Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its soo hot for yall and soo cold for me! Sometimes i forget what month im in because of the different seasons.

Well, we now have a new president. We have had no contact with him.. but he is indeed here. We have interviews with him this next monday.

So yesterday at church was one of those days that you just want to kill people for being who they are, and not thinking... and just being one of [those people] We were in relief society and the lady giving the lesson decided to give a whole class about the way we should dress for church. Well, EVERYONE in the class minus Noelia (recent convert) and her investigator friend and antoher investigator were in jeans. Its one thing to comment for a couple minutes.. but a whole class period when the ONLY people in jeans are investigators. Por Favor! If only people could think what its like for new people. And Noelia was already in a sad mood because her mom is visiting and isnt okay that she got baptized. She is thinking about not coming anymore. Why cant it be easy for new converts? Its one thing for us because we understand.. Its kind of like a baby thats sick and crying.. you just feel soo bad because you cant take away the pain, and they dont understand why they are hurting. But when its an adult they can at least understand and handle it in a different way. New converts are the baby that have to learn to deal with adversity in a different way than they have had to in the past... and a lot of times they dont understand why. I dont know if any of that made sense... She needs friends in the church. as of right now we are her only support. I wish she could find a boyfriend that would help her along. She is going to institute.. but its hard to be new.. and people forget that too and then dont grab them and bring them into their circle. She also doesnt have a phone. that makes things harder.

Well we have struggled finding people these last few weeks. It seems that we dont really have a pool of anyone. but we will continue forward putting our faith in the Lord that there are people waiting for the gospel. We are still working with Margarita, abel, and Juan Carlos. We havent had a lot of progress. Juan Carlos still has a baptism date, so we are working with him.

Well that is about all. im about out of time. I love, love, love yall!

Have a great week!

Hna payne!

I got my packages and card! thank you!!!!

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