Monday, March 14, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! Sorry but im pretty much just sending pictures this week! Its been a while. Hopefully they all work.

The picture with me in the pink shirt is Mario and Nelly. We were walking by one evening and they were sitting outside, and asked what we were doing. We set another day to go talk to them. Mario told us his life story and why he is sick. He had been sick for a long time, and was depressed as well. We told him of the love that our Heavenly Father has for him and how aware he is of him. He always cried when we were there. We got him to come to church with us. We told them we were picking up Gladys for church and that we could swing by and get them. They agreed. When we got there Nelly wouldnt come though. She told us that she was from another church and couldnt. So we went to church with Mario. We werent too sure if he was all there. He had some pretty out there questions. But hey, he came to church and he liked it. The next week Nelly came with him. I could tell she didnt really like it. Ha she was quick to tell us that when we asked her. She said she would not come again, and she did NOT believe in our book.
They didnt come again. We decided they werent going to progress. And we really werent sure what he understood.
Another day they saw us and we stopped by. They asked us to come have lunch with them. I made sure to have my camera because he had said how he wanted a picture with us.
A few weeks later one of their neighbors that is a neighbor told us that he passed away. We tried to talk to Nelly but she wasnt there or didnt want to talk. About a month later we stopped by hoping to talk to her. She told us what happened. I think he drank himself to death. (he told us at lunch that water made him sick so he drank wine.. i guess that could explain him not being all there)
We were sad. To us he was a new person, a couple lessons, a lesson with a member, someone at church.. but for him.. we were the chicas and someone he felt good around when we were in church. It is always said that no effort goes unwasted... Nelly told us that he in the hospital, dying and he said Estoy en la casa de los mormones The doctor was just what?? How can you be in the house of the Mormons if you are in the hospital? He was like No, estoy en la casa de los mormones.创 That was a testimony to me that NO effort goes unwasted. I know that he is just chillin up in the spirit world, and two sister missionaries are going to walk by and he is going to say chicas! And there he will be able to listen and understand.

The other picture with the older couple is one of the faithful members. They are rock solid. We went to their house yesterday. My comp and I decided there is absolutely no way that we are going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. Here they sacrifice sooo much. Sacrifices that we will never, ever have to. So how do we compete? Where is the fairness in it? Every day I am more and more humbled by the people that I talk to.. and the things that they have to do. How blessed I am. The other picture of the little girls is one of my favorites. They think that we are sooo cool. Some of them want to be missionaries some day. They started asking us if we knew Disney and what it was like. They kids will NEVER know Disney. I didnt know how lucky I was.

The really old lady is Hna Nuz. She is like 94 and still going like a mad women. She gives sooooo much to everyone. I could sit and talk about her allllll day. But im about out of time. But she is such an example to me in the way that she gives service.

We heard, but I dont think we were supposed to have heard... but we were in the house of a member of the stake something and he said that our President is from the US and that he is a lawyer from money... That is all I know.

Karan, I got your email today =) still waitin on the card =)

Okay, well I LOVE LOVE LOVE yall. Have a great week.

Love, Hna Payne

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