Monday, May 2, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes life on the home
front??? Well this week was quite an adventure. You name it and it
probably happened. It started with not having any water for a couple
of days in the apt. That was fun. I forget how grateful I am for
something as simple as water. Our numbers were horrible, (yesterdsay
we redeemed ourselves and it wasnt too bad) but friday night beats
all. We had just left a lesson that went terrible. It was one of those
nights that you think it couldnt get much worse... ha and of course it
was raining. Well, my comp wanted a jacket so we swung by the apt to
grab one. Well I had the umbrella in my hand and she was in front of
me opening our gate, when I felt something pull me to one side. I
figured it was someone that i knew, just sayin hi or something....
wrong. I turned around and it was someone trying to take my bag. I was
soooooo confused. I started to scream at him, ´´NOOO!´´ I started to
fight with him for my posessions as I countinued to scream and hoped
that someone would come to my rescue. As all of this was happening,
the mission handbook kept running through my head... ´´if asulted,
just give up your stuff´´ is basically what it says. Not only was i
figting with him, i was having an internal struggle with myself...
´´what do i have in my bag?´´ Eh I had a watch, (with absolutely no
value) my dictionary, 2 freaking pesos, my bag that cost like $100 and
of course my scriptures. Ehhhhh my scriptures. One year of notes, and
markings and, ehhhhh my life! But yes in the end I just let him have
my stuff. I had no choice in the matter... dang white handbook. I
didnt feel like he was really threat.. Well, i think i thought that.
It all happened soooo fast. But yea, im heartbroaken about my
scriptures. But on the brightside, or the downside... im choosing to
be positive about this, he knows where we live! Okay, I know what you
are thinking.. but no its good cause he is going to throw my
scriptures over the gate because.... well because Heavenly Father cam
work miracles (according to our faith, so family, have faith for me).
So please pray that this kid willl have a change of heart and throw my
scriptures over my gate. I go out in the mornings to look if they are
there. So far nothing... =) But Im safe. so please dont worry =)

Other news in the neighborhood is that Maira is getting baptized!!!!
She was really cute about it. We invited her to a baptism that was on
saturday at like 5 so she could see how it was. Ha she asked at what
time the baptisms usually are because she had class or something in
the morning on the 14th. Music to our ears when people actually think
things out and they say something in reference to their baptism date.

Okay well this is a short one... but I will be talkin to you this
Sunday. I havent heard back from yall... but I think that yall are 3
hours different (not 4 mom) and you said church in the morning.. so im
guessing 9to 12?? in provo??? so i will call at 4 my time which i
think is one yall time??? but i feel bad.. yall will be starving and
wanting to eat. but yall havent written me back again... so im just
assuming yall have church at nine now.

Okay I love, love, love yall!

Hna Payne

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