Monday, July 11, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Today is pday and we just got out of interviews with President. Oh, he
is soooooo great. And his wife too. She would say that she is learning
spanish, but really its great. She knows a lot. Our interview wasnt
very long, but he is just soo nice and complamentry, and he of course
had just met me. One of his themes and visions is the Spirit. Are we
doing all we can to live by the Spirit.

So what happened this week????? We now have new neighbors with 2 dogs.
We live in an apt in the back.. and The president of the branch and
his wife just moved in. You would think that would be a good thing. Im
not soo sure. Lots of people in the branch have problems with him. I
know there are always more than one story to every side.. but after a
while when you hear the same things, and see a little evidence of
things... well you start to understand. On a super bright note the
wife has a washer and a little machine that sucks all the extra water
out of your clothes that she offered to let us use. YAY! The weather
is crazy and sometimes it takes FOREVER to dry. But not with this
little machine.

We are teaching an 18 year old girl that now has assisted 3 times in
church. We have taught her the law of chastity 3 times now. The first
time, well we didnt teach it very well. The second time was great.
Very direct, very informative. You know in the Book of Mormon when
prophets are giving their dying testimonies saying that they have done
everything in their power to bring souls unto God and that the blood
of their sins will be upon the peoples own garments. And that they
will be waiting at the judgement bar of God?? We left feeling that we
would write our dying testimony. She absolutely understands the law of
chastity. And understands that she is still acountable even if she
doesnt get baptized. We taught the law of chastity yesterday too to
her boyfriendthat is visiting. He lives hours away, and they never see
each other. He flat out said he didnt agree and that he wasnt going to
live this commandment. Eh!!!!! I hope that she was strong enough in
her commitment. But she is 18 and totally in love with this 23 year
old (who she has been with for 4 years. and in this time he has been
with other girls) We have another lesson with her today. Her date to
be baptized is the 23rd. She said that if he wasnt going to be okay
with her decision that he could leave and do whatever. If only the
things that we say were as easy to do then say.

I just love, love, love this work and this gospel. I know that life
isnt easy.... but with the gospel it can be. Okay i know that im
saying this as a 22 year old girl that hasnt lived very much of life.
But i do KNOW that this gospel can change lives and that it can at
least be a lot easier. When we understand the Plan of Salvation and
what it has to offer then our priorities are different. We understand
that we really can live with our families forever. We have the power
to do this if we are willing to work for it, sacrifice who we are- to
become better, and live the council and commandments that God has
given to us through a prophet. I just wish that people could just
listen more with an open heart because they already KNOW this gospel.
Everyone was taught this and accepted this plan before we ever came
here. We chose the side of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And everyone CAN
know it again. Im soo thankful for the knowledge and understanding
that we have. We know why we are here, and what we have to do. Now,
its just the doing that is the hard part.

Mom, IM soo glad you could go to Hna Runyans homecoming. She is just
soooo great. I just love her. I couldnt have picked a better american
companion that i will be able to stay in close contact with. I like
your garden and door too!

DREW! We had someone give a talk on sunday about the importance of
Family home evening. I remember a certain letter that asked us the
last time that we had FHE. Ha how are yours going?

Hna Jones! I found hna wheelers add. You asked for it one time, but I
didnt think i had it...

Britnie Wheeler
Canada Toranto East Mission Office
24 Fernand Drive Suite 300
Don mills ON M3C 3V4

Okay well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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