Monday, November 1, 2010

Hola Familia!!! It´s me again, Hna Payne!

About the falls! We dont have any plans as of right now to go. We haven´t met our goal for baptisms. Speaking of baptisms, we didnt have one this last week =( We kept trying to get a hold of Lurdes but every time she wasnt home, or just wouldnt answer the door. We talked to her dad at church and he said that she hadnt said anything about a baptism… which she told us that her parents said that it was her decision. (Her dad and sister are members, but not her mom). So then he said that they were going to talk as a family. The next day was Wednesday and we couldnt get a hold of anyone. I knew someone was home.. just ignoring the door, and the phone. It came to be like 6 that night and we didnt have an appointment with someone until 7:30. I was determined to sit outside of their house for an hour and a half. Luckily they finally answered the door! But to our disappointment she said she wanted more time… that she wanted to finish this year of school that ends in November and then. I was trying to understand the correlation in this… We tried talking about it (all of this was in her stairwell because they were supposedly about to leave) but of course we couldnt drag her to the waters of baptism, so we left… boooooooooo! My compa thinks that its because of her mom! She was going to be baptized like two years ago but her mom wouldnt let her because of her grades?? At least that is what I understand from one of the members.

So this week on Tuesday, the day before the census we were ¨knocking doors¨ and this man told us to come right in. We were really surprised at how easy it was. I dont remember what was said. We started asking him about his family, how many kids he had, work, religion and so on. Then we asked if we could start with a prayer. He was a little shocked but of course said yes. We gave a short explanation about the Restoration and then asked if we could close with a prayer. He finally admitted that originally he thought we were part of the census! Hahaha we got a good kick out of that! But hey we got another appointment for the next day when his wife would be home. It was there that the wife said that she knew me! She was the lady that helped, or didnt help me in the hospital! She kept telling me that is was IMPOSSIBLE to get the test that the doc wanted, for one week. What a small world. Out of all the people in the world! We gave the first lesson, and they are really interested! I cant wait to see what happens with this family. I can only pray that they are the reason that I threw up blood! =) Oh and I gained a stronger testimony that we are representatives of Jesus Christ at ALL times! You never know who you will run into again!

This week we were working out (one of our days outside) and I saw an old investigator, one that we hadnt seen in a long time. I asked my comp about it and she said she had forgotten about her! Well, it wasnt 10 minutes later that she comes charging with a walking stick, all the while yelling at us, when I say us, I mean ME. I had no idea what was going on except that she was pretty angry. She couldnt see my compa because she was on the ground and I was jumping rope. She finally got close and I had no clue what she was saying, or rather yelling. I was so nervous I couldnt say anything. I tried asking her if she knew who we were. All the while my comp just sat there not very close. I told the lady that I was learning spanish and that I didnt understand, that my compa did. I kept looking at Hna Marilaf to help me. She finally woke up and started to talk to the lady. The only thing that I understood from her was when she looked at my companion and said that I wasnt normal. The significance is that Im special!!! Hna Marilaf explained that I was normal and that I speak english! Ha and I thought my spanish was getting better! But really, who calls someone special when they are standing right there! And why do people think that I am my country? Hate America if you want, but not me! That day we talked to one of the members that is a Police man just so that we could tell her no worries, we talked to the police and they said it was a public place! Quite funny! We havent seen her again. Im guessing we havent seen the last of her. Tomorrow we will see! HA

Okay well Im going to try and upload some pics now! Thanks for everything! Love you lots!!
Love Hna Payne

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