Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne! How goes good ol Memorial Day?? Ha I had NO idea. Its very strange not to know anything. sometimes we hear something about world disasters.. but then nothing.. almost like it didnt happen. Then again its nice not to worry about the things that are happening all over the world. I like my bubble!

Well this week was a great week! Noelia got baptized!!! I thought we lost her! But we had a lesson with her and a member and she decided to move forward. She knew it was true, but was letting her fear override what she knew to be true. I know, its soooo easy to talk but when it comes to the having courage thing and walkin the walk, well, its hard. How many times do we allow fear make our decisions??? Heavenly Father never answers prayers with fear! That would be another source... Him who can not be named! Anyways, it all went well after that. She went to institute 2 times before her baptism which is great because she needs friends in the gospel.

This week we found a family!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Well really we found the wife and daughter 2 weeks ago and they came to church. Well of course we wanted to talk to the "husband". She said he wouldnt be interested. We showed up one night and he was there. He turned off the tv (good sign) and didnt leave (better sign). The mom and daughter have a baptism date for the 25th of June, and well so we tried to put one with him too and he accepted, and committed to come to church on Sunday. He came!!!!!!! She came!!!! The daughter no.. but she still has her date. Yesterday was the 5th sunday so everyone was together. We talked about financial planning, the program that the church has. There were only a couple pamphlets, and the wife, Magarita wanted one of them. Next we taught the gospel principles class because the teacher in inactive, lame. And then the sacrament where the 16 year old kid proceeded to bless the "wine" instead of the water! HAHA pretty funny. After we asked how he liked it! He said he loved it! And he has plans to play soccer with the men this Thursday and is really excited about it. We wanted to pass be yesterday, but Magarita had plans to go to the relief society get together. Yay! So we will pass be tonight. The problem with them is that they arent married. So you are thinking soo what?? Get married!!!!! I know right! But I dont think its going to be that easy because he is from Uruguay and doesnt have any kind of identification. We will be talkin marriage tonight! HAHA yay! I cant say that ive ever been soo excited to "talk marriage" And i thought I hated commitment! =)

Hilly! I sent you a letter to your old add. in orem last week. But im guessing you arent there now???

Okay well i love, love, love yall! Have a great memorial day and week!!

Hna Payne

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