Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hola, hola, hola!

This week has been a blur! Every week goes by really fast, it feels like yesterday that I sat down and wrote to yall.. Everything feels like that, and Im sure the longer that I am here, the faster it will feel. Life here is great. Every day still continues to be better. I can´t wait till I have the language and can really talk to the people! That will be the day =) But again, every day is better and that is for the language as well!

This week at church we thought for sure we would have at least 5 people, a family of 3 and two brothers, with possible others. We got to church and NO ONE! Well, I say no one, but there was a 9 year old boy that my comp taught before?? He is the grandson of a member. I dont really count that, but it was nice staying at church and not running around trying to beg people to come to church with only an hour left of Relief Society and Priesthood. Eh, my heart! They need the church in their lives, this message will change their life!!! Ya know, Its kind of nice not having the language yet, because Im forced to get over the nervousness of talking to people. I say my little part and my comp is the one that is in charge of how the lesson goes because I dont know whats going on. It is all just a process that I will work up to saying a lot more in a lesson. But I want to tell people in more words how their life will be different.. but I cant. That being said I have been forced to really think about the reasons that it will bless others lives. Really, how does it bless mine? Yes, I know that its true!!! But growing up in the church, and my latter days in Utah, I never had to defend the church or explain to others how my life is different.. I dont know if any of this is making sense. But for some people to go to chuch here its a big sacrifice. For example one of ther Hnas said that some people would have to walk like 2 hours because they dont have money for the bus. I have never had to think about what I would sacrifice for the church before. Would I be willing to walk 2 hours every Sunday? I would like to say I would.. but Im not an investigator! I grew up in the wonderful gospel. How blessed I am because I was born into a family with the Gospel, and not to mention a car to get me there. So how am I supposed to explain that no matter the sacrifice it is important. Sorry if that doesnt make sense.

So my area is a lot bigger than I originally thought. We just hadnt been in any of the other areas. This last week we went to an area where the people are very poor. I really dont know how to describe some of the houses here. For lack of a better word, shack. It is so weird because one house can be really nice and big, while the houses across the street have NOTHING! Well we went to this area and every house let us in to talk to them. We just tell them a little bit, and then ask if we can come back another day to tell them more when they have more time. They of course all say yes! We tried going back a couple of days later but it was raining. The rain can make it very difficult in some of the areas because we usually teach outside... the more poor houses, definitely outside. Well what do you do in the rain?? We will go back this week and hopefully have more success! Oh, I forgot how much I LOVE the rain. The thunderstorms and rain are like Texas. It rained here for like 3 or 4 days. It was nice when it finally cleared up. It wasnt bad though! Well, once I bought an umbrella and rain boots! Then it was more than bearable. My boots were 50 pesos, and my umbrella 25... both worth EVERY peso! (Eh I hate spending personal money when I dont have a job! oh well.) Eventually I will send a picture of how ridiculous I look with all of these things, and in a skirt! Oh, and my beautiful rain jacket that Mom gave me. Ha =) But hey, I was warm and dry! Yesterday was the day that all the clouds broke, and there was actually sun. Last night was the prettiest sunset I´ve ever seen! (Mawmaw would have appreciated it) =) Really though! All the sunsets are gorgeous! One of my tender mercies! Im pretty sure that Heavenly Father does them just for me, just because He knows I love them soo much!

So today for Pday we (the district) decided to go to the Zoo! With the word zoo, I thought elephants and zebras and such.. haha we get there and its this little ghetto building with a picture of a snake or something. Turns out that it only had reptiles... I really hate snakes and lizards! (oh, there was a lizard in my sink this last week... Im not okay with that!) I dont know who called it a zoo, im guessing there really is a zoo some where here.. Then we went to eat at some overly priced Chinese restaurant. It was a fun day though. Im glad we didnt just play volleyball again. Its fun getting to experience some of argentina. Oh, I held a really big snake at this place. Im glad it decided to not eat me. I had my doubts. I really hate snakes! We purchased a picture of us holding it, but I really dont know how you are going to see it... just take my word for it, I, HNA Payne held a snake =)

Well, we are still working on talkin to more people... Its kind of hard... well for one I dont have the language, but secondly, if I were a person in the street and a missionary randomly came up to me and was like telliing me this message and wanted to come to my house and tell me more, Im not sure that i would want them to. What can we do to help others know that we are normal people with a special message??

Im glad yall got my pics! Sorry, there is no cool stories to any of them. The dirt is just red dirt that is EVERYWHERE here. I thought you could maybe see the road in that pic too, but I dont think you really can. And the one of the sink is where we wash out clothes. HAHAH that isnt dirty dad!

Karan, I got your letters! Thank you!!!!!

Well it looks and sounds like yall had so much fun with Brecken. She is who I miss the most because I wont know her at all as a one year old. Every month is different for her. Everyone else will be the same.. but not her =( ha well I love getting the pictures so that I know what she looks like.

Okay well im out of time. I love and miss yall! Sorry that I ramble and dont make much sense some times... Until next week =)

Love Hna Payne

Mom, I will probs just buy a flat iron here... and I will want Peanut butter and mascara =) that is all I can think of for now. Oh, and I cant wait to see the pics that yall are sending!

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