Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hola! It's me again, Hna Payne!!!!

Guess what!? I was just in the OUTSIDE WORLD! CRAZY! I went and talked to the people about my license and asked what I needed to do to get another one. They sent us right then to the outside world! Mom, I drove right past your work. I waved and told you I loved you! :) They are sending you another one. PRAY that is comes in a week. they said it takes like 3! but take it out of the lettter and then send it to me. I felt like a dog in the van.. i just wanted to stick my head out the window and let my tongue hang out of my mouth. I must be a missionary if I am calling Provo the outside world! haha :) But it was an experience to write home about. It was kind of scary, not gonna lie. It was kind of hard having to talk to people. A lot talked to us, a lot just kind of hardly said hi. Oh well, it was nice though because we know how people will be at the airport. it was training :) I was also taught not to judge people by the way they look. One guy was going in with his 2 older kids in the 20's that were kind of scary lookin. He stopped to talk to us about being the ward mission leader and about the sisters in his ward. Then there were some motorcycle lookin guys that weren't pleasant to the eye, but they were sooooo nice. they were both bringing their kids and grandkids on errands. So all in all great experience!

The mission president week was cool. not near as cool as I would have thought. They were all in the main building and we weren't able to go in to that building. No, I didn't get to sit by the Prophet, he wasnt in any of our meetings. I didnt even get to see him :( I did however get to shake Elder Christofferson's hand. Cool. We did have an amazing devo by Elder Oaks tho. I think he is my new favorite Apostle! At least most of the talks that I have read as of late have been by him. "The challenge to become!" AMAZING! Something abuot repentance and faith.. Ah all are sooo good! If anyone wants to send me their favorite talks, that would be great. Send me your knowledge! Let me know your spiritual experiences :)

We have really been focusing on the atonement these last few days. Sooo good. I mean i knew this before, but there is SOOOOO much to the atonement. Let me just say that being here in the MTC, and being in a trio forces me to be in check.. forces me to be constantly changing myself. its sooo hard, but soo good. As if you didnt know this before, I have sooo much to change. Its sometimes a little discouraging to think of everything. But I love love love it here. We read in a zone meeting John 15:1-16. THis is what being a missionary is all about! It talks a lot about the word "abide" That isnt a word that is used a lot in our society! But it means to remain permanantly, to come, and to stay! That is what I am going to be asking others to do. The goal is to have then abide with the Savior. We are also told that bringing forth the fruit means that we will be going through trials! Not easy, but that is what makes us grow the most! The question was asked, "How did Christ lay down his life?" I hadn't really thougth about it before. But I realized that it was in EVERYTHING that He did. In every thought, word, action, He was doing it for us.In every second of everyday! Holy cow! What a realization for me. He is the perfect example. I know it is through the process of the gospel that we can become who He wants us to be. Coming unto Christ IS becoming who He does want us to be. This requires me submitting my will to Him. Again, this isnt easy. But im trying to listen to the promptings of the Spirit and act on them. This gospel requires action. It requires us to be humble and to repent, and strive to become better. (read that talk by elder oaks) Repentance is a change of mind, a frest view about God, oneself, and about the world. How can and will our views change?

Well I should get my flight plans tomorrow or Friday! I cant wait!

Sorry time is up again... it goes soooo fast! I hope all is well with all of yall. I love yall soooooo much. thank you for all that you do for me.

Love Hna Payne

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