Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. Life is pretty good here in Formosa. We got a cool front yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful.

This week we had like an hour conversation with an inactive where she proceeded to insult everyone and everything about the church. She got baptized like 20 years ago and had a bad experience because the elders just baptized her and she didnt know anything. She knows members and calls them trucha because of their actions and lack of change in the gospel. Her daughter Lupi that is 15 has a baptism date for the 7th of may... but she isnt having it because she is super protective and doesnt let her daughter leave by herself very often. Well, the couple of times that she did was with member girls her age, but were wearing really short shorts and had on makeup....... these girls are recent converts! Our hearts just broke because she wouldnt listen to us. And she is going to play the selfish card and wont go to church for herself to see what is being taught.

The President of the branch dropped cain on the members (all 21 including him and his wife, and the missionaries) about why we come to church. It was a great talk but very bold... not sure if it had a lot of love in it... luckily we only had one investigator in church and she was fine with it. He used the 10 virgins parable and how we have to be prepared, and do things for the right reasons to get all of the blessings. He talked about Laman and Lemuel, and how they did everything that Nephi did... but with murmuring and everything else that they did.. but it wouldn't be fair that they received the same blessings as Nephi. I loved it! Why do we do the things we do in the church?? Are we a Nephi or his brothers? Always things to change! I dont know that there were enough people in sacrament to make a difference. Apparently he has given this talk before... Our poor little branch. If we would just do the things we know we should, instead of just thinking about it.. everything would be better.

Kind of a discouraging week.. Satan never gives up on us does he? He knows us well, that is for sure. But its through the our experiences that we know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Happy Easter! I know that Christ lives! Its through His atonement that all is possible! I love the talk by Elder Monson, He has risen! And Elder Hollands, None were with Him. There is soooo much to learn about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I wish that everyone could understand that it is only through our Savior that we can be saved, but ONLY after all we can do. It is such a different time period that we live in. It was Joseph Smith that was truly concerned for his welfare and salvation.. a time of religious excitement. Ha I woudnt put those two words together in a sentence to describe our culture.

Mom, can you please look for an i love you necklace (sign language) I think I saw one in one of the church bookstores.

What time do yall have church on mothers day? Its on the 8th right? Im sure we have rules on when we can call this day... it might be hard with yall not getting out of church until 5??? because we are 3 hours different? but someone said we can call at night??

Dust, did you send cd´s? Totallly okay if no. just wondering.

Okay well, i love yall! Have a great week and enjoy the spring weather. Until next week =)

Hna Payne

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