Monday, October 4, 2010

Hola Familia! It´s me again, Hna Payne!

Life here is as good as it can be! Okay, well we have´nt had any baptisms, so it can always be beeettter.. but you understand =) I cant believe that another week has come and gone again, and that I am sitting here writing yall again! Like ya´ll I stress about what to write every week! Sorry, I dont feel like I have much to say this week....

So I think that this was the first conference that I didnt fall asleep in, unlike all of you =) I love conference! I was sad to leave when it was all over. I think my favorites were Elder Eyring, Scott, and Uchtdorf... and others that I have forgotten! I always love Elder Eyrings! He set a great example for us when he gave the story about President Hinckley asking all to get out of debt if possilbe.. well that was his story, but the example was that when the Prophet speaks it is as if God is speaking and giving us council. Not even the apostles of the church are exempt.. (not that I ever thought they were) I need to pay more attention to the council given by God! The ¨´fences´´ are there to keep us to safe. This gospel isnt a gospel of ´´cants´´ but a gospel of all that we can do. All the council and commandments are to help us to be happy in this life, and return with our Heavenly Father again! Elder Eyring also talked about how we can have faith in the Lord because we know him. I loved that! We have no reason to doubt or fear when we really KNOW the Lord. He is always there and looking out for us. How easy it is to forget when things get a little rocky in life.
Drew, I also really liked Elder Scotts talk on faith and it being a principle of power. Faith is my Chirstlike attribute this week that im working on. The whole faith thing is really difficult for me. Kels I thought of you when he talked about patience and struggle... but then that is when the growth comes. I know that you are hating life with work, and you want to stay home with B. But I also know that the hand of the Lord is in all things! Maybe the Lord hasnt given you what you wanted yet because something even better is coming. And in the meanwhile you are being forced to turn more to the Lord and trust in him. Have faith, you know the Lord. Yall are in my prayers!

These last couple of days I have been a little sick. Im not really sure why. Something I ate? My stomach has been a little upset. Hopefully it will pass quickly. It hasnt been too bad, but enough that I dont feel the greatest. As a side note I think Im a little lactose intolerant? I know you are laughing. Im for real though. Ah I love milk and yogurt though! I have yogurt just about every morning for breakfast! Im not sure that I can live without it. Mom you asked a long time ago what we eat. ·Empanadas are really popular. They eat them like we eat pizza. Its like meat, or cheese, in a flaky tortilla or something... google it =) They also eat a lot of noodles and rice. I ate this soup the other day and found out from my comp after that it may or may not have had cow feet and other scary stuff in it. I thought it was good. Im glad that she told me after... gross! But its some soup that is pretty typical for Argentina. Locro is what its called. I have seen a few cauldrons (big enough for child to be cooked in) on the side of the road and im pretty sure that is what they are cooking. One day I hope to get a picture of it! Other than that I dont think I have had anything crazy... I cant really think what else to tell you about the food. We have lots of Sprite and Orange soda here. Oh, did I tell you I found a new love? Of course it has to do with Oreos! Its an Oreo alfajor!!!! The best thing in the whole wide world since Godiva cheesecake.They are even better in the freezer. Yuuummm I wish I could send you one.

Speaking of food. We went to an investigators house to get them for conference and they had made this pastry cake thing. They gave us piece while we were there and then proceeded to give us a whole other cake. This family told us before how they are struggliing with money every month, but especially this month because someone stole their money... something to do with someone taking advantage of the dad because he cant read. When he was younger he was shot in the head or something horrific involving his head and gun.. We dont really understand the whole story of what happened. But they have 3 little kids that are just darling. Mili is the oldest and is such a sweetheart! The youngest is 6 months old and they dont have enough money for diapers! And then they are giving us this whole cake and wouldnt take no for an answer. I know it had to have been their lunch for the next couple of days. And if thats not enough, they want us to have lunch with them this week. My comp said that they dont really have friends and that we are their family! What love to literally share ALL that you have. I just think of the story in the bible where a family was told to give the rest of their flour stuff for a servant of the Lord. It was all they had but they did it because they knew the Lord and trusted in him. In the end they had just enough for that day, and then the next day the same miracle, and so on. Okay, so that was awful paraphrasing and I obviously need to go back and read the story, but you get the idea. I know that the Lord will bless them because of their love and wanting to share with us. What a lesson that was for me.

Transfers are tomorrow. It is highly likely that Hna Marilaf will be leaving. I dont think it is usual to have more than two transfers with your trainer... then again I only have 1.5 We shall see what happens.

Drew, I got your letters. I had wondered what happened to you. Im glad that school is going well for you. I will try and get you a better letter this next week.

Grandma, I finally got your letter too! Thank you. Its good to hear what is going on in your life!

Dusty, Angel, Angie, and Chelsee, I have you a letter sitting in my apt.... the post office is still closed... I dont know why. I will try and get someone else to send them for me.

Mom, I got the pictures! Thank you sooo much. My favorite one is of you and dad with the hats on... sooo you! And Drew is way skinny! What ya doing man?

Okay, well Im out of time...... again! I hope yall have a great week. I love and miss yall.

Love Hna Payne

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