Monday, September 27, 2010

Hola familia!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Life here is just dandy! This last week was kind of an interesting one. We got a phone call on Tuesday morning asking us about our baptism for that Saturday. We told them that we had no one.. no one was even close! They proceeded to tell us that President said that he knew we had one, have faith and look in our old area book... We went home and started to fast (our second one). We went through and found a few possibilities that has gone to church three times. That whole day we searched for these people, but to no avail. We felt that we had pretty much gone through all of our possibilities in that day and the next. Thursday we didnt really do anything towards our goal of baptism because we didnt see how it was going to happen. Well Friday we get another call asking us how the search was going. We told them that we found some people that were once close, and that we were going to work with them. Again, they told us that we were going to have a baptism the next day and to look for the miracles.. sounds familiar, dad =) Well we had absolutely no idea who, or what to do.... so we started another fast (our third one for the week) We set out looking and went back to a guys house from a couple of days before that wasnt home. We told him that we were told that someone in our area was prepared for baptism and that we felt it was him. He said he knew he was supposed to be baptized eventually, but didnt know when. We told him to pray and ask God when and that we would come back by the next day. Well, I was just sure and positive that he was our miracle! My compa was losing faith! Okay, I admit, maybe i doubted too! But not vocally! Vocally I was positive that we were going to have a baptism! I even wore my nice clothes, hose, and shoes, carried around my camera Saturday after noon because I was determined to at least show that my actions had faith in a baptism! We then went to the guys house to see how is prayer was! He was the miracle that I was looking for! Well, I know that you are probably reading thinking that I had a baptism Saturday night... but no. Nothing happened! Why I just told you this big long story, I dont really know.. But it wasnt all a total waste. It changed our mindset about the way we go about doing things. We always thought that we could have a baptism next month, or the next, but never right now! There are people here right now that are ready for the waters of baptism... they just need a little bit of help. And we found others that had gone to church twice... so close! We will have one soon!!!!!!! NO, we will have lots soon! The field is white and ready to harvest =)

Speaking of harvest we are working with an 18 year old kid,Fabion, with a baptismal date. He walked to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! That is the good news. The bad news is that we think he may possibly have a problem with one of the baptismal interview questions that you have to talk to the mission president about.... we had our suspicions and then one of the members told us something else. Hum.. lets just say its a life style that I dont agree with and I can only imagine how hard it would be to change one´s thinking. Eh.. Im scared for that conversation. But hey, I will play the I dont understand card =) That being said, I know that through the help of the Savior, and His atonement that all can be overcome in this life. Too bad that doesnt necessarily make things easy. I hope that he can gain a testimony of The Book of Mormon, and then of the Atonement!

We have had 2 families in this last week tell us that they cant listen to us anymore, that their ´´husbands´´ (no one is really married) wouldnt allow it. One of them is just the father of the last baby, and pays for the families food. How can you tell someone that doesnt know ys to pick this gospel when its that option or food for their kids? They want to listen, but when they really dont have a testimony of these things yet how can we expect them to pick us? Well maybe we will get a chance to talk to their very Catholic husbands that probably dont even go to church... a lot dont like us because they dont know anything about us, or they think that they do and it turns out to be completely false!

So this next week is conference and I am soooooo excited. I have been reading all the last talks this last week. Something big is going to happen, like missionary work in China =) We will be at the other Church like 20 mins away. And there will also be a room for the english speakers in our native tongue! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Im soo glad that I will get to understand it all. It starts at 1 pm for us! We are praying to have lots of investigators in the 4 sessions. There arent any in the morning which will hopefully make it easier to get people there.

We had 3 investigators in the church this Sunday. I dont know that I want to call the other 2 actual investigators though. A mom, and daughter, the father and other daughter are already members. We arent really working with them at this exact moment. We have to change that here really quick. We want to talk to the husband and tell him that its his responsibility to prepare them for us! The time is now!!!

Saturday was a service day for all of the LDS people of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. We worked at a hospital moving this trash pile of rocks, tile, and dirt into a path for a truck to drive on in the back. It didnt really make sense to me but hey we were there to help. We would have gotten it done a lot faster if all would have helped, but instead we had quite a big group of support from the women! ha! Some lady from the church came. I think that Hna Madilaf and I will be in the Liahona here. Eventually I will get around to sending more pictures.

Dad and Dusty, I just got your letters. im going to print them off. I hope that you didnt need anything answered today. sorry.

Mom, I would like you to send those shirts pretty quickly if you can, and its not too expensive. If you were to send them with Jan, I wouldnt get them until January and it will be sooo hot in November. Are they tank tops that are only half?
And I will hopefully get the pics this next week!

Angie!! I loved the pictures you look sooooooooooooo good! I will try and get you a letter in the mail next week! Im thinkin that your add is the same st george one?

Angel and Evan! I got your letters as well! Thank you sooo much!!

Okay well that is all I have time for today! Thanks for all the letters and support! I love and miss you all. Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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