Monday, April 4, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne.

This week flew by! I cant believe conference is over. Its like Christmas.. you cant help but be a little sad its all over and have to wait. But it was great. I absolutely love, love, love General Conference. Ha I have changed there. I thought of yall and which talks you were probably sleeping in =) Well we didnt have a baptism Saturday like we planned. President said to wait one more week to make sure Miguel really is good to go. He is doing great. He attended both sessions yesterday and is super excited for his baptism this coming Saturday.

We have lots of baptism dates (which we are to always have. we have to put them in the first lesson, pretty much no matter what) that we will be working hard for. We talk to soo many people that are happy and content, which I understand. I have no doubt that they feel the spirit in their church and feel goood. BUT there is such a difference in the things that are GOOD and then the things that are RIGHT. If only we could all understand that better in our lives.

Im loving the area. My companion is great. Im learning how to be a better teacher. eh i feel like the english missionaries can focus in that a lot.. but i feel like my language is just so bad that i cant be a good teacher. BUt hey that is what the spirit is for. and yes my spanish is improving =)

Uh... im sorry, but i really dont have a lot to say this week. But I am loving Formosa and the mission. I hope that life is good for yall.

Sarah- my bestest, stupid, friend! I got your email but havent gotten a minute to read it. I will send you a little note next week.

Hna Borchert.. or I mean Lindsey. Weird. Im sorry. I forgot to tell you i got your email last week. Sounds like life is crazy. How are things this week. I love you and miss you.

MOm if oyu could please send an ensign in spanish and english, as soon as they come out.

Okay well im really sorry this was a really lame letter. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE yall. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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