Monday, October 25, 2010

Hola familia! It´s me again, Hna Payne.

I know I say this every week, but I still cant believe that another week has come and gone, AGAIN! This week I realized that I practically have 6 months in the mission.... WOW!!!!!! That means I will get my trunky papers in like 6 more... (my comp just got hers today). I feel done before I even get started. I dont know if any of this makes sense? I can only imagine how fast one year will go by. I need that extra 6 months that the elders get. Well, I guess its good to know that it will one day come to an end.. that just means that I have to give my best everyday now, so that there wont be any regrets when I get back. That being said, I have a new goal! I have said goodbye to english, yup, thats right, no more english... (writing doesnt count) But I only have a year and I cant talk to these people, like I need and want! That just means I just have to work really hard now, and that means no more english with my compa. My spanish continues to get better everyday! It still isnt good, but its amazing what I know for only being here 2 months... (ah, basically 3!) I am loving the work more and more everyday. I am loving Argentina and the people more and more everyday too. I feel like this last week was a turning point. Not really sure why, it just feels that way.

This week we have an inactive family come back to church! We visited them last week and promised them that the Lord would help them receive enough money in 6 days where they woudnt need to work on Sunday if they committed to coming. (They said that before they couldnt come because the dad had to work.) When we went back on Saturday to make sure they were coming. He told us how the Lord really does love and help his children when they put Him first. He told us about how he received a couple of things from people in the week that are a big bonus to his work, things that will make work easier, and where he can sell more. Wow! How cool is that! All I can say is that the Lord´s promises are sure when we put him first and do our part. Sometimes, okay, most of the time that takes great faith! But if we have that relationship with the Lord before the trials come, we have no reason to doubt.

This Wednesday is the census. No one can do ANYTHING!!! Everything is closed and no one can leave their apts. I think that we can because we arent from here... Our zone leader says we can leave.. but our bishop says that we cant, and that the police will be out and about to direct people back in their houses. Im not really sure whats going to happen though because we cant tract, and we dont have any appointments at this point.

Mom, you have asked if we workout in the mornings. I convinced my compa to go outside with me (we have to wake up like 15 minutes early so we can get out and have 30 minutes.. At first she said no because she would be losing like 2 hours of sleep every week. Then we talked about how we are basically married and we need to compromise. We compromised to 3 days in the apt and 3 days out. I cant do cardio inside because the apt under us beats on our floor. I cant say I blame them.. 6:30 is quite early! Will you send me a workout with the jump rope? I dont really know what to do with it for 30 minutes. I miss running! Maybe I will get a comp one day that likes to run. There arent many people that run here, or work out. They have a few gyms though.. they are quite small.

Sherri, I know you already know this, but your Drew boy comes home soooooo soon! Yay! I know you are soo excited! P.s can you please come to Argentina, my face needs you! =)

Sorry, not much time today... I cant really think of anything else that happened anyways. I dont have my list again, I grabbed the wrong paper =( Anyways, thanks for all that you do! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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