Friday, September 3, 2010

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

So, I forgot my list... hopefully I can remember things that happend this week =)
So this last week was a little crazy. Our electricity went out tuesday morning, and then our water on Wednesday. We kept trying to call someone to tell us what was wrong.. but it turns out that the missionaries that lived here before my comp didnt pay the month of may... and then our water just was out for a few hours. We finally got it all taken care of on Wednesday... with my personal money. We had money problems the last couple of weeks. Somehow I wasnt given the full amount for the month of August. We called out district leaders that said they called the office and that my card was having problems or something?? And then my comp had been paying for our apt with her personal money or something because of the past sisters in our apt. So we were using our personal money, and no one was listening to us. We couldnt call the office because you have to have permission by the Zone leaders to call.. but I knew someone could do somthing.. our message was just getting lost somewhere in between people. One of our sisters in the zone went to Resistencia to pick up her new comp and talked to someone. The elder called us and was really mad that someone didnt tell him, and was super sorry. So yay, I have money again =)

So I didnt end up going to Resistencia. And I thought I was leaving Wednesday afternoon, but it tunrs out it was Wednesday at 330am. So we got up as planned on Wednesday morning at like 2 where i had to try and get ready in the dark because we still didnt have power. We took a taxi because its dangerous on the busses at that hour? We picked up the zone leader and his comp.. and then went to the bus station where we found out the bus left at 3am instead of 330am. Someone in the office told us the wrong time. So then they said that i would go at 8. So we went to some hermanas that lived super close and slept there for a couple of hours. Well, President said not to come because I would get there too late and the training would almost be over. Here I thought I would get a nap and it tunrs out I just got less sleep than normal. HA, go figure =)

So Sunday was a successsss! We have five investigaters at the special conference! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! One was a family Cabral that we have been working with longer than I have been here. They really liked what they heard and have plans to come to church next week! They noticed that all the youth wear modest clothes and liked that. They want the same for their 11 and 18 year old daughters. We will see what happens! But definitely a miracle!
The other family we havent really been working with. We went there once my first week and then didnt go back until right before the conference because he had said that he wanted to go. We got on the bus and there they were. They left saying that Elder Foster was a man of God. We went to visit them last night but didnt get too far. He is a very smart man, and is letting that get in the way of him asking and receiving an answer about this church. Again, we will see what happens.
This work is soo hard because Im not in charge in any way. At what point do you cut someone off because they arent progressing. I have no idea the heart of these people.. only Heavenly Father does.. so its a hard call.

Yesterday was Zone conference. Apparently it was very different than other ones. Resistencia has 5 missions in this mission. There are two zones in this area that I am in. This zone conference we had all of this one mission here... Well, Im sure it would have been great... if i had understood =) haha oh well, I will get it next time! But guess what, I saw Elder Beckstead! It was soooo good to see a familiar face. I didnt think I would get to see him at all. He has been telling President that we have to see each other! Well he has changed a ton! He used to be the cool kid, but now he is just sooo happy and smiling and so on. I can tell that he is a good missionary just by how happy he is. He said he had no idea that a mission could make someone so happy! He said his parents are coming to get him in December. He said that if im still here that they will for sure come and say hi. That means I would get to see Jan. She is one of my favorite people. Im going to try and not get my hopes up though.

You asked if I was staying warm?! HA! If only it were cold. When I got here there were a couple of days that I didnt take my coat off. But now its just warm and humid. I have this feeling that I am definitely going to die when summer comes.

Mom, my straightner doesnt work here.. well it did for like 4 days and doest now.. I hope it didnt die for good. But should I buy one here for like $50 or just be ugly for a year? Everyone says that it is impossible to wear your hair down here in the summer. When summer hits we all have to wear a grass hat thing.. EVERYONE! Ha! If we didnt look ridiculous before, we will in the summer. Anyways.. what do you think?

Rachel! Congrats, you are the first one to send me a letter here! I got it last week! I will be putting you a letter in the mail this week!

I still havent gotten a letter from Karan if she ended up sending it.. How is she doing?

That is great to hear that Pat came home. Hopefully she will feel better soon, even though I know that she has a long road ahead of her.

Dad, I couldnt believe that you started a bigals page on FB. That is really funny. But actually a good idea. Im interested to see how it works out. How many fans do you have now?

Im glad that yall have enjoyed Miss B´s stay. Im not jealous.. okay a little bit cause I will miss her whole one year old phase. But keep telling her I love her!!

Drew, how is school going? Harder or easier than you expected? Dont worry it will get easier! Its kind of funny because all the girls have these problems at like 18 and 19. But then you missionaries come home and have to make these decisions plus more at 21. Welcome to being an adult.. haha its not all its cracked up to be! HAHA you are in my prayers =)

Dust! the good in your school could be missionary work! haha! and you have to get good grades your first semester back in school, and every other semester for PT!! Its a really competitive program isnt it?? And I didnt leave my scarves at the MTC. I brought one, and sent one home so I could have one when I get home in December. But at this rate the one I have here will still be nice enough to bring back home. I got to wear it once. But apparently it was really cold before I got here. Its so weird that the seasons are flipped. It will be quite an experience to have a HOT Christmas.

Dad, dont feel bad about nice meals... yet! Ha apparently I havent seen anything yet. That scares me. This is a pretty rich area compared to other parts of the mission. I saw one of the Elders yesterday that was in my district at the mtc and he said that in his area that everyone is very poor, but still wants to give. I am humbled that they want to give. The Lord has helped me eat here.. Im sure he will help me eat in my other areas too! Ha its a once in a life time opportunity! Its funny.. and when i say funny I mean gross... everyone uses their fork to dip into what ever food they want. It brings a whole new meaning to double dipping! HA oh well.. im getting over it!

Well I am now going to try and send some pictures. I love yall and miss yall! I hope everything is going well for everybody at home! Things here are great, and still getting better... until next week =)

Love, Hna Payne

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