Monday, October 24, 2011

Hola Familia, its me again, Hna Payne!!!!!!

This week has been such a crazy blur. It was transfers and I got transferred, AGAIN!!!!! Okay, jk. Im still here in Lavalle with the Hna Hunt...... and Hna Juarez (my last compa). We thought we were going to get away with out any drama this transfer... but that was sure wrong. The ZLs called us to come get a missionary that was waiting for a mini. While she was with us we had about three floods in our apt. Okay, im being a little dramatic, but our toilet kept leaking, our dueƱo kept fixing it, and then something would happen and it would start running again. The water kept running into our room. What a mess. During all of that there were other missionaries calling us to go to the place where people get their birth certificates so they can get married. The missionaries are more than an hour away, but they had an investigator that is from here, that wanted to get married this last friday , and baptized saturday.... and then the people coudlnt find her history. Well then that missionary left at like 530 the next morning and then the ZLs called us to go get Hna Juarez that night in the terminal and that we were going to be a trio for like a week. Well, im super excited that its the Hna Juarez, but three-somes are just a pain. I think everyone thinks we are J-Dubs because we are a small group now. The assistants now told us we have to be in here area every other day. Ehhhh PAIN!!!!! We wont get anything done. But luckily we found a member that is somewhat willing to do splits with her for like a week. So we will have studies until 12 and then she will go with this girl and come back at night. im sure we will still lose time in all of this. Booooo! Hopefully they will find a mini ASAP! Im not complaining... just stating the obvious =)

Well, we thought we had a miracle this last week. We went to teach the law of chastity to Ramona this week. We explained everything and asked her if she and her bf had thought about getting married. She just casually explained that she couldnt sleep the night before and turned to him and asked him if he wanted to marry her, and he said yes. Haha i think our mouths dropped. We asked if he was really awake when she asked him.. She said yes, and that he wasnt drunk either. We had been worried about her husband not wanting to get married, and then she told us about the night before. We were pretty sure that that had never happened before... so then we were like well we need to get started on pre reqs.. and asked if her bf was really meaning it like NOW, and not in like 10 years. She said she was going to ask him again. That is where the sad news comes in. He said NO. We were all so sad. We went by on Saturday and her daughter said she wasnt able to have the lesson because she was arguing with her bf. She came to church on Sunday really sad. They were arguing about his drinking and drug habits. Sooo sad. She is just soooo great and he is a bum that tries to run from his problems. He has some hurt from a kid because his dad was never there... and well he is doing the same thing to his little 6 year old. He has got to break the cycle! Its soo sad. But we explained a little about priesthood blessings and asked if she would like one. She of course accepted. We have another lesson with her tomorrow.

We also found George, through the familia Rotela (matias, that cant be baptized, and his dad). George is an alcoholic. Im not really sure how to teach an alcoholic when they arent all there to understand and feel the spirit. He has ruined his life and his family. None of his kids want to be around him. He has tried killing himself before. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal any wound, but if he doesnt have a support system or the will to do it... well... I am just soo thankful for the gospel that we have and the commandments that we have been given. We have the word of wisdom to just completely avoid these kinds of problems. If you dont drink, its quite impossible to become an alcoholic. Our Heavenly Father has given us every commandment for our protection. Maybe we cant understand the pain that could come from these things, but he does. We have to trust in Him and the commandments that he has given us.

Okay well, sorry that was a really scattered letter... but I love, love, love yall! Have a great week.

Hna Payne

Daddy!!! You cant tell me how sick you are about this other guy.. it makes me sad. But you cant change that it is happening... so you cant stress out about it... and besides your bbq is WAY better!


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