at like 7! So I finally get in to see a doctor and he just asks me some questions, then sent me in for a shot to help with the nausia (which I didnt have) and to protect my stomach. He wanted me to come back the next day and have a sonogram. All this time I felt fine. I didnt feel like I needed to go back the next day but Hna del Castillo thought differently (to your relief, I know). So we went back the next day getting there a little after 9. There we proceeded to get a number to wait in line for like 2 hours. Finally it was my turn! But then we found out we waited just for them to tell me that it was impossible for an exam for one week. Are you kidding me? I could have died in that time. She finally said that we could talk to the doctor that came in a 2. He wrote urgent on my paper so they would let me go that day. Then the person just sent us to another person who proceeded to tell me that I needed to be fasting. None of this was mentioned to me before. So then we went back to talk to the doctor and he said it wasnt necissary.So we went back to the lady that told me that they couldnt do it that day. She finally said okay and told us we needed to wait a little while longer so that my food could digest more. We waited like 2 hours before we asked her how much longer... she said she forgot about us. LIE! Im pretty sure she saw us and really didnt forget. Ha. Thats what I get for being American I guess :) FINALLY I got the sonogram where everything was great and perfect. All that for nothing. Okay, not for nothing, it was good to know that there really wasnt a problem. Im surprised, the hospital was really nice. Ha Hopefully that was my LAST experience in the hospital because I hear the other hospitals are just awful.

So I have the same comp. We have interviews with President this week. Ha it will be interesting to see how it goes, I dont exactly speak a spanish. Today we have been cleaning like crazy. We have been taking on little projects that turned into big ones. By the way I started this before I knew president was coming. And as a side note, that you wont ever believe. I got the cleanest american award from my companion. Yes you read that correctly. She said that I was like the first comp to clean the bathroom. Really¿ That is pretty pathetic!

Mom, I also love Alma 26:27. The scriptures are filled with so many beautiful promises! All we have to do it go forward with faith. Speaking of faith, Im still working on it. I fell like so much of faith goes along with following the spirit. And I feel that I struggle with knowing that its the Spirit. Man, this work is really easy in a sense of its all about talking to people, and serving people, and such. But it is soooo hard because there are soooo many variables that go into teaching, living worthely, following the Spirit, the list could go on and on. The list is never ending... always so much to work on and become better at. I have to take a deep breath and tell myself its all a process, otherwise i get overwhelmed with myself.

Drew!!!! Who did Rachel get married to? Chris or the other guy? If its Chris, how in the world do people get married without money¿ That is my question?

Hillary!!!! I need an answer this week because I am dying. OUR Michael doesnt get home until 2 months after im supposed to get home... or something like that. but i cant think of another michael.... write back asap on this one.

Sarah, I got your letter Thanks sooo much.

Okay well im out of time. i love yall and miss yall. have a great week.

Hna Payne

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