Monday, October 3, 2011

Hola familia is me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!

I just love, love, love conference. I hate waiting to get the magazine to read all the talks. I remember liking them but then to remember what they said is a different story. I really liked Elder Eyrings talk and the being living testimonies in all times and how he used examples from Book of Mormon heros. Why does it have to be so hard to change? But I was reading another confernece talk the other day that says it doesnt matter how hard we try to make the gospel complicated, its easy. We know exactly the things that we should be doing... its just overcoming our natural nature and really making Christ the center of our lives. When we do that the decisions become soo much easier and we remember exactly who we are and why we are here. We just need to make the decison to do it and move on, and stop thinking about it.

We found Ramona and her daughter this last week and Ramona, the mom, came! We found her on Wednesday and told her we were coming back either the next day or friday depending on when a member could go with us. She talked to her husband (but they arent married. Do we just call them boyfriend in english? We use another word here that usually differentiates the difference in spanish) about going to conference and he wasnt too thrilled about the idea, but then she just told him that she was going because she wanted move on and change her family. She really liked it! Well of course she did. How can you not listen to conference and know that these people are called of God? We have another lesson with her today.

During the break of sessions I saw Tyler in vocal point on tv. Does he ever stop by these days? I saw Mckay too, but i dont think yall know him?

I cant believe we are in october! (they dont celebrate Halloween here mom) I feel like we are in May. I always have to stop and think about what month we are currently in. We got a little cool front the other day so today is really nice. But it is definitely starting to warm up here. Its soo weird to be back in humidity and to be sticky. President Heyman approved all the apts to have air conditioning now... so that will be a blessing to everyone.

That is sooo great that your store is about to open. Im excited to hear the news. HOw are they advertising this??

Hna Jones! How is the new DRAFT program going for trainers and new missionaries?? are yall doing that too? Two hours everyday??

Okay well that is all i have for now. Thank you all for all you do for me. I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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