Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

I stress out every week wondering what I should write. My time at the computer goes sooooo fast, ha kind of like my week. In between writing yall and President (in spanish) my times flies. Too bad I cant just copy and paste this email to him. Then again he understands quite a lot of english... maybe I will give it a try one week and see what he says! Ha! My interview with him was fine. I understood most of what he said. When I didnt he would explain it another way or resorted to charades. Ha it came to him making actions when he asked me if I had an eating disorder. I didnt understand the terms when he asked so then he showed me by sticking his fingers in his mouth. Haha! Apparently one of the sisters in the mish had a problem and when my companion told him that I wasnt feeling that well and that I had thrown up. He had to ask. I guess it was the fatherly role coming out in him, kind of like you dad, ´´i just have to ask´´ about me taking your drugs. Haha. About my health. This last week I was a little sick again, but no blood at all. Im totally fine, please dont worry. And dad how dare you accuse me of ´´thinking´´ I would never think that you worry too much =) You just love me a lot!

So this week I got my first taste of what it was like to drop people. Sure, we have stopped going to people´s houses before. But this week was different. I really and truly loved these people. My heart! One family refuses to get married. Im absolutely love their 6 year old Mili. I just want to hold her and hug away her hurt.. Sometimes when I looked at her I would see an adult. Im not sure what goes on when we arent there... but I know that her dad if verbally abusive! I of course didnt understand the words, but my compa said that he was calling her words equal to retarded. What parent can call their child retarded? And then the way that he picks up his 2 year old, im always afraid he is going to rip her arm out of the socket.. I dont understand, he is soooo nice to us. He loves the missionaries! And then the second family is two cousins 13 and 17. They both got an answer that this gospel is true, but neither want to change their religion!!!!! Boooo! I also got my first little taste of what its like to be a parent. Here you know better, have learned by experience, or just flat out know better because you have seen otherwise, try to tell and protect your kids... but yet they still have their own agency and can choose what they want. Remind me to never be a parent.. it will hurt too much! That being said, we talked about eternal marriages in church yesterday and had a grand understanding! A lot of people would tell me that I dont know anything about life, and that I havent really lived life. And in a lot of ways, in which they mean them, they would be absolutely correct. Hum.. how to explain? I didnt have to live my life in a worldly way... Because I have parents that made the decision to marry in the temple, and to always put the Lord first. I look back to some of my friends that were raised in the church that dont live the standards today. In almost all cases it was because their parents werent ALWAYS very consistent with the standards of the church. I realize that everyone has their free agency, but for the most part I know that if parents were more consistent then their kids would be also. There is a scripture in Proverbs thats talks about raising your kids in the truth and they wont depart from it. (I know Im an awful paraphraser) And I am a product of that. Temple marriages and always putting the Lord fist is a protection for all families. How could I not want that for my future family. If you didnt understand that, I guess what I am trying to say, is Mom and Dad thank you for being the loving, and consistent parents that you are. Yall are truly a great example.

Yesterday was Mother´s day here in Argentina. Too bad I couldnt call you mom and wish you a happy mothers day. Only two more months tho! The ward had a fiesta where they had a mariachi band (i dont know how to say that.. they arent really a band) come and play for all the mothers. We didnt get to go of course, but we saw a video of everyone dancing..... haha sooo funny.

We had a really bad storm the other night! Oh how I love the rain, thunder, and lightning. Haha but this time we had a little white water flood in our room. Yes we live on the 2nd floor. Somehow with all the wind it came in our window... a fun little adventure. I can only imagine how all the little houses faired... the ones that have nothing. Im very grateful for our apt!

We have a baptism that is really going to happen! Its for the end of this month. Her name is Lurdes and her dad and sister are already members! She has had the lessons before according to our area book (she says she hasnt) but is finally ready for baptism. Yay!!!!! Hopefully we will have someone else! Everyone´s goal is at least two!

Drew! Im putting a letter in the mail this week! I wrote it today! Sorry im still awful at writing! Hey and you didnt answer my question. Who did Rachel marry?

Hillary!!! What about Michael?? The only reason I could see him being home is if something happened to his mom.. I know she has cancer really bad... Please write back asap even if its just to answer this question =)

Kels congrats on nursery. I cant believe I heard the words come out of your mouth that you are glad to be called into nursery.
Well, I guess I didnt hear them.. you get the point. I loved the pics. B isnt my baby anymore.. I dont know who this girl is that you keep sending my pictures of. Im glad that mom could come and play! She told me all about our Miss B that is VERY independent! P.s you are still in my prayers for Levi to find a job. I cant help but think that when it finally comes around its going to be a good one!

Okay well, again....... my time is up. I love and miss you all. Have a great week! Ya´ll are always in my prayers.

Hna Payne

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