Monday, October 17, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!!

So, mom i have to start of by wishing you a late happy mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was the dia de la madre. sorry i forgot to tell you before. It was such a beautiful day. It really did feel like mothers day in the states. It was a harder day to get people to church for this reason... but we did have 4. All of the women that we are working with ARE´NT married and their husbands are super machistas. I dont know what word to use in english... but they dont let women do anything and they are always in control... They just tell them they cant go to church.. and they do it. Who has that authority to tell someone that they cant go to church or grow closer to God? It makes me soooooo sad. But Mabel was at church. She has had the lessons before and assisted for months and then just didnt go one day. She isnt married, and doesnt really want to get married, her bf doesnt want to either.. They have 3 kids. But he at least doesnt care if goes to church. He just doesnt really want to go. I think we can get somewhere with their family. Ramona was going to go with us to the relief society conference. Her husband said it was fine.. and then right after he changed his mind. We got to her house and she told us she couldnt go... LAME. And then she said she would be going to church either way the next day. Well that didnt happen. Not sure why.... we wanted to watch together forever with her family but her husband didnt want to because he gets home at like 8 at night and is tired. Hopefully this week!

We had interviews this last week with President. The shortest interview ever.. he talked about the opportunity we have to be with of the 12 Apostles. He gave all the stats of the church in the whole world and that as the church continues to grow that the opportunities will become less and less. We are all very excited. My compa and I were the last interviews with another companionship of sisters. Just jokingly, but secretly wishing, i asked if we were all going to lunch after.... he said it might be a possibility but he wasnt promising anything.. but said that his wife was a real softy. Well, she of course loved the idea. We got pizza and eat down by the coast. I just love them, and that was before pizza. They are soooo great. They really are about trying to do what they can to help us. Its so weird to have interviews with both Presidents and feel that they really knew and know me. That cant be too easy with 200 missionaries.

Dad! YOU CANT GET ANYWHERE WITH OUT DREAMING!!!!!! I cant believe you open this week! Good luck, and break a leg... and dont stress out. Enjoy it. It will be a hit!

Okay well, I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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