Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hola!!!! It's me again, Hermana Payne!

I have been here three weeks already. Holy cow is all I have to say to that. It has gone by sooo fast.. Well some parts of it at least. I can officially say that I will be leaving next month. Now if that doesn't scare me to death, Im not sure what will! But at the same time I am sooo excited. I am learning ohh so much. Last night we have a devo and man was it amazing. It was mostly about prayer, but hit on some great points. I wish that yall could all be here for all of these experiences and learning as much as I am. I still cant believe that opportunity I have to be here, and the trust that Heavenly Father has in me to take this message to His children. WOW. Eh I really wish you could be here, things would make a lot more sense than me trying to tell you about all the experiences! The spirit is soo strong here, and is constantly testifying! We have been talking about the spirit a lot the last little while and how we can know that it is the spirit, and not us. We listened to a talk by Elder Bednar that was soo good. How he answered the question at first was surprising. He said, "STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT! If you are trying to be a good boy and a good girl, the Lord WILL guide your steps and fill your mouth." So if you are ever wondering if you are answering your own prayers... STOP WORRYING about it. It's great to learn new things because then you find new things in the scriptures. I was reading 1Nephi and Nephi showed us a great example of just that. He was led to Laban, not knowing before hand what he should do. The Lord will do the same for us in our lives if we are striving to do what He has asked. (striving being the key word)

So this last week our whole district has been sick. It started with one and went to everyone else. It was some virus that was going around. I was the last to get it. I didnt get it very bad though.. i'm pretty sure its because it was like the cold i had right before i left. Well, we get a new district today. We will no longer be the new hermanas. We are now seasoned to the MTC. We are excited to get some new people in here. It's so nice not being the new kids on the block. I have seen Joey Haws a couple of times now. Derik comes in today. I will be looking for him. I was hoping that he would be in my district, but know thats not the case. I am loving my comps and other hermanas in our room. We have soo much fun together. We laugh so hard that we end up in tears many a time! Hermana Jones is still my favorite.. that is if I were to have favorites :)

So funny story about my life... I have to say already tho.. DONT JUDGE ME! So I was asked to give the prayer the other day is spanish to the zone.. i hadn't done that before so i was super nervous and got it moved back a few days to Suday. Well it came time for me to do it and I was still nervous.. not that I expected for that to go away. Well I tried a couple of approaches before sacrament to see if I could cheat my way through the prayer. 1st of all its illegal to read your prayer.. or should i say illegal if they see you reading your prayer.. well i had on a jacket so i tried to put a notecard up my sleeve. that wasnt working to slide, and it was loud.. so I became desperate and just decided to write my prayer on my arm. HAHAH i know..dont judge me. The whole time during Sacrament I just kept practicing my prayer.. It came time for the closing song and i couldnt sing i was so nervous... i'm lame i know. So i pushed up my sleeves, folded my arms so no one would see the writing on my arm and went to give my prayer. Well the good news is that I said it without looking at my arm! Bad news... well it was probably the worlds shortest prayer. HAHA oh well.. I just have to get over my fear of speaking in spanish.. Word to the wise.. dont try to cheat your way through prayers :)

Mom, we had chocolate cake last night! It reminded me of your chocolate chip one.. ummm soo good! Please make it and think of me :) So my comps and i have been commenting on how nice the weather is theses last few days and how perfect it would be for camping! Please someone take advantage of that! Someone should for sure be going!

Did yall do anything for the holiday? What is new?? I still need pics mom!

Okay, well my time is pretty much up! I love ya'll soooo much and miss yall! Everything is going great here! Please let me know whats going on in life!

Hermana Payne

The church is true and nothing else matters!

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