Monday, September 20, 2010

Hola familia!!!!!

How is everything for yall this week? As always, thanks for the letters. I know you hate writing them so! Dad, I read your letter and I laughed soooooo hard when I read the part about you wanting to call the ´´Big Boys´´ So today we got an email saying something about being obedient to all of the rules, and that one of them is to only write the spiritual uplifting things in our letters home. For that rule, it gave an example of how we arent to tell the rules of the mission to our family..(the rule that we cant go to church if we dont have investigators) Yes, it said that one specifically. Hna Marilaf and I both laughed and wondered why they gave that as an example. She figured it was because parents had called president about this rule. I just kind of laughed and was like oh ya probably... That is something my dad would do. About an hour later I read your letter saying you wanted to call someone. HAHA it made my day!

So about this rule that I am not to tell you about... Man, Im being disobedient... (but I figured if I were to just tell you that i am no longer able to tell you that we cant write home about not being able to go to chuch because of no investigators then you would for sure call. So.. I will explain. Yes, President made the rule that no one can go to church unless they have investigators, and also the rule that no one can stop going to church! Well I guess parents called and complained and now the rule is that we have to go to 3 houses and see if they will come with us. If no one, then go to chuch for sacrament meeting and then after you leave and go look for people that will come... Which is difficult because sacrament is the most important meeting for investigators. Anyways, please dont call anyone! This whole writing home rule is difficult... I write what happens in the mission.... rules are a part of the mission.. how am I not supposed to write home about things like that? And then be told that I am not being obedient?? BOOOOO

Oh, Dad, thanks for your little taste of humble pie! =) You are totally right though. However, it would be nice if people were ready to jump in the waters of baptism just because my little 21 year old self told them to. Sometimes I just laugh at the situation because here I am 21 telling people that they need to read and pray together as a family, that it will strenghten their relationship as husband and wife, and with their children as well... and yet I have never even been close to marriage and I tell them what will fix it or make it better. I know that reading and praying together really does strengthen families, but its just a funny situation. Back to your humble pie advice, it is sometimes hard to remember who I am, or as you said, (who im not) because we are always talking about numbers... so when we dont have 6 investigators in church or a baptism every week its just frustrating. I want everyone on my watch.. not Heavenly Fathers. Which is of course a little or a lot messed up. I know that we are asking them to do a lot and to give up a lot... but we get soooooo much more in return. I am soooo thankful for the protection that this gospel offers individuals and families. All of the commandments that we have help shield us from the evils of the world and are there to keep us safe. Everyday that Im here I become more thankful for the safety of the church. I see youth that have awful lives because of the agency of their parents.. Some dont even stand a chance in this world. This week a 16 year old member committed suicide. She said it wasnt anyones fault, she just wasnt happy. She is the granddaughter of the lady that washes our clothes. Soooo sad. I dont know that I saw her before, she wasnt active. Apparently suicide is kind of common here.. at least that is what Hna Marilaf says... Eh soo sad!

So I figure that Im about fluent is spanish!!! yup, thats right! I was speaking spanish in my dreams.. Its now happened at least twice now.. well, that hna has heard. I was bearing testimony about the Restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith. Yay, life is good! =) haha spanish is still a struggle, but again, everyday is better! And I know, Spanish is only part of my purpose as a missionary =)

Okay well that is all for today! I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

Love Hna Payne

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