Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hermana Payne!!! Anyways...... my enter button doesnt work so Im not sure how all of this will turn out.... all run together I guess.. First things first... eh I never know where to start.. so today i guess.. as you know the Provo temple is closed, so we will not be attending the temple for the last few weeks.... sad day.. today tho our service assignment is to clean the temple.. we will be going at like 12 and cleaning it for 3..5 hours (sorry my period button is adding more than one to every sentence, the laundry comps are ghetto!) So that will tak e a lot of time, so I probably will not have time to write letters.. so if anyone is expecting one from me, sorry.... I dont know that its going to happen this week.. So Today is the start of the new mission presidents coming in! It should be a bomb week! There are going to be sooo many GAs here, and not to mention the prophet.. yes I wll be sitting next to him on the stand on Sunday.... yup i have faith.. that was what our last couple of big meetings have been about.. so yes im upping my faith.. It willllll happen! Well I will at least be the closest to him that I have ever been before.. COOL! So guess what, I spoke in sacrament meeting this last sunday.. yup, in spanish.. It was quite a good talk.. you guessed it, short, sweet, and to the point.. it was about agency and obedience.. everyone is supposed to prepare a talk and then they pick randomly.. I was the lucky girl that got the opportunity.... Dad I saw Meagan the other day! I always call her the Miss Meagan.... I dont know her last name.. Christianson?? We will just say that she is great for telling you exactly what you want to hear :) She seems really nice.. too bad she will be leaving you and getting married! Mom, so the stinky feet were because of the brown skechers.... eh i havent worn them in more than a week.. I do LOVE my new black ones.. Could I possibly get them in brown? How expensive were they? I will try on the Jody dress this week.. Can you pretty please run my sister missionary mall and get a backpack just like mine? A girl here needs one.. She has cash to give me.. Let me know please :) Question.. what about teeth whitening???? Could you send my crest strips? I just know by the end that my teeth will not be as white! Small problem.. I can't find my drivers license.. I think it fell out of my wallet.. please pray that I will find it.. if not how do I/you go about getting a replacement?? Drew, you gave me that camera card.... remember?? Anyways will you please send me the one that I left at home, in the computer?? So now guess what.... are you ready for this?? I get my travel plans NEXT week! Please scream with me now AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I feel a little better now! Ah Im not goin! I dont have any spanish skills! But at the same time I am sooo excited! The whole language barrier is the thing that scares me! Speaking of we taught our first lesson in spanish last weeek.. eh! All I can say is that the Lord called me to a language so that I would rely on Him.. I hate to say that a mission would be a piece of cake in english.... because i know that its not but at this point i cant help but think that.. no worries tho! I will get this.... it just might take a while, and a few more, okay a LOT more prayers! Hey like I said, FAITH! Uh, I wont get my travel plans till probably next thursday, so you will be waiting a while, but I just think that is sooooo weird.. I just got here.. 6 weeks has gone by sooo fast.. all the time here has blurred together but when I think about the fam or my friends or anything on the outside, that feels like forever that I have seen yall! Weird.... if that makes sense? So Lake Powellllll????? Jealous, but not.. of course you would wait until I left to do that and to go to Karan's! I still havent heard from her, p..s..! Thats cool tho.. Kelsie said she was trying to get time off to go.. I cant believe B will be 1 when she comes to stay will yall.. sooo weird.. time has flown! We got to hear a talk by Elder Holland the other day.. I LOVE him! His talk was amazing.. He talked about missions being FOREVER.. All I have to say is that when he talks, you listen! He is very passionate about the things he talks about.. Well two of our sisters in our room just flew our to their mission.. that is weird.. they are out knocking doors right now! My comps are great.. We have our moments.. i guess you can say its humbling to be in a companionship.... you have to look at yourself being the one that needs to change.... eh I dont really like that idea so much, but hey! It's all a learning process that is making me into who Im supposed to be, in who I want to be! Life is oh soo goood.. I love it here.. I love yall soo much.. thanks for all yall do! Keep me updated on everything :)

Love, Hna Payne :)

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