Monday, March 28, 2011

Hola familia!!!! Its me again, hna payne. (my keyboard is a little ghetto, fyi) This letter is coming from good Ol´ Formosa and not Resistencia. Yes i have been transferred. I am now with hna Da Silva. She is from Uruguay. i have a latina! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im am sooooo excited abuot that. She is wonderful. i definitely have a lot to learn from here, and not just in spanish either. she is helpin g me a ton. she thinks that we will be together for one transfer because she has been here for a long time. well i hope we have two =) but yay im just soo excited to be with a latina.

Okay, Formosa!!!! Well, it is the poorest part in the mission. lots get sick here. hopefully i wont have that problem. the medical here is horrible. The ward isnt a ward. we are a tiny branch of about 25 people. Needless to say that we have TONS to do. Sacrament is the last meeting for us. This is a first for me. I dont like it either. NO ONE is on time for their callings so we are running around trying to find who can teach primary because we cant be alone with kids.... or who is going to teach young womens... the list goes on and on. So needless to say we are busy Sundays. We had 6 in church tho. We have a baptism this Saturday in between conference sessions. His wife was baptized when she was like 14. She is inactive. But her kids were baptized a few weeeks ago (i think) but he finally got his answer and wants to be baptized. He was supposed to have bee baptized like 2 weeks ago but there were holidays and the civil marriage place was closed the day before. But he said the decision has been made. my comp said the change in him has been incredible. that this is the person that she has REALLy seen the conversion process. We had a little scare on saturday night. we went by the family and the dad was sleeping. somehow we found out that he had been drinking. we werent for sure if he was going to be able to be baptized. Someone is going to talk to president today but we are pretty sure that we are still okay. We talked to him yesterday about how he has to live the commandments now and not just after his baptism.

our apt is smaller than our other one. ha that wouldnt be hard tho. the one is resistencia is really nice. This one is really safe though. there is a big gate and we are behind another house or something. i am soo glad im here this transfer and not before. I have heard all the missionaries talk about Formosa summers. It is soooooooooo hot here in the summers and everyone dies. it is still pretty hot here. well not today, it rained. tthe roads are all mud now. my best purchase here would have to be my rain boots. best 50 pesos i have ever spent.

I am writing back earlier now. So i havent had time to read my letters. in the future if you have something that you want an answer to or that you need in that moment... send it separate =)

Mom if you are up at the outlet stores. could you buy hose? normal and black. Or would it just be better to buy here? there is no bulk here... i think they are about 10 pesos or less... but i havent looked at all here. but i dot know how long it will take to get. i still havent gotten my pics or your little package.

Okay well that is all for now! I LOVE you all. thanks for all that you do for me. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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