Monday, July 25, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne! Im always in denial at how fast time passes. But then im here again writing. Boo.

I always love getting yalls emails that say how discouraged i was the week before. No. I just sometimes write very dry with out feeling. That doesnt make my week bad =) I dont mean to make it sound like im judging or that i dont love the people. I do! I think that is why it makes it harder.

As for baptisms... no. No one got baptized. Juan Carlos as of right now will be this Saturday. But transfers are tomorrow.... who knows what will happen. We went to a baptism on Saturday and Juan Carlos finally came which is great because he is afraid of water. Romina came too. (she still isnt comitted to anything)The church was quite a ways a way. We of course took the bus.. but I made a mistake and we got off to early. I was sure that we were at our stop. We ended up having to walk quite a ways after. I felt really bad. Juan Carlos is fine to walk but he is pretty old. Oops. It reminded me of hiking up corner canyon and there being a ´´short cut´´ but i was positive it didnt work. Well im done with directions and wont trust my good sense of direction the next time. Okay, i knew it was always bad... but im officially done trying. It was nice to walk in a different place tho. We could see the colors from the sunset. The sunsets are BEAUTIFUL here! But we made it in good timing for the baptism. My comp and I got asked to be the speakers about 5 seconds before. Gotta love being the replacement for a year and a half. (we speak a lot in our branch too)But i can say that im definitely more comfortable with speaking in front of people. I still dont like it, and i still get nervous... but not as much. Gotta love the mish =)

We had a talent show with all the missionaries in our zone this last weekend.... Haha i still havent found my talents.. im still lookin hard for them. So i did my next best thing.... I juggled! Haha ya i know, i was desperate. I dont really know the point of the show.. who wants to come and see missionaries sing (very poorly) and juggle? It would have been a lot better to invite the members to participate. We finally have a ward mission leader instead of the President. (Im pretty sure we got that because he is now our neighbor and didnt want to hear any complaints. They invited us to lunch this last week. The wife told us that she could wash our clothes. We understood that we could bring them to her Tuesday or Thursday, but she told us at lunch that she wants them both days, and she doesnt have a problem washing EVERYTHING. Wow! That is super nice and means we dont have to hand wash!) Its soo nice, and he is soo great. He helps us a lot. But we are now trying to plan activities in the ward. Hopefully that will help us have more unity. We have a movie and popcorn planned for the beginning of August.

Okay well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Love, Hna Payne

Dad.. no more trunky comments! =)
The photo of the lake is gorgeous!

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