Monday, April 11, 2011

Hola Familia!!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

First of all! I finally got my pics! Apparently you need to send it to this add to get things faster! THis is straight to the mission office. Now Im waiting for your other one.

Angie!!!! I got your package. THank you sooo much. It was soooo thoughtful. I was soo excited. Did you really remember that my favorite orbit gum was peppermint?? Good choice =)

Well we finally had our baptism. Everything went really well.. Ha well we didnt have one of the speakers show up.. but that is really normal. It was really funny when Miguel was baptized. He is a bigger guy, and the guy baptizing him is super little, so he had to do it twice. But his little 2 year old of course didnt understand what waas going on... just that his dad was being shoved underwater by another person. He started to cry for his dad. Haha it was really cute.

We had interviews with President this last week. I think that it might have been the last. Soo weird. Its sooo crazy the way time flys. I dont really like it. It makes me nervous how fast it all goes. Have yall seen anything about the new president?

Well this week was great. Im getting more comfortable with everything. Pretty sure my comp will be leaving this next transfer. Eh i really dont know the area that well. Oh well gotta learn. I could ask president for another transfer.. .but im pretty sure he would tell me that he is not going to give me Hna Da Silva as my crutch.. Sound familiar Lyle?? haha =) I love, love, love the gospel. Its absolutely amazing the things you learn when you apply yourself and just study. I remember what it was like to try and find time to read a chapter before the mish and now we have an hour and its soo sad when its over =) The gospel is soo true!

Mom my companion wants a recipe that is very american.. I have no idea what to tell her. Ideas and recipes please =) Hey I cooked goolosh the other day.. you would have been soo proud =)

Sarah!!! I started a letter for you.. but didnt finish =( but either way I need your add so i can send it to you... Lucky for you, I know how to send international letters =)

Hna Borchert! Got your email.. havent read yet =( but i love you

Sorry fam.. my emails have been super lame these last few weeks.. i will try and do better next week. But I love yall sooo much. Have a great week =)

Mission add:

Entre Rios 465

Resistencia, Argentina

CP 3500


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