Monday, May 16, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! How goes it in good old Utah??

Well, Maira got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyy! I really dont remember what I told yall about her but she is 19 and suuuper shy. She was nervous about her baptism before but excited. We were waiting for her close to her house to go to the church and i didnt recognize her from a distance because she was in a skirt. She bought a skirt for her baptism and for church. Cute!

We have another baptism for this Saturday. Her name is Noelia. She was one of our miralce finds the day of conference. We told her there was a baptism planned in the next hour (intermission of conference) and that she should come with us to see how it is. Especially because she accepted a date to be baptized. She, her mom, and cousin came with us, and they stayed for the 2nd session of conference. We continued to teach her but then lost her date. We put another one but she wasnt really progressing. She didnt see a difference in her life, and didnt see the need for the gospel. We asked her if she felt like she had really given her part to find out if it were true. She said no. Oh, I forgot, she was worried about the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity AFTER baptism. But really she was worried about these things because she didnt have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. Well at this point, we hadnt taught her the law of chastity so we took that opportunity right then to do so. I guess it gave her a reason to find out if it were true. This was Friday, with her baptism in a week. We really didnt think it was going to happen. But then on Sunday at church we were waiting for the bus and she asked Hna Quezada who was going to be baptized the following week. My comp thought about the dates that we have and realized that it was Noelia and then asked how she felt in respect to her baptism. She said she wants to get baptized! We were shocked, ha but of course soooo excited. She said she prayed and just started to cry. And now she wants to get baptized. Yes! How dare my faith waver. The Lord works miracles. This week we will be with her everyday! Because she isnt quite prepared. Tears doesnt mean its true, but at least now she is recognizing the Spirit. Aw i love the gospel. Its amazing to see little changes in peoples life for the gospel. Our Heavenly Father really is soo mindful of all of his children. eh i wish i could express or explain myself or the situation better.. sorry yall will just have to live with it.

Mom, you asked what we did for pday. Well, we have this new rule that we cant leave our area... This rule is from the area presidency, so all of south america has this rule??? I dont know but its super lame. Our area is tiny and has NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No where to eat, no ice cream.. we of course cant get together with other missionaries. I think we have permission to go and send cards or something... but other than that nothing. So today we deep cleaned the apt. Ya, our life is really exciting, I know =)

We have zone conference this week. It will be our last with President. Sooo weird to think we will have someone else the next time. Man, time flies.

Hna Jones! I always mean to send you a little note in my emails, but ALWAYS forget. Hey, I got your letter! THank you for the talks, they are great. And i really liked your lamina that you sent. Happy belated birthday, and one year mark. Wow, where has the time gone??? I love you! Keep up the good work!

Hna Borchert! I keep meaning to write you back! I will try next week!

Hilly Billy! Im waiting on that other letter... the one after Mexico =)

Sadie!!!! I got your letter! I was soo surprised. Thank you! I will be gettin a letter in the mail for you in the next week! FYI plan on the mission =)

Grandma thanks for the letter! Its nice to know whats goin on in good ol Texas!

No letters of packages from yall. I will be sure to let you know when i get anything.

I cant think of anything that i need right now.. but i will let you know for sure next monday. And I didnt know that elder.. that is his last or first name??

Okay well, i love, love, love yall. I hope yalll have a great week.

Hna Payne

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