Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. HOw goes life on the home front??

Well this week was..... kind of a downer week. Hey, but now its a whole new week... but really life is always great. We are supposed to have 2 baptisms this Saturday... but neither one of them were in church on Sunday. They both have 3 times in church so they havent lost their date yet. We tried going by both houses yesterday but neither one of them were home. Juan Carlos doesnt understand a whole lot.. but has desires to be baptized?? And then there is Romina that says she understands. We will be going by tonight to see how the end of the week will play out. Are they ready?? Or is it what we want? Eh sometimes I dont know if im helping my cause by being here in the mish or just condemning myself......(Jacob1:19)

We had a mini MTC here in Formosa with all the kids in the stake. Well there were lots of kids... but not a soul from Parque went. We called the president to ask what time they were going to meet up. He casually told us that the girls just didnt want to go.. and that the guys werent going because of soccer. WHAT!?!?!?!? Soccer wasnt until 6:30 at night. They expect all these kids to go on a mission but arent doing anything to help them. These kids live for soccer and play station. Nonthing else matters... and it doesnt seem that anyone else is trying to tell them otherwise. Well of course they arent... our branch really doesnt function. The young men and women dont have leaders. They had some.. but then the president took away the callings and put himself in charge..... Boo! We had 20 people in church on sunday. it rained. when it rains, no one does anything. Oh argentina.

The Zone leaders called us on thursday when we started our 3 hour planning session. They were outside of our apt. We were outside planning because our power was out. We had to move our table because of all the dog poop and the smell. There is a tiny area of dirt, and it just so happens to be right in front of our door and they never clean up right there. But the elders were great sports and volunteered to clean it up.

So i ordered scriptures the other day. I went to put them in my scripture cases that i ordered in Resistencia.... and they dont fit!!!!!!!!!!! Im sooo mad. I dont understand why. Hna Runyan has the same ones and hers fit! We cant call the office, so i cant ask aobut it. My zl said he is going to ask the elders in the office that are in charge of talkin to the man.. but i dont kno if i have a lot of hope in any of them.. and the elder that was in the office is now in the field. My whole scripture experience has been an expensive one. Hopefully i will eventually get my cases... They cost a lot... especially not to be able to use them.

Okay well im out of time. i love, love, love yall! Have a great time in CO.

Hna Payne

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