Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's me again, Hermana Payne! Can you believe I have said that four weeks in a row now!??????? Holy cow! First of all I have to say, I mean sing is.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRHTDAY DEAR KELSIE AND DAAAAHHDD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope ya'll both have a great week. Let me know what ya'll do! Dad, your gift is awesome. Just so you know.. the idea was mine. Okay, lie, but we will pretend! Dad, also.. Happy Father's Day! I love you, and you are the bestest Dad in the whole wide world. Thanks for all you do!

Sorry, I dont kno that i have a lot to say today.. But mom, this paragraph is dedicated to you. About the shoes... sure go ahead and send them and I will decide. I'm guessing they werent too expensive? About the black ones, I think im going to keep them. Im wearing them around on carpet as we speak to decide. I will send you a note today tho and le you know for sure. Guess what.. I have had a change of heart. I want a Jody dress. So if you find one please send it to me. I decided it is a right of passage! I would never wear it in the states, but Argentina is great. There is a place here that I can purchase one... let me know! And thanks for my package. It was great. I especially LOVED the smores mix. I had forgotten about that stuff. I havent been very nice to share my smores.. in this case i cant get some more..

You have talked about the Spoken Word. We get to watch it on Sundays! Well, every Sunday except fast sundays because we have a missionary con. thing. Mom, I think of you every week that I watch it and know that you are watching it too.. at the same time :) So Fast Sundays are brutal! haha I still havent caught the fire on this one. Don't worry, it will come though! It's just a long day! But yet still a great one. I LOVE Sundays! It is the day that reminds me why I'm here and that I can do another week. As of right now you probably won't hear about the times that I struggle.. because Pday just starts off being great I dont have anything to say about the bad stuff. If that makes sense? No worries though, this whole mission thing is hard and I do struggle. Its all an emotional rollercoaster, and one hour is great, and the next completely discouraging. And hey, I am just in the MTC! But yet I am loving it, and learning sooo much! There are soo many tender mercies from the Lord. I love the scriptures!! The scriptures are a great place to find answers to prayers. Sometimes its not even an answer to a direct question, but once you read it, you realize it's exactly what you needed to hear. I love that. In a devotional we learned that the scriptures is the language of the Spirit. Go figure.. of course it is!

So the MTC is hopping now! There are tons more missionaries now that school is out. I think there are like 80 missionaries that cant get their visas.. that have been here for like 14 weeks now and they are finally shipping them off to Utah areas beacase there is just no more room in the Inn. Crazy! The lines for showers and stuff are longer now because there are more sisters. I have found quite a few people that I know. I am determined to get a pic with Elder Hermanson and Elder Haws and send it to you for the ward. I think that is kind of against the rules. I think we are both supposed to have our comps in the pic. but there is 2:1 ratio.. so im not too worried. I will get my picture! I have also run into a couple of Elders that knew me from EFY. One of them was one of my boys from a couple of years ago, and the other one hung out with my group quite a bit.. weird. One of the sisters here was one of my co's. So that has been fun.Then some elder asked me yesterday if I went to Lehi.. he graduated a year after me but i had no idea who he was.. oops! We are getting more people today so maybe I will find some others that I know! I love runnning into people that i know!

So you went boating? That's great! Mom, you have to get in next time! Did you get a new swimsuit??? I heard Dirty tried sneakin in a fishin pole. HAHA I can only imagine the looks and words he got! Good for you! :) Did yall cook hamburgers out there?

Well let me know whats going on with ya'll. How is the ward?

And Drew, sorry but i know you arent engaged! Nice try. Just know, I have heard that you are getting more serious with this girl.. (i hear froom everyone) but i know that mom and dad would kill you if you were engaged at this point! Holy cow, get to know the girl :) and you have a long time to get to know her.. like 17 more months :) There will be no forgiveness in this life or the next if you get married while im gone :) just an fyi!

Okay well again, time is up! I love and miss you all. You are all in my prayers!!

Love Heremana Payne

P.s. I would like a jump rope please!!

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